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‘If you don’t market it, no one else will’ – Unknown

It’s 2019. Digital Marketing isn’t just a buzzword; it is a necessity.

If you’re in an industry and you want to grow and scale your business, you will need to get better at selling your products. But how can you get better at selling without knowing the basics of online sales?

In this article, we’re going to help you get better at marketing your products!

Marketing in 2019 Statistics- Current & Future Trends

  • Almost 50% of people in the US now use mobile to browse the web.
  • 52% of marketers now give content marketing priority.
  • Content marketing budget will exceed $300 billion by the end of this year.
  • 70% of consumers learn about products through online content marketing channels.
  • 48% of marketers think influencer marketing is going to have a drastic impact in 2020.
  • The e-commerce market is going to reach $4 trillion by 2020.

It is essential to consider all these statistics while forming your e-commerce marketing strategy.

A lot of people don’t consider the facts and fail with their strategy. Facts help us realign our focus and fine-tune our strategies for precise targeting.

Impulse vs. Intent

Consumers today buy because of two reasons; they like a product and wish to obtain it, or they need a product and, therefore, search for it online.

Impulse Buying

When a person buys a product just because they liked it, this process is called impulse buying.

You must have seen ads on Facebook for various products. These ads ask people to buy because they are impulse purchases, and people are always looking for more ways to spend their money.

Intent Buying

When you need something and search everywhere to get it, this process is called intent buying.

In intent buying, you already know what you want and search it online through keywords. A person is more conscious and focuses on quality, price, and trustworthiness of a store.

12 Ways to Improve Your E-commerce Sales

Now that you know why people shop online, we’ll look at ways to target them appropriately so that they come to your store and make purchases. 

1. Trust Signals

Trust Signals

All consumers look for one thing when they are on the checkout page, i.e. trust.

How will a person know if a store is trusted? Sadly, there is no easy way to check if a store is authentic or not.

Therefore, make sure you read the reviews about the store on various websites. If a website exists online, it will have reviews either on review or QnA websites.

Review pilot is a decent resource to find reviews about the product or service.

Note: If you are looking for better reviews for the store, make sure that they are sourced from third parties. Even if you add testimonials on your own website, customers will still prefer what third parties say about you.

2. Urgency


If you want to increase sales of your e-commerce store, make sure that you create urgency.

A beginner question might be, “how can I create urgency of my e-commerce store?”

The answer: Add product prices that customers can’t ignore.

Here are a few examples…

Check out how they have added a timer with each product. And if that isn’t enough, the store has also added a ‘sold counter’ with each product page so that consumers know when the product is sold.

The product page looks something like this.

Sales Urgency

The timer announces that there are only 12 hours left. The discount is almost 91%. For those who are interested in buying this product, this is the purchase of a lifetime; they can now pay a discounted price of $2 instead of $26 to buy the product.  

3. Discounts

Amazon Discounts

This website has added the ‘money you save’ column with the product.

People usually compare product prices when they buy online.

When you make the calculations easy for them, they will buy from your website.

As in the above example, $544 is easy to comprehend because it’s evident that this is the amount you’ll save when you buy from them.

4. One-click payment

one-click payment

One of the best ways to increase orders to your e-commerce store is by adding a one-click payment option.

The one-click payment option will decrease the number of abandoned carts on your website.

And, if you are not familiar with abandoned carts, almost 60 to 70% of people will abandon the cart process for no apparent reason.

But if you simplify the payments by offering them on a single click, you can quickly reduce this number by 10 percent to 20 percent.

Amazon has been using the one-click payment option for quite a while, and it has increased the conversion ratio by almost 100 percent.

5. Create and target buyer personas

One way to double your online sales is by targeting a specific buyer persona. This isn’t possible through social media or search engine marketing, so you will have to use performance marketing.

Performance marketing includes Google Adwords and Facebook Paid Ads. Both offer precise targeting according to specific buyer personas.

When you create ads, you can easily target a buyer persona based on multiple settings such as ‘intent,’ ‘interest,’ ‘location,’ ‘demographics,’ and ‘earnings.’

These are just some of the ways to create and target buyer personas of your choice. Moreover, now that performance ads can trigger conversion alerts, you can also use them for marketing. These will only charge the money when someone buys a product from your store.

Split Testing

Once you have started receiving orders through performance marketing, next create split testing campaigns. You can use them to decrease your budget for further campaigns.


6. Create marketing funnels

Another great strategy to increase e-commerce sales is by creating a marketing funnel.

Most users will visit an e-commerce store to get more information about the product.

They are only ‘interested’ in details.

These can be your potential customers so you will also cater to them.

Such customers have a ‘desire’ to buy, but they are not sure if your store is going to be the best fit.

Next, some customers are at your store to buy products.

These are ‘action’ oriented customers who have already spent time to find the details, and now think that your store is the best option.

You should know about all these stages.

For people who are aware, you can publish gift guides and how these guides can help them.

For people who are in the desired stage, show them how and why your store is the best fit. Maybe you offer better prices or free shipping. For people who are taking action, try to upsell them.

7. Upsell and Cross-sell

Upsell and Cross sell

Upselling and cross-selling products is an art.

The only way to make more sales from your e-commerce store is to upsell items to the users.

Most people will only buy a single product that they are there to buy.

However, if you convince them that their purchased product will look better with another product available on your store, they will surely buy it.

Why? Because people want to look good and comfortable, and you are giving them that surety.

The best example of cross-selling is Amazon.

These are just two columns that state which other products people have also bought. The customer is made to think that if other people are buying it, this surely means that it will be a quality product.

Another example from Amazon:

frequently bought together

Amazon has created pricing algorithms that automatically provide a list of products that other people have bought in combination with the first one.

Similarly, you can also upsell your products and services. To upsell is to sell more of the same service. Let’s say, in the case of your e-commerce store, if the person is buying just one biker jacket, you can also sell them a matching helmet.

Upselling is a great way to increase the order volume on your e-commerce store.

8. Find or Carve a USP

Another way to increase sales on your e-commerce store is by improving it’s worth.

How can you do that?

Find a unique selling point for your e-commerce store.

Let’s say your store sells cotton bikinis that aren’t available anywhere else.

People will automatically come to you.

This means you need to delve into a particular niche. A general store doesn’t have a USP because it is trying to sell almost everything.

For example, AliExpress and DHGate are two e-commerce stores that offer Chinese products to the international market. That’s why most people directly buy from them.

Remarketing Works 

Add remarketing campaigns for people who have visited your e-commerce store.

We have already discussed the marketing funnel. Remarketing is another way to bring back lost customers who either showed an interest in your products or tried to order them but decided not to.

With remarketing strategies, you can easily bring people back to your e-commerce store to increase sales. The benefit of remarketing campaigns is that they are low cost and precise.

You can initiate remarketing campaigns through Facebook Paid Adverts and Google Ads.

In fact, you can also create a lookalike audience of your remarketing audience to increase the circle of your organic reach.

Improve Product Quality And Show It

One way to increase the sales of your e-commerce store is to improve product quality.

While this is obvious, customers are not easily forgiving. They will destroy your brand if they don’t like your product.

There are many review websites, blogs, groups, and pages available where people can spread the news about your turmoil.

But if you improve the quality of your product or if it can solve another issue, then your reputation will improve as well.

So improve your product quality, and you will soon have the limelight.

Add Pop-ups But Sparingly


Add exit popups on your product pages. Though these popups are annoying and people don’t exactly like them, they work. You just have to place them wisely.

Popups can offer a discount, giveaways, or even a regular notice from the company.

The good thing about them is that they cover the whole screen. If the offer is great, people will not be able to resist it.

Free Shipping

If nothing else, at least try to get their email IDs. This way, you can later retarget them through emails or ads.

Display Shipping time

This isn’t a way to increase sales on your e-commerce store, but a genuine way to enhance the e-commerce experience.

Most e-commerce stores don’t have the shipping time mentioned.

The reason is that they are unsure if the product will reach the customer in time.

This is fine, but they can still mention with each product that the arrival will be between 10 days and 4 weeks.

Display Shipping time

This is the shipping page of BlueCrate’s dropshipping e-commerce store.

They mostly sell products from AliExpress. You can see how they have mentioned a clear shipping policy with a dedicated page.

By displaying the shipping time, you’re cementing your authority and conveying that your store is trusted.

The Bottom-line

There are many ways to double your sales in 2019.

Not all of them will work, and that is fine. But if you don’t experiment, you won’t learn.

With that said, we hope that these marketing tips are going to help you make wise decisions about your e-commerce store in the near future.

If you think that we’ve missed some information, make sure you comment it below!

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