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When one hears “real estate video marketing,” one automatically thinks, duh, that’s the most obvious approach. What else would a realtor choose, right?


Only 15% of real estate professionals make use of video when it comes to their marketing efforts.

We know for a fact that whether you are new to the industry or new to the digital marketing side of things, you have also likely explored various routes you can take.

Should you rely just on social media or do you need an SEO-friendly website to really get things rolling?

Do you need video marketing for business or is image-based content sufficient?

All these options have crossed your mind, in addition to many others.

We don’t blame you if you’re confused.

But don’t worry.

Because in this blog post, we’ll address all your doubts and concerns about real estate video marketing, as well as tell you how you can begin!

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Let’s begin with the question you’re asking yourself right now:

Does Video Really Help Sell Real Estate?

Let’s look at this with a few stats that will explain better than words will.

  • 73% of sellers are more likely to choose a realtor who uses video marketing.
  • 40% of buyers benefit from watching a property tour video.

That’s the sellers’ side of things. You will get more properties listings if you use video as a part of your marketing efforts.

Now let’s look at the buyers’ perspective.

  • 50% people find the home they will end up buying online. If they’re online, you need to be too.
  • A little over half of all homebuyers do their research on YouTube. They obviously aren’t searching for articles on YouTube – they’re watching videos.

youtube video marketing

And finally, let’s bring YOUR perspective into the picture.

  • Listings that include video content witness an astonishing 403% increase in inquiries than their video-less counterparts.
  • Video marketing can lead to a 40% increase in revenue for a real estate professional.

Sellers choose video. Buyers choose video.

If you understand the shift toward video, which is pretty evident from this data, you should choose video too.

Not convinced? Read on – we promise you will be by the time we reach the end.

Putting the Numbers into Perspective – How Video Takes the Cake

It is more likely than not that you already know the impact video can have on your business.

What’s also likely is that you were unaware of the EXTENT of the impact before you saw these numbers.

So what is the reason video has such a massive impact?

The answer is an old, famous saying:

A picture is worth a thousand words.

And guess what?

Video is worth a thousand times that.

A short 3-minute video that shows you around the property will give the client a much better picture (pun intended) of the property than words or even still images can.

But there is more to it than that.

Here are some other benefits of video marketing for real estate:

  • People find it easier to watch a complete video walkthrough, as opposed to going through pictures of the property and the details in writing separately.
  • Video helps 90% consumers make buying decisions, according to Forbes. This, understandably, is not a single-step process in real estate, but it brings consumers that one step closer.
  • In the time it takes to physically show one client a property, many more people can get an initial impression from a tour video. Following this, only those who have an interest in the property will ask for a physical tour.
  • Search engines like video and boost your rankings when you include them on your page. Video content reportedly increases organic traffic from search engines by 157%!
  • You can manage you brand image through informational videos that tell people more about you.
  • The medium facilitates your reputation management efforts through video testimonials and reviews. As a realtor operating in the digital age, this is a must.
  • Whether you choose Facebook to upload your content or YouTube, video marketing ensures your content gets shared more often. This enhances your reach and results in backlinks for your brand too.

Real Estate Video Marketing Strategy Applications

There are a number of ways you can use video in real estate.

How you choose when to pick which approach is based on a number of factors such as:

  • The aim you are trying to achieve with the video
  • The target demographic you want to reach
  • Where the customer is in the consumer journey
  • The kind of property you need to market
  • And so on

Let’s look at four main applications of video in realtor marketing in the context of these factors.

Video Tours

Are you trying to get customers interested in the property so they will take the next step and visit the property in person?

A basic well-made video that gives them a quick virtual tour of a house, pointing out all the specifications in the process, is the best choice you can make.


They have no emotional attachment to the property yet – that will only happen once they build an interest in the property.

And for that, they first need to know if it fulfills their needs and seems to look like the dream place they have in mind.

Storytelling – Life in the Property

real estate video marketing

Now let’s suppose a family has taken the virtual video tour of the house, or even visited the site, and showed interest in the property.

The place meets their needs and has the potential to become their dream home.

This is when the emotions come into play – they start trying to picture themselves living in the house; raising their children in the house; having barbeques with their grandkids in the backyard every weekend.

And this is the perfect time to redirect them to a video telling the story of a family living in the house, for example.

You want to potential client to see themselves in the faces of the actors in the video, enjoying life in comfort and bliss.

Core Marketing Content

These kinds of video can be relevant at different parts of the consumer’s journey based on their content.

They can contain:

  • An introduction to the company
  • And introduction to you, the realtor, and your way of doing things
  • Anecdotes about your experience and potential certifications, as well as how other professionals view you
  • An outline of the home buying/selling process for the client so they know more about the journey they are about to set out on.

Video Testimonials

Reviews and word-of-mouth marketing have always been a crucial part of the game.

Since the real estate business has gone digital, online reviews and video testimonials have gained popularity.

video marketing strategy

If a client is to trust you with an investment of a lifetime (many put all their life’s savings into a single property), they need to know your reputation in the market. And what better source to find that out from than someone who has experience buying from your firm?

Taking on Real Estate Video Marketing – Shooting Considerations

Video marketing services are not cheap, whether you opt for a video marketing agency or outsource the task to a freelancer.

The price for a professional video will often go up to a few thousand dollars. We understand if this doesn’t always fall within your budget, especially if you’re just starting out or run a small setup.

But that doesn’t mean you have to do without video content.

Because guess what – it’s possible to do it yourself!

Yes, you may not develop and implement the best video marketing strategies as soon as you start, but at least you’ll start somewhere.

And that’s what we want to help you do!

So let’s discuss some of the main factors you need to keep in mind to ace personalized video marketing for your realtor business.

Set out a Budget and Choose Your Equipment Smartly

We’ve established that small business video marketing doesn’t have a huge budget allowance to rely on.

Luckily, because you’re giving it a shot yourself, the only major investment you’re going to have to make is decent equipment.

While you don’t need to go out and buy the most expensive camera on the market, you have to realize that you can’t just shoot a video on your iPhone 5 and expect satisfactory results.

You’re trying to make a property look good in order to attract customers – bad-quality footage isn’t going to help that cause.

While the cameras in newer phones can still produce relatively good footage, make a choice keeping quality in mind.

Here are some basic videography essentials you can invest in for good returns:

  • DSLR
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Tripod/selfie stick
  • Gimbal
  • DSLR Slider
  • Microphone
  • Video editing software

You need some of these pieces of equipment more than others based on your unique goals (which we come to next).

Once you know what factors to think about, you will automatically be able to make a wise choice.

Keep in mind that this is just some very basic gear you will need – the list of equipment you can eventually work with is much longer. But let’s worry about that later.

One more thing before we move on: it might also be a good idea to invest in some basic videography training in the beginning to get the hang of things.

To get a much more detailed insight into the video marketing gear and how you can get the best use out of it, check ou gvstnt this blog post:

Lights, Camera, Agent! Essential Real Estate Video Marketing Gear

Identify your goals

Before you get to work, you need to figure out what you want to achieve with your video strategy.

Here are a couple of things you may want to consider:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Where will you post these videos so they reach your audience?
  • What is your primary goal? To show off your properties? Build your brand image? Tell people more about what you do? Achieve traffic? Convert leads?

The kind of content you create, as well as the channels you use to share it with the audience, depends on these factors and many others.

To what extent?

Well, let’s say your target audience is millennials. You create a storytelling video with grandkids coming over for lunch and classical music in the background. Do you think that’ll work? We think not.

Now imagine you put a video aimed at Generation X on TikTok. Will it reach the people you are trying to reach? It absolutely will not.

As for your goals, if they are not clearly defined, you will have trouble 1) meeting them, and 2) analyzing progress a couple of months down the line.

PLAN and then Execute the Video

This step is crucial, although it may seem unnecessary to someone who isn’t familiar with creating video content.

In this section, we’ll talk about house tour/storytelling videos in particular (video testimonials and informational content is relatively more straightforward, as you can imagine).

Video marketing for real estate agents isn’t as simple as walking into a house with a camera, walking from room to room recording video, and leaving.

You need to think about lots of things, the most important of which we’ll discuss below.

  • The shots you want vs the shots you need

Before you shoot a single clip, you need to have a good idea of the number and types of shots you need.

It is obvious that you need to document all aspects of the house but you need to know what to focus on and what only deserves a two-second slot.

You need to use a variety of shots including, but not limited to wide-angle shots, close-up shots, panning shots, and aerial shots (if you’re shooting a fancy video and have a drone camera).

All in all, you need to have a list of shots when you enter the house. You can record extra footage if you feel the need and find the time, but you can’t leave the house without shooting everything on the list. That is top priority.

  • Attention to Detail

When it comes to viral video marketing, being detail-oriented is what sets you apart from the rest.

If the living room has a pretty fireplace, the potential buyer needs to see a close-up shot of the fireplace and the space surrounding it.

real estate video marketing

If the entrance has indoor plants that brighten up the space, you need to shine a spotlight on them.

You need an eye for these things, as well as the ability to capture them on film.

Attention to detail also entails having x-ray vision, spotting and cleaning the tiniest speck of dust on the table, smoothing out the slightly creased bedsheet, and making sure the house is presentable in every way.

After all, you have to put the property out there in ALL its flawless glory.

  • Lighting and Ambience

Low light destroys video quality – especially if you’re not using very high-quality equipment (which you probably aren’t going to be in the start).

Make sure you let as much light into the setting as you possibly can for the best results.

This means that, unless you have lighting equipment, you should choose a bright sunny day to shoot the video.

For more professional-looking videos in darker settings (because let’s face it, not all properties are well-lit), you probably want to invest in some basic lighting equipment.

  • Amenities

video marketing agency

Any amenities that the property has are standout features that have a lot of value.

Imagine shooting an apartment complex that has a pool, a gym, and a small corner shop for the residents but you fail to show any of these things in the video.

While the viewer of the video won’t know what they are missing out on until they visit the site, you won’t get as many people interested in booking a physical showing.

So make sure you highlight any amenities in the video you shoot.

  • Surroundings/Lifestyle

Although it isn’t absolutely essential, it is a good idea to show people what the surroundings of the property look like.

This will give the potential buyer an idea of the locality and whether it is a good investment opportunity for them.

After all, a house, for example, isn’t a standalone unit – it is part of a neighborhood, a community. And giving the viewer a quick glimpse into the kind of area they’d be moving into will have your phone ringing for tour appointment bookings left right and center.

viral video marketing

  • Editing Specifics

Your video comes together in post, when you sit down to put all the raw footage together.

Editing has the power to destroy brilliant imagery on the one hand and uplift mediocre shots on the other.

Thing about which shots will make the cut, the order in which they are placed, the transitions, the background music, the script and quality of the voiceover (if you have one), and so on.

The final product must reflect the property in the best way possible without misleading the viewer. That will only waste their time, as well as yours.

Some good options for editing software include:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Corel VideoStudio
  • Apple Final Cut Pro

Find a complete (and much more detailed) list here:

Top 10: Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

Choose the one that best suits your needs – it is one of the most important video marketing tools you need by your side.

One of the most important considerations when shooting and editing the video is the length you want it to be.

This isn’t set in stone, which is why it needs to be tackled smartly.

You want to present a video that isn’t long enough to bore one out of their mind and not so short as to skip important information.

A good estimate would be around 2-3 minutes, but this can vary immensely based on the kind of video you are creating, the type of property, and other factors.

A video testimonial, for example, can be easily covered in two minutes (and even that’s stretching it sometimes) but a creative tour video featuring an entire apartment complex can easily be stretched out to 5-6 minutes.

As a rule of thumb: Try to convey all the important information in as little time as possible – short and sweet does the trick.

There are, of course, exceptions to this, which you can analyze on a case-by-case basis.

When to Let the Pros Take Over

Wait, what?

You must be thinking, “after encouraging me to give video marketing a try myself, you’re telling me video marketing companies and professionals are the ultimate solution?!”

No, we aren’t implying that at all.

But there is no denying that there are times when you need professional help.

But how do you know if that applies to you?

Here are just a few instances where you might need to let the experts step in:

  • You’ve tried DIY video marketing but you just aren’t cut out for shooting and putting together decent footage.
  • It is more work than you can handle – your other operations are suffering because of it.
  • You deal in luxury properties and the video content you’re coming up with just isn’t up to the mark for that client base.

It is wise to know when it’s time to step aside for the sake of your own business.

As far as how to choose an agency or expert is concerned, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • What kind of video am I looking for? Do I need someone for highly artistic pieces or fairly simple house tours?
  • How much am I willing to spend? How much am I ABLE to?
  • Do I need a whole team from a top leading agency or will a single professional freelance videographer do?
  • Can I trust the third party with quality, punctuality, and professionalism?
  • Will I pitch in, or do I want the videographer to take complete charge? (In the case of the latter, you’d need a videographer who specializes in real estate listings.)

Here is a great guide we came across that talks about this in much more detail and will leave you in a much better place to decide:

How to Hire the Right Real Estate Videographer



Shoot Video or Shoot Yourself in the Foot – The Choice is Yours

You can’t expect to witness any major changes in business as a real estate professional if you don’t stay on top of the trends.

And the trends indicate that video is the savior of the real estate industry.

Start small and build your way up from there.

And if you have any concerns about getting started with real estate video marketing, get in touch and one of our experts will solve all your problems.

Best of luck!


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