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Ever wonder about the content marketing team structures of marketing influencers and experts?

Let’s get there step-by-step.

Say you are the owner of a new company. Sure, you need a lot of help in growing your brand online, but most importantly, you have finally decided to turn to content marketing to grow your business. What are your options for building your team?

  1. You hire none because “long live DIY.” You are all creative and capable.
  2. You hire none because what about the staff you have already hired for other departments? You’re sure they’ll volunteer with a little appreciation of their skills. Most of them are not hard nuts to crack.
  3. Probably a team of 4-5 experts for the primary roles would yield encouraging expected results.
  4. Who doesn’t want progress, right from the beginning? A group of 10 would make great strides.
  5. You’ll analyze the situation, see what is favorable to you, and how it resonates with your company’s goals and devise a plan that goes along well with everything.

We won’t say you are taking the wrong turn if you choose any of those options. Depending on your business and its situation, your choice could vary, widely. However, if we were you, we would have opted for option 5-the safest point to land at.

So, reading about the teams the influencers keep, you might think we’re asking you to follow suit. 

Actually, we’re not!.

It would be insane, so neither are we asking you nor should you do it.

However, this would be a useful read in your research to planning your team.


Outlines of 5 people connected in an illustration, depicting a team.


Content Marketing Teams of Marketing Influencers

Content marketing is becoming a big deal for the future of businesses, so influencers have a good many lessons for each one of us. We have shortlisted a few high-authority names to see how they’re going about on deciding their content marketing teams.


Neil Patel’s Content Marketing Team

Neil Patel is a digital marketer doing all things digital and rocking the SEO world.


A screenshot of Neil Patel’s website.


A blog post at Single Grain by Eric Siu states that Neil doesn’t produce a massive content each week regarding quantity.

Even if you’d see him on your Facebook news feed each time you log in, or if he’s already there in your mailbox before you get there. 

For reference, here’s what Eric says for Neil’s number of content each week.


A screenshot of Single Grain’s blog post covering the section of Neil Patel’s Content Marketing team.

And so, for creating that small number of content, Neil has a teeny-tiny content marketing team rocking the world of pro-marketing. 

Now, if you are wondering what that team is, the surprise is right ahead.

  • Neil has a group to brainstorm content ideas with. That should be a mini-strategy session, we reckon.
  • Neil himself is the blog post creator and podcast speaker and oversees the rest of the content marketing tasks. 
  • An editor on team reviews what Neil creates each week.
  • A videographer shoots all his videos.
  • The internal team handles all the social media, i.e., Facebook, Youtube, Instagram. The rest of all the essential tasks are done by the internal team, apparently in Neil’s coordination.

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Moz is a marketing agency creating an impact in the industry with Content Marketing. Based on the tons of quality content they produce all the time, one should think they have a massive content marketing team. 

What is your assumption about their Content Marketing team number? 

  • 5, 10, 15, 20…
  • Unlimited, uncountable
  • Difficult to assume

Here’s the thing about Digital Marketing and marketers.

You can confidently predict one thing about them; they are unpredictable. Why? 

Marketers vigorously keep experimenting, formulating new trends. That’s why!

However, for those of you learning-enthusiasts, lo and behold, modern marketers are great teachers and sharers (believe it or not, they have some associated business benefits).

So, here’s another addition to the list of their lessons for you today.


A screenshot of the MOZ services page.


Moz’s Content Marketing Team

The content marketing section at Moz is quite versatile and inspirational. This is who they have on the team:

  • A content team having four members. That’s right. Only FOUR, including:
    • Marketer In-charge: The marketer on the team is charged with the overall content experience of readers. He has to ensure that content resonates with the needs of the audience and helps them in a meaningful way with valuable information for them.
    • Blogger In-charge: This person oversees and manages all the educational content (and all their content is informative, in case you don’t already know).
    • Video In-charge: Their video director leads the team in two directions, viz the strategy for all the video projections as well as the execution of that strategy, i.e., production.
    • In-charge of everyone in-charge: Trevor Klein, the comprehensive strategist of the Content Marketing team, oversees and manages all the processes the team is responsible for.
  • A handful of freelance writers.
  • And Moz associates and other internal members that help the content team loads with their content production efforts in an impactful way.

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HubSpot’s Content Marketing Team

It is a marketing platform that is meant to help businesses grow with their marketing, sales, and customer services. They have a huge reader base for the content they produce.


A screenshot of HubSpot’s home page.


Let’s dig deep into their content marketing team.

They call each member of all their teams creators of the versatile content they produce, signaling the role of everyone in content production. Each member is capable of playing any role as and when needed.

Their content marketing team is breaking the industry norms and bucking the trend when it comes to the number of team members:

  • A Researcher
  • In-house content writers, creating content daily, 4
  • Multimedia content producers, 3
  • Podcast producers, 2
  • Social Media Content Generators, 2
  • Video producers, 2
  • Apart from the core content marketing team, they have a considerable number of staff members in another group for content production to help the partner organizations with their projects.


An illustration of a team sitting around a round table listening to a presenter. A few pages lie in front of each member. A board saying *growth with teamwork* is placed next to the presenter. A cat is resting right under the meeting table.


Buffer’s Content Marketing Team

It is a fantastic scheduling app for social media that is known to produce high-quality content for its prospects on everything marketing


A screenshot of Buffer’s home page.


A HubSpot blog post by Sophia Bernazzani gives us a lot to learn from Buffer’s Content Marketing team. Here’s how the team works based on Sophia’s findings:

  • The content production process involves almost everyone at some point in time.
  • The process begins with content production for a channel to be experimented with. If the experimental results prove promising, the channel is incorporated as a permanent part in their content marketing strategy, and they get dedicated people on board for that channel.
  • A while back when they began, they vigorously tested all the possible channels and came down to a few content marketing channels yielding massive results for them. Video has been another important content type for them so far (just not comparable to blogs yet, though).
  • You’d be surprised to see the variety of roles in their team.

Brace yourselves!

The current Content Marketing team at Buffer comprises the following roles:

    • Blog Writer
    • Blog Editor
    • Loyalty Marketer
    • Community builder
    • PR Marketer
    • Funnel-bottom Marketer
    • Digital Strategist
    • Social Media Producer
    • Content Director

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Quick Wrap Up

There is no trend in the industry when it comes to hiring the staff for content marketing teams. It basically depends on the needs of an organization and its content production strategy.

The team Neil Patel works with is quite a small one. HubSpot manages a team of at least 20 members. Buffer rocks with a Content Marketing team of about 9 members. Moz has a core content marketing team of 4 members with help from a few freelancers and other MOZ workers in other teams.

Now, what’s the bottom line? 

The key takeaway for you from this comparison is *Create a staffing plan that suits you and brings you the desired results. If it doesn’t work, readjust and repeat*.


 Two white-colored 3-D characters are leaning against a white wall. One of the characters is helping the other get on the wall.

You’re Up Next

When it comes to creating your Content Marketing teams, there are no wrong or right ways.

Each expert and agency flaunts its own style, and we can learn a good deal from them all. Each expert is making great out of their teams.

Which team by far did you find the most interesting? Which format would you want to amend and adopt for your business?

Let us know in the comments 🙂

Also read out our guide on the must-have content marketing roles your team needs.

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