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A quick recap: In last week’s blog, we discussed some Content Marketing tools to help you find killer content ideas, make collaborations easier, and speed up the process.

Let’s get a buzz out of some stats today before we jump to the topic.

A Demand Metric infographic reveals that marketers spare more than 25% of their budget for CONTENT MARKETING


An infographic, showing different trends in content marketing.


Whoop! Now, this process must be really very important that it is not utilizing 2% or 5% but a whole 25% budget. Don’t you think?

A HubSpot 2019 report claims that blogging efforts can increase the ROI of businesses more than 13X.


If blogging alone can do this, imagine the power of a content marketing strategy focusing on all the types of content.

And here comes the best part.

The rate of conversion of businesses using Content Marketing increases 6X compared to those turning a deaf ear to the calls of Content Marketing.

So, here’s the deal.


Smart work calls for ways to increase productivity, possibly in lesser time. Now, that’s what we plan for you to use the lists of tools and resources for.

Here’s what we have already done for you:

The Ultimate List of Content Marketing Tools and Resources


The Ultimate List of Content Marketing Tools and Resources-II


Today’s compilation is all about tools to organize your tasks, boost team efforts, about removing any linguistic errors, and designing the visuals. 

Now, let the adventure began.

Powerful Tools To Get The Best Content Marketing Results.

1- Organizing data/keeping memos

Someone said *Clutter is simply delayed decisions*.

We know, *NOW* is never the right time to delay decisions in the business life cycle.

So, let’s organize and de-clutter to keep the process going with the help of the best tools.



It is a note-taking app that can help you declutter your work by arranging it. Once organized, the chances to miss deadlines are ruled out by prioritizing tasks. Also, you can’t skip any important task just because you are too forgetful or haven’t drafted it anywhere (if it made its way to EverNote, that is!).


It is another robust tool to organize your work. You can also track your progress and analyze the task until completion.


The task management feature of HubSpot allows the management and organization of your team and tasks to speed up with better results.

iv-Google Calendar

It gives the option of scheduling activities to get reminders and tracking the progress. You can run more than one calendar here, enable your working hours, send emails to your guests for a scheduled event at a scheduled time, and share the calendar with others. 

v-Google keep

It is another feature of Google for you to keep notes and memos. The nature of memos varies from audio to video, image, text, and other lists.


Your virtual assistant by Microsoft keeps track of the events for you. It helps with chores like setting appointments, sending timely notifications, etc., to increase your productivity and saving time.


2- Removing language errors

Nobody likes to read, hear, or watch a monotonous, bland piece that lacks the basic linguistic etiquette or is full of grammatical or punctuation errors. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling tiles, not a language styling tool, prospects conveniently skip to other results if they find your’s distasteful.


Here’s the likely flow of events.


Whoops, all that HARD WORK for nothing?

You should probably try SMART WORK, instead!

Who would want to lose prospects to such silly, totally avoidable and fixable mistakes using one of these (or other available) tools? 

Tick, tock! Time to rock your business with your writing. Woohoo!



With a monthly billing rate of $6.59, WhiteSmoke checks your text for possible grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes. It also offers translation services for eight languages, and predictably offers writing templates as well. Bryan Collins, in his comparison article, calls WhiteSmoke services at par with Grammarly, with better affordable rates.


It is an online platform to undo grammatical, spelling, and other language mistakes in your Writing. The tool, also known for detecting plagiarism, offers a free browser extension. It allows you to set writing goals ranging from intent, audience, style, emotion, and domain of Writing and basis the corrections on these goals. The platform offers proofreading services by real humans at an additional cost. The annual Grammarly subscription costs only $11.66 per month.


Reckoned to be amongst the best options for writers, ProWritingAid offers terrific features. You are sure to have your writing checked for redundancies, repetition, clichés, and other errors here. It comes with a free version, free browser extension and offers services ranging from grammar and style check, synonyms, overused words, and summary. All of this is available at an affordable price of $70 a year, $100 for 2-years, $140 for 3 and $240 for a lifetime subscription.

iv-GrammerLookUp is an online grammar punctuation checking service that is both free and user-friendly. It is a good corrector, especially for people having English as a secondary language. The online tool also gives you a detailed report like Grammarly if you opt for *deep lookup*.


3- Designing Visuals and graphics

Nothing says *attention please* better than an engaging, visually appealing design with the right emphasis on meaningful parts.

Agree? Yes, visuals often have the power to leave you with no choice.


A relatively old piece on the importance of infographics by Oli Gardner on Unbounce claims that the value of infographics has peaked to 800% in one year only.

So, here are some of the tools for you to create the visual impact that engrosses your audience before the text plays its charm.


Adobe Inc. is the proud presenter of Photoshop, the raster graphics editor that’s the choice of real graphic designers. With a starting price of $19.99, it offers some fantastic features for editing and creations from scratch. Professionals love the flexibility of layers, playing with selection tools, unlimited possibilities with the pen tool, shapes, slice and retouching tools, the 3D aspects, and simple GIF creation features. 


It is a designing tool that enables team collaborations as well. The pricing starts from $12.95 a month for one user. The package covers unlimited folders and storage, option to use your own or Canva’s images and templates, customizability in font, style, size and design, GIF creation and priority support.

iii-Adobe spark

Adobe spark comes with designs, templates, and features for spark page, spark post and spark video. This free tool for designers provides free images, team collaborations, logo, font, color, image and design personalization, and much more along with watermark-free results. 

Screenshot of templates available on Adobe Spark, a visual designing tool to boost your Content Marketing


This DIY animation maker starts billing from $12 a month. The features for the lowest package began from the creation of an unlimited number of 5 mins videos in SD quality, allowing up to 20 exports a month. The package also offers some infographic icons, sound effects, animation maps, and charts as well as permission to import image & audio. 


This video creation platform could be your go-to point if you are looking for a quick yet amazing animation video creation. The starter package allows for only one premium video export, 1 GB storage with rights to download a watermark-free MP4 version for commercial usage at the cost of $16/month. The enterprise version has unlimited features for $99 per month.

It is a fantastic online infographic creation tool that has a free basic and almost free ($4/a month) Pro version. The pro version offers benefits like access to premium templates, images, icons, and other objects. You can export high-quality PDF, JPEG, and totally secure PNG versions. Along with easy shareability, it offers excellent organizability too.


A screenshot of GIPHY-a powerful GIF designing and selection tool

It is a resourceful search engine to find GIFs, one that is a world of its own within the website. The tool offers creation of your GIFs, either using your own image or video, uploading them from some of the supported online platforms besides using their database of images, GIFs or videos.  

Your interest in Content Marketing shouldn’t be limited to tools and resources if you want to make it big through Content Marketing. Learn different aspects in our guides on different concepts of Content Marketing and get the hang of the process.


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What’s the bottom line?

This might sound crazy, but hear us out!

You’d see your efforts to be more productive when you integrate them with different tools and resources for different steps. Use the ones that suit you better and let the magic begin.

Now that you know the tools to organize your work, remove language errors, and create engaging visuals, you just got too close to the destination.

Let us know what tools have you found most appealing?

Hang on! That’s not all!

Stay calm. You have more tools & resources for using stock images/videos, spreading your content fast and for putting your content-spreading on autopilot coming up, next week.


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