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FB ads for restaurants or for any business is a humble choice of proud business owners for many good reasons.

With 2.41 billion active Facebook users, the platform secures the top third position with respect to digital footfall. These visits are taken well by the 90 million small businesses that made the wise decision to use Facebook for Marketing. 

Source: 33 Facebook Stats That Matter to Marketers in 2020


Advertisers depend on paid advertising on Facebook because the organic reach is almost an obsolete concept now. You can not expect more than a few interactions on your page organically, no matter how huge is your community.

However, the better and stronger part of the reason is the wondrousness of the results Facebook paid marketing offers.

And by results, we could mean several different goals, ranging from: 

  • qualified traffic
  • meaningful views
  • quality leads
  • high conversion
  • more sales
  • and increased growth. 

(However, bear in mind that your goals should be measurable. In that case, you’d have “20% more conversion” as a goal, instead of “high conversion.”)

And to what do we owe these results? 

We’d give most of our tribute to:

  • the targeting on Facebook that is on point
  • a good number of ad formats
  • a huge range of placements
  • the ideal variety of calls to action
  • and the scalability of these ads

Part of the glory also comes from the rate of remarketing success of Facebook ads. 

Number and types of businesses leveraging the power of Facebook ads are boundless. The list is non-ending. However, there’s not a single type of business or industry that hasn’t seen success with Facebook ads. 

No strings attached, as long as you have done it right.

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Facebook Ads for Restaurants

Let’s get down to Facebook advertising for the food industry.

The enormous industry has business types ranging from agriculture to food processing and other related technologies, wholesale, retail, and of course, food serving points.

For the sake of this post, let’s talk about Facebook for the restaurant businesses to see how they can profit from Facebook Marketing.

When you plan Facebook marketing for restaurants (actually for any business you run), you have two options to choose from. Let’s have a look at the options:
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Boosted Posts Vs. Facebook Ads

As you create a post on your Facebook business page, Facebook offers you to boost it against a certain number of bucks. The boost aims to increase the reach of the post.

This must sound like your exact goals as a non-marketer. Also, the convenience of the boost post is dazzling. Isn’t it?

But it doesn’t always turn out to be a great choice. In fact, there are a few drawbacks of using the *boost post* option. To put simply, you are not looking forward to the results you get out of boost post. 

Your business deserves better. Facebook advertising is worth much more than just that.

And to explore the full potential of Facebook advertising, a good option is to create your ads in the Facebook business manager. 

Setting up a business manager account is no rocket science. Using Ads manager to promote your restaurant could, however, be daunting for you if you are not a marketer.

We’d definitely cover the whole ad creation process in another post someday. For now, however, let’s see the available objectives to see what you can achieve with your Facebook ads for restaurants.

Facebook Ad objectives to leverage

Facebook offers a considerable number of objectives to meet through your Facebook Ads. Let’s see how to make use of these objectives for your restaurants.

Just so you believe in the power of these ads, here’s a quick fact for you.

High results are in the best interest of your business as well as Facebook. (Guaranteed results assure continuity of your ads that in turn ensures revenue for Facebook). Therefore, based on the objective you chose, Facebook tends to optimize the results in your favor.

Therefore, choose your objective thoughtfully.


If you understand the concept of the marketing funnel and the stages, Awareness is the goal you’d typically achieve at the top of the funnel (TOFU). The audience, at this level, is cold. They do not know you, and you have had no interaction with them yet. This is the time to introduce your restaurant to them. 

Here’s what you can do with your Facebook ads for restaurants at this level.

Brand awareness

The best use of a brand awareness campaign is to build your recognition. 

For better brand recognition, you’d want people to see or meet you when you are ready, prepared, and presentable. That’s the reason it is best to use this objective to introduce yourself when you have established the restaurant in your area.

Facebook optimizes these ads to reach people who would be interested in restaurants in your area.


When you want Facebook to optimize your ads for higher *reach*, it means you want more and more and more people (in your small target group) to get the content of your ad. 

You should choose this objective if you want to let the people in your area know about a new dish you are introducing. 


The consideration section lies in the middle of your marketing funnel. When you have already interacted with your audience, they are warm and would be interested in knowing more about your restaurant. 

Here’s what ads for your restaurant at this stage can do for you. 


If your restaurant website/app is not getting enough traffic, you can direct your target audience there via Facebook ads. 

Once there, they can take any desirable action ranging from slipping away to sneaking around the platform on different pages to ordering some food, etc.


When you want people to interact with your restaurant’s ads (like, share, comment), you use this objective. If you want to create social proof about a product, you can use your existing post (or create a new one) to create an ad with *engagement* objective.

You can also grow your page likes using this objective, make food offers and promotions famous or get responses on your food testing or grand opening event.

App installs

If your restaurant owns an app, you want more and more people to download the app. If you are not grown up enough to own an app, you might be selling food with the help of other food apps. More downloads of that app would mean more probability of people ordering your food.

In such cases, you’d want to use *App installs* as your campaign objective.

Video views

Whether you are promoting your restaurant as a whole or just a menu item, in particular, the expertise of your chefs or the ambiance of your restaurant, video is the most engagement-generating tool you could choose. 

And what makes sure your video gets enough reception to generate that engagement? Nothing does it better than *Video views* objective for your video ad campaigns.

Lead generation

If you want to gather certain information from people, say their email ids or contact number, you use lead generation as the objective of your ad. 

lead generation through Facebook advertisement enables you to build loyalty, send personalized food offers, update customers, and prospects about your upcoming event and much more. 

Facebook lead generation has an excellent success rate as the opt-ins see a pre-filled or easy to fill the form. If you are up for Generating leads for restaurants, Facebook is a proven result generation option.

Keeping your Facebook Group Engaged and Active [Updated 2019]


A high percentage of communication in Facebook messenger ends up in sales. That’s why businesses, particularly food businesses, make use of these ads. Facebook offers a variety of ads to light a conversation, like:

Messenger ads

You can send these ads directly to the messenger of your audience. It is an excellent way to promote your food services.

Click to messenger ads

These ads appear to your audience as a regular newsfeed ad. If they are interested in learning more about whatever service or product you are promoting, they click on the ad. Clicking the ad leads them to a messenger conversation with you.

Sponsored messages

Say some people had placed queries about your food/restaurant, but it’s been a while since they didn’t interact any further.

If you want the interaction to strengthen further and convert in a sale, you can use sponsored messages to send them a specialized message right in their inboxes.

In essence, sponsored messages are retargeting ads.

Now that your restaurant prospects have successfully crossed the middle of the funnel, here are the ways to cook them up to reach the last stage of the marketing funnel.


Conversion is the campaign objective you tend to choose with a highly interested audience that has been educated and nurtured. Being at the bottom of your marketing funnel (BOFU), this audience has a great potential to convert. You call this audience *Hot audience*.

Here’s what you can get done with this audience.


Conversion is the objective that you track when you want your audience to take a desirable action i.e., add to cart, purchase, etc.

Consider a bunch of people visiting a specific product or offer page on your website. They, however, did not take your desired action.

You’ll use the power of Pixel to track their steps. Using the conversion objective would help Facebook to optimize your conversion results i.e., Facebook would help you by helping them take the desired action.

Catalog sale

This is a particularly useful feature for E-commerce companies that shows catalogs to the audience that is more likely to purchase. As a restaurant owner, you might not be interested in this objective. However, if your E-commerce business deals in food, by all means, make the best out of it.

Store traffic

Store traffic objects enable you to draw customers to your brick and mortar location. You can guide your audience to your restaurant with store traffic ads campaigns with further relevant CTAs like *get directions*.

Fb Ads for Restaurants — Best practices

Whether you are up to Generating leads for restaurants, or you are just interested in qualified traffic, your Facebook ads for restaurants should depict a combination of the following features.

  • Use location targeting to get to the people in your restaurant’s surroundings.
  • Use lookalike audience of best-performing audiences to maximize the chances of growth
  • Attract more of them with more of the events
  • Engage them with your best offers and alluring food pictures
  • Make use of user-generated content to entice more visitors into your restaurant
  • Promote your best menu items
  • Boost the expertise of your master chefs
  • Use interests and behavioral targeting to explore new potentials.

Facebook ads for restaurant- Industry Inspiration

We have carefully handpicked some exceptional ads from different restaurants to inspire you. Are you interested to learn how they bring more of the feet to their restaurant’s door?

Well, let’s dive in together:

Example # 1:

Source: Restaurant Marketing ideas by Joy Gendusa

Now, what underfed human (or overfed, for that matter) have the nerves to take his eyes off this image? If you say you can, can you still take your mind off the offer?

That must be a tricky question, but the answer is quite apparent. Isn’t it?

The point? Tom and Eddie’s Facebook Marketer had done a great job joining 2 unputdownable factors together in one ad.  

And what could those factors be?” you ask.

An eye-catching picture with a mind-catching offer!

On a side note, we hope you are not Hungary?

Let’s move over to another of Joy Gendosa’s images, this time for another set of reasons.

Example # 2:

Source: Restaurant Marketing ideas by Joy Gendusa

No, no, no! Geovani’s might not be a restaurant, but the food business has other avenues too. Besides, this ad had a killer combination that we couldn’t help but talk about.

The ad talks about 10% off on the *Quality meat*. But that in itself is not much of an attraction. The offer and the wording gain some significant weight combined with the image that says *quality meat* better than the words.

Last time we checked, an image was worth a thousand words. This time, it appears even more worthy.

And that, dear friends, is the power Facebook ads for your restaurants crave and need to be as successful as you want them.

Example # 3:

Oh, this Knockdown with food-ads session is so not over.

And the next entry on the ramp is BOB’s Donuts, which took a bright turn with a Facebook ad.

Can you spot the cunningly useful trick of the advertiser here?

Well, he played two in a shot. Creating awareness about the hiring process is the direct motive of the ad. 

But, can you say he’s trying to sell?

Well, apparently not! But, you should know better if you want to run your restaurant’s ads yourself.

Just a tip here, in case you want a direct narration, the smartest marketers sell without being any bit salesy.

Source: 39 Celsius

Example # 4:

Oh, and before you decide you are too hungry to continue reading, try and avoid this special Birthday lead gen offer.

Source: Good Robot Media

Example # 5:

Or turn around this elegant yet straightforward eye-stoning image with an effortlessly simple and precise copy.

Source: Elevareagency

Protip: These are the kind of feelings, emotions, and attraction you need to recreate through Facebook ads for your restaurants.

Or, don’t mind if you’re not into scaling up your restaurant. I mean, why bother when hundreds of other restaurants are achieving just this with their Facebook ads. Right?

Thank God, you read sarcasm. Or NOT?

Is your restaurant really an exception?

Just to revisit the idea, you see, all these businesses have made different features of Facebook Ads their strengths. Don’t make your restaurant an exception, specially when it is exceptional.

You could probably use a little more inspiration here.

As a leading Facebook Ad Agency in the USA, we have worked with a variety of businesses to bring the results with Facebook marketing. Check out some of them, if you will.

1- Facebook Ads Case Study for A Real Estate Business

2- Facebook Ads Case Study for a clothing business

3- Facebook Ads CaseStudy for a Startup Marketing

4- Facebook Ads Case Study For an Apparel Store

5- Facebook Ads Case Study For Beauty Products 

Reminder: Your restaurant business is no exception!

Make sure to go through our list of mistakes to avoid in your Facebook Marketing and the tips to follow for great results.

So, how do you plan to begin?

Facebook Posts: Simple. Sweet. Always Neat.


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