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Did you try any tools from our previous list of small SEO tools for free? If not yet, here’s what you’d see in that post:

In our first post on search engine optimization tools (free), we gave you a list of the following areas of SEO:

But, you can’t just use a couple of local SEO tools (alone or in combination with others in the mentioned list) and anticipate digital contentment (with better visibility and higher ranks). 

There’s a lot more to SEO that we did not cover in that post to keep that digestible (and practicable) for business owners with no prior SEO background.

Therefore, here’s another attempt at covering some other aspects of SEO with a lot more best Free SEO tools for small businesses. In this post, you are going to read about:


But before we get to the point, here’s an important question for you.

What is an SEO tool for you?

Ever thought about what is an SEO tool for you? What can you get done with it?

To us, it is a means to execute the process of SEO in a far better way than we – manually – can.

And if the tools are free, too, that’s just the perfect icing on the cake.

Why would you opt for a plain cake when the option of the perfect icing is available?

Let’s get to the point now:


Today’s post is an attempt at making the following SEO areas a piece of cake for you with a list of free SEO tools:

  • On-page SEO
  • Link building
  • Analytics
  • And a list of many other Search Engine Optimization tools (Free) for general or diverse usage that we couldn’t cover in any other section in this or the last post.

We’ll give you reasons to opt for each tool with the most important features for it too. 

Let’s not keep you waiting for long with our collection of on-page SEO tools:

Small Free On-Page SEO Tools

On-Page SEO involves all the tasks you do to rank your pages. These efforts range in nature from content to design to the code and other technical aspects.

Now, having to do technical SEO on your own could be a real pain in the neck. This could be especially true if you also have the core business operations to run all alone.

But, here’s the thing:

Whether or not you have time and energy to do all of your on-page SEO tasks, this list of the best SEO tools for small businesses could be a great help.

Here’s our first tool of the day:

Google Rich Results Test

Remember all the chat about the rich snippet and structured data?

Who doesn’t want to rank for rich snippets? It increases your chances of being seen and clicked. 

A preview of the results on Google Rich results Test - a free SEO tool for testing your eligibility for rich snippets.

(Throwback: More visibility is more traffic. The higher your traffic, the more are the chances of conversion).

Google Rich Results tool is a Free small SEO test tool to determine if your structured data could be featured as the rich snippet. Does it qualify for the position?

If not, get back to work until it does.

The simplest yet amongst the most critical tasks, we’d call it.

After the rich results test, let’s head to the second on-page SEO tool: 

Rank Math

It is an SEO plugin that you use if you need help with technical or on-page SEO. 

Rank Math is an excellent help with meta titles and tags, structured data, dead links, and URL redirect bugs (and to fix them).

This might sound simple, but Rank Math is a great SEO help if you think about it.

That’s all about rank Math. Let’s check out another tool now:

Google Tag Manager

It is an easy to use tool to deploy your tracking code on your website.

But why take the pain?

Because you want to track the desirable actions taken on your site and turn that data into the dough for yourself. (No! We did not refer to the cooking dough but the one in finance).

Read about all the fantastic things you can do with your Google TM Account.

Oh, and for all the newbies out there, it is not Google ™ – the trademark!

Google tag manager is a fantastic tool with so much more to offer. But let’s keep other details for another time.  

For now, let’s get to another small on-page SEO tool.

SERP Simulator

Imagine the upside of being able to see your SERP entry before posting.

Apart from the charm of having to see it at its ultimate destination, here is what else you can do:

  • See how your entry loads up and appears on SERPs. 
  • Having that view can turn your judgment into action, so you optimize it for good. 
  • This tool’s auto-detective features can also report the areas that need your attention, such as lengths of the elements (Wait! You know such elements count in SEO. Right?)

All you’d ever need to do is plug your Title, URL, and meta-description in the tool’s mock snippet space, get the results, optimize, and use them.

Imagine the benefits now!

That’s pretty much all about the SERP simulator tool we have for today. Time for another competitor of this tool, now:


While this tool shares the SERP Simulator’s function, it stands a step ahead of the former.

Why, though?

SERPerator shows you how your result would appear in SERPs and does so for different devices.

Talking of your SERP results, let’s have some schema-talk too:

Schema Creator

Remember, a featured snippet can have a variety of information ranging from image, reviews, rating, useful numbers, and other information. 

This is what helps it stand out on SERPs.

So, Schema Creator helps you create your code for a featured snippet. All you have to do after creating it is plugging it into your website.  

That’s the magic of getting quality traffic.

Now that the traffic is increasing here, let’s shift the gears to keep up with the need for speed. 

Up next, we have this data analytics tool:

Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar

Yet another simple to use extension for Chrome and Firefox, this tool is another simple way to read and make use of data. 

A preview of Ahrefs SEO Toolbar browser extension page on the website. It’s a free SEO tool for visualizing your technical data.

Having installed it on your browser enables you to view useful technical data (and reports).

The best part? 

You don’t need to use an analytics tool every now and then when this extension can fetch a wealth of useful data right on your browser. 

After this browser extension for analyzing data, let’s look for a way to carry out our whole site checkup:

SEO Site Checkup

As the name implies, this is the direct route to checking your website’s on-page or technical errors. 

After completing the audit faster than you blink, you get a score on a scale of 100. Once found out, you are well on your way to fixing the elements limiting your reach to the top of SERPs and your target audience.

And that was all the explanation we had for the small on-page SEO tools today. Let’s conclude the list with a few more names for on-site SEO.

Other Small On-page SEO Tools

Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator

SEO Web Page Analyzer

And that marks the end of our list of small on-page SEO tools. Next in the line are link building tools for small businesses:

Free Link building tools

You can’t deny the importance of link building in your daily life. SEO life is no different when it comes to link building. 

The more links you build, the better would be your SEO rank. However, the quality of the linking sites matters more than the quantity of the links.

Imagine this:

If Barack Obama endorses you, what are your chances of standing out? 

Now compare that endorsement to Mr. Barack’s one – just a random x,y,z guy. 

Your SEO links work on the same pattern as these endorsements. A website with higher credibility holds more weight compared to a website with low credibility. When the website with higher credibility links back to your site, the website with low credibility stands nowhere in the competition.

Therefore, the need to generate high-quality links calls for a massive effort at your end. Thank goodness for these tools that not only get the work done but are free too.

Let’s take start from this tool by Moz:

Moz Link Explorer

Moz link explorer is a quick way to analyze your backlink profile.

The overview gives you useful insights into your domain authority, number of ranking keywords, and the domains linking to you.

The best part, you have the opportunity to download a wealth of useful data on your backlink profile.

And, that’s all about Moz link explorer today. Let’s see how we find broken links:


LinkMiner is probably the quickest (we’d say the best, too) way to find broken links on a web page.

Why quickest? 

Because it is a browser extension.

So, how does it help?

If you are looking for new link building opportunities in a particular niche, you are sure to visit pages talking about your favorite topic. In the process of doing so, you can find the broken links on those pages without an added effort. Now, use the saved efforts (and more) in building linking opportunities.

After finding the broken links, let’s see how we can build new links with free SEO tools for small businesses?


‘Help a reporter’ (or HARO) is a unique connecting platform for bloggers, reporters, and journalists to valuable, mostly expert sources.

HARO is a free online SEO tool for link building.

Here’s all it takes you to earn backlinks for your website:

  1. Subscribe to the HARO newsletter.
  2. Check their email for relevant questions. There is no limit to the number of queries you’d want to respond to but specific criteria for each.
  3. Make a fantastic HARO pitch in response to the selected question.
  4. Get published as a source, with a backlink to your mentioned URL.

That’s all the explanation we have today. Let’s conclude our list with a few more names for exceptional link-building tools.

Other free link-building SEO tools



Ahrefs backlink checker


Ahrefs broken link checker

And that’s the data we have on link building tools today. 

Time for some free analytics tools, now. 

Free Analytics Tools

Created content? Built links? Made technical and non-technical efforts to rank your website?

Well done!

But your work here is not done yet.

The most important task lies right ahead.

And that is analyzing the results of your research and efforts. Because you can’t make efforts to improve your results without knowing the output of previous efforts. These FREE analytics tools are our safe havens to help us analyze and thus improve outcomes.

Let’s start with the best free analytics tool the world knows as Google analytics:

Google Analytics

In case you think so, there’s no such thing as SEO on auto-pilot.

You have to continuously make efforts, analyze them, and optimize your efforts based on the results.

But how do you know all the results?

That’s for what they made different big and small SEO tools.

Google Analytics is among the best analytics tools out there that know every action taken on your website. Google Analytics tracks all the steps and presents them in useful reports. 

Next question: What actions does Google Analytics track? Everything ranging from:

  • Traffic and sources
  • Bounce & exit rate (and the pages these actions are taken on)
  • Sessions of each user and the duration
  • Pages per session
  • Pageviews for each page
  • Conversions, and much more.

But Google analytics might not always suffice, especially when you are always looking for more and more advanced-level features.

In such cases, Google tag studio could be one good option:

Google Data Studio

As the name would suggest, this is your most comfortable data analysis zone. 

Powered by Google, it offers seamless integration with other analytics platforms like Google search console and Google Analytics. 

In a nutshell, this is a one-stop platform to access, view, and analyze analytical data from other Google platforms. 

That’s all for Google data studio. Let’s talk about another tool with additional help with keywords as well.

Keyword Hero

This is an advanced analysis tool that does way more than analyzing the cliched metrics. For instance:

  • It helps you analyze how useful (and convertible) your chosen keywords have been.
  • It enables you to optimize your content on the website accordingly.
  • And once your content is optimized based on insanely useful insights, you are well on your way to winning big with meaningful conversions.

Keyword hero is an excellent tool with a variety of features. However, the convenience of use that SEO plugins offer is matchless. 

Let’s take a look at the Ahrefs WordPress SEO plugin, for instance. 

Ahrefs WordPress SEO Plugin

This tool fetches analytics from other sources, along with Ahrefs itself. And building on to that, it goes a step further.

So, the plugin helps you audit your backlinks data and suggests the right steps to take to optimize your site well.

How cool! Right?

Hang in there.

We have more cool stuff right ahead.

Let’s get back to Google products:

Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations

Another Google product? Arrrgh!

Well, you’d find this one somewhat more appealing.

How? Why?

Because it gives you the data, others can’t.

While analytics tools tell you what has happened on your site, this tool suggests why it has happened?

Came across an alternative yet? Yea? No?

A preview of the browser extensions page of “Enhanced Google analytics annotations,” a Free SEO tool for analyzing your web data.

Let’s end our list of free Analytics tools for small businesses with a few more names: 

Other Free Small Technical SEO Tools

Bing Webmaster tools

Google Search Console

We have covered many categories in the last blog of this series and many in this one. However, there are still many more fantastic SEO tools placing which in the above categories seemed unfair. That’s for the tremendous variety of features and functions they offer.

So we put them all together in a separate category. Let’s take a look at what we have here: 

Other Small SEO Tools

Let’s begin this amazing category with this excellent tool – SEMRush:


You are not a marketer. You are only concerned with your business website.

So, while you own a small business, why spend big on a complete SEO suite?

So, this one comes for one project for free. And you’d love the usability, especially if you are not a fan of depths. You can do anything ranging from:

If you explore, you will find many more uses of SEMRush attracting you towards it. So, keeping further research too you, we’re heading towards the next tool of the day with a long list of possibilities it offers for SEO: 

SEO Minion

This small yet free SEO tool completely suits every SEO related role thanks to its functionality. 

The tool allows for:

  • Broken links analysis
  • Hreflang tags analysis
  • On-page SEO analysis
  • Google search location simulation
  • SERPs result’s preview

The best part, it is easy to use the chrome extension.  

So, get this extension before you forget it.

Meanwhile, we’ll start talking about another awesomeness in the world of SEO:

Small SEO Tools

Small SEO tools is a fantastic free SEO toolkit – a collection of 170+ (as of now) small, free SEO tools. The tools are divided into the following categories:

  • Text content tools
  • Image editing tools
  • Keywords tools
  • Backlink tools
  • Website management tools
  • Website tracking tools
  • Proxy tools
  • Domains tools
  • Meta tags tools
  • Password management tools
  • Online PDF tools
  • Development tools
  • Unit converter tools
  • Binary converter tools

If you find them useful, ‘small SEO tools’ is your one-stop free SEO toolkit for everything-SEO you might be interested in.

Small SEO tools is something you can never get enough of using if you are interested in boosting the SEO of your small business. Try it today for whatever SEO functions need improvement.

Let’s get back to some more SEO audit for your sites with Varvy:


Varvy is an exciting small SEO tool recommended by marketing ninjas. And the reason for its fame is an exceptional audit that is detailed and precise. The audit gives you information on many aspects of the given URL, including:

  • Accessibility
  • Page speed
  • Robots.txt files
  • Page accessibility
  • Security, etc.

While you enjoy the precision this tool gives, we recommend you take a look at the next unique tool as well for its outstanding functionality:


A preview of Wappalyzer – a free small SEO tool to learn the technology a website uses.

Wappalyzer works essentially to *identify technology on websites*. An exciting application of this website is the ability to analyze multiple sites in one go.

So, while you can keep tabs on the current technology usage of your competitors, this – in this regard, the best small – SEO tool notifies you in case of any change in the future.

However, the ease of use and versatility are not the best parts (not that they are any less important). The provision of Wappalyzer’s browser extension makes it much sought-after.

Enough bragging about Wappalyzer. You’d find it much more than what we stated once you get to use it. 

We have got more of Google stuff yet again. Because Google never ceases to keep producing stuff that you can say NO to.  

Google Alerts

Knowing when your business name is mentioned and in what context plays an important part in understanding your market position. Many businesses seek refuge in paid tools to track your name mentioned online. 

Google Alerts is a free SEO tool to help you track your brand mentions all over the web. Having a clear picture of your reputation can help you make important decisions in the future.

In short, it is a small SEO tool that you can make big with.

And why wouldn’t you? It’s Google we are talking about.

Let’s turn heads to another robust tool now.


SEObility is a multi-purpose small SEO tool that can help you optimize and improve your search engine ranks. Here are some of the reasons you’d want to use this all-in-one yet Free SEO tool for:

  •  generating your crawl report
  •  tracking your Google rank on a routine basis
  •  analyzing your backlinks profile
  •  building new links
  •  auditing your website
  • And keeping tabs on important aspects of your website via regular monitoring.

And that’s all about SEObility. 

The next tool we have on the list is equally diverse, unique, and well, popular.

Yoast SEO

A preview of the SEO results of a post on Yoast SEO - an SEO tool with free and paid versions.

If you have ever posted some content on your website, your encounter with Yoast SEO has a very high probability. With its 135 million downloads, we are in a safe position to make this claim.

It is a plugin that you install to optimize your content for web searchers and search engines. 

Once you have installed the free or the paid version of the plugin, are on your way to uploading some content, and have updated the primary keyword (with or without synonyms), the plugin gives you a detailed report.

The report comprises all the things you have done well from an SEO standpoint. It also recommends the changes in your content needs for better SEO. 

Here’s the best part.

The report is updated in real-time as you make the suggested changes.

Here’s evidence of the popularity and functionality of YOAST SEO. Even if you have a very recent (and superficial) relationship with SEO, there’s no denying you must have come across this name (in a good way, for sure. We haven’t seen the tool having made many foes).



A few more Free Small SEO Tools for small businesses you should check

All in one SEO pack


Similar Web (Free for a limited time)

That’s all for now! What are you up to next?

The tools are updated now and then. New ones are created in a blink, and the competition keeps shooting skywards. Everyone holds his own opinion dearer.

So, despite having tried to get you complete lists of the best free small SEO tools for 2020, we might have missed quite a few.

Have you tried any other ones worth recommending? Have you tried any of these? Why do you like the one you like?

Share in the comments so we all can learn.

If you need any help with understanding anything better, you can ask away in the comments.

For any sort of SEO help for small businesses, especially for ranking your site higher in SERPs, getting better quality traffic, or increasing your revenue through SEO, take our free SEO audit or get in contact with one of our SEO experts. Our SEO help brings exceptional results for small businesses. SEO experts at Canz Marketing are known to optimize for searchers by taming Google spiders well. 

After all, an SEO (free) trial could never hurt. 

(Oh, and please bear us in mind for free trial SEO services only. If you need a free SEO company and services, we don’t have those spammers here).


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