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Social Media Marketing these days is dominated by Instagram. Social Media Marketing on Instagram when done right can earn you not only a huge following but a lot of new business as well. This USA-based social network has outperformed major competitors like Snapchat. We provide high-quality Instagram Marketing Service to our clients in the USA. We can safely say that CANZ is the leading Instagram Advertising Agency in the San Diego, USA.

Instagram Marketing Campaign Planning

Just like any other service, we take our time to evaluate your business, your objectives, and to understand your audience. This helps us to develop the best possible plan to approach your target audience before we create Instagram ads. We then share a comprehensive Instagram Marketing campaign plan with you for your approval that includes Instagram Ads, Instagram Story Ads, and Instagram Influencer and Growth Strategy.

Bullet-Proof Targeting for Instagram Marketing

Instagram is part of the Facebook family and comes with a lot of ways to find and target your audience. If you have seen success with Facebook ads then Instagram is going to be a step ahead for you. You will see a decrease in costs and an increase in the results when running Instagram Story ads and normal Instagram Newsfeed ads.

For Instagram advertising, we can use your email lists, customer lists, and also your Facebook tracking pixel on your site to target your preferred audience. Instagram Ads targeting options are as robust as Facebook ads.

Instagram Marketing Campaign Testing

We are Instagram marketing company in San Diego, and we make sure to keep testing the ad creatives, the audiences as well as the objectives as we progress through your ad account. We allocate a certain budget just for testing purposes to make sure that we find new opportunities to get better results for your ad spend.

Instagram Marketing Optimization

The optimization process helps in improving the performance of your ads on Instagram. The process includes increasing your ad budget, adjusting your target audience, replacing the ad creatives and many other things. We continuously keep auditing the performance of your ad account and keep looking for better opportunities to meet your business goals and hit your targets.

Instagram Marketing – Scaling Campaigns

Successful campaign scaling depends upon several factors including your target CPA, your target countries, your available budget and most importantly the data available for us to push the scaling process. Our scaling process is driven by the data and then we consider other things mentioned above. We have successfully managed budgets of over $10K/day.

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Social Media Marketing Case Study

This nationally recognized clothing brand initially came to us with a negative Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). We did a complete ad account audit and had a long strategy session call with the client to understand the problems that they were facing. Within 3 weeks of launching, we were achieving 2.5x ROAS