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SEO for SaaS Companies – How important is it? Why Does your SaaS Business need SEO, really?

Let’s find out.

67k searches are performed on Google every second, says

So, you do agree now that optimizing for Search Engines is important. Right?

The questions that matter to you as a business, however, are:

  • What are your chances of you being called for in those searches?
  • How likely are you to appear in the search results if you are being called?
  • What are the odds of you being clicked if you appear in the search results?

The answer to these and many other questions lie in why your business needs SEO in the first place? 

So, why is SEO important for your online success anyway?

*For appearing in the search results, as high as possible and to as many relevant queries as possible* is the shortest answer.

You can’t overlook the importance of SEO in digital marketing living in a world where people prefer online shopping (to avoid going to a grocery store just 200 meters ahead).

The better SEO strategies you apply to any business, the better are the chances of appearing to more of relevant search queries. That’s how you attract more of your ideal prospects to visit your site (and possibly convert them.

But if your business runs in a particular niche, you have got to have better, detailed explanations of why SEO matters or how SEO works for your business?

For the sake of this blog post, we have got 7 reasons why every SAAS business needs to consider SEO to succeed in the online market place.

So, let the party begin.

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7 Reasons your SaaS Company needs SEO, today more than ever before:

1- Because your SaaS company would get more traffic with SEO than through Paid advertising

Every 8 out of 10 people skip the top results (the paid ads) and click on the organic results. These are the perks that bring you towards SEO. Right?


As a SaaS company (or any other for that matter), your stats might be slightly different. However, what might not be different is the TREND.

Even for SaaS businesses, the results from SEO definitely overshadow the results from paid advertisements.

This does not in any way suggest that paid advertisement is useless. And this definitely doesn’t imply that your SaaS business doesn’t need paid advertisement. From a business’s view, we care about those 2 clicks too, likely coming through the ads. (For a fact, people with higher purchase intent click more on the ads).

But, what do you not care about the whole bucket but just a drop? To cut to the chase, 8 has more statistical (and later, financial) value than 2. 

So, your SaaS business absolutely needs SEO before and probably more than paid advertisement.

2- Because meeting goals with SEO is more achievable for any SaaS business

Say, increasing your current traffic 25X by 2020 is your short term goal. We just showed how SEO is a better solution for that. 

Traffic, check. What next?

Even if your goals are more complex, involving metrics like engagement or conversions, feel free to view SEO as the best available option.

As a SaaS business, your prospects are more likely to consider you worthy of their purchase based on the social proof you can show them. And engagement is the best weapon to win the war at this front.

How can you actually use this weapon to win?

While social proof you get by paid advertisement is fast and slightly easy, it might feel like a hoax to your potentials. You see, money matters have trust issues too.

So, use SEO to get around the problem. 

But how exactly?

Here’s how:

  • While your local SEO listings, as well as Social media, could give you a good starting point, the reviews could be a game-changer. 
  • Create listings everywhere you are likely to suspect your prospect’s presence (i.e., Google, Yelp, TrustPilot, FinancesOnline, Picksaas, Software Suggest, SaaS Genius, or Saas Max, etc.). Get reviews and see your conversions climb sky-high.

Oh, and that, by the way, points to meeting another complex, more challenging goal.

3- Because SEO helps you in brand positioning and builds your authority

As we already explained here, SEO and Content Marketing are strongly correlated

Content marketing helps you create a particular image of your brand, and SEO presents you to your prospects with that image.

Say, as a B2C SaaS business, you are using Content Marketing to educate your prospects about your niche. Doing that, you want to appear as the educational figure to your prospects. If they need to learn something within your niche, you want them to look up to you to sort things out.

What are your options?

  • Option # 1: Paid ads help with that, of course, especially when it comes to brand awareness. However, you might not have enough or wouldn’t want to dig deep into your pockets with paid ads. 
  • Option # 2: Therefore, until and unless your SEO is spot on, you can’t really expect to build that image in front of your prospects.

With strong SaaS SEO strategy and Content Marketing strategy in place – coupling up strategically, of course – you would be able to achieve your brand positioning and trust-building goals too.

4- Because SEO is comparatively cheaper despite higher results percentage

You often go shopping and find two articles similar in qualities but way different in prices. One of them shows a lavish price tags while both appear to be equally qualified to meet your needs. But, this does get you confused. 

“There must be some catch, or the price for the second item wouldn’t have been this low,” you think. But then, deep down inside, you want to purchase the cheaper option. So, you listen to your heart and purchase for the fewer bucks out of your pocket.

Well, guess what? At least 50% of times, your apprehensions turn out to be totally unfounded. 

The cheaper option you bought turns out to be at per with the more expensive option.

The same applies to SEO too.

Most people find themselves in the same fix, hearing *SEO is relatively cheaper*.

However, much like the cheaper object, that you buy from the market and turns out the best choice, SEO is almost always that 50% you can blindly trust and pick.


Actually, as a SaaS business, B2B or B2C, you must understand that there is actually no comparison between SEO or paid advertisement. It should be clear by now that both have their perks and positions.

However, say you are a new SaaS company short on resources (including finances) and need to pick one, SEO should be your absolute choice.


The cost factor, together with all other (already mentioned and upcoming) reasons, are equally relevant answers to strengthen our stance.

5- Because SEO is a long-term solution for any SaaS company

Imagine you are a B2B SaaS company selling software to log an agency’s employees’ daily productivity. What are you looking for?

To begin with, brand awareness and positioning; ultimately, more sales.

Options are clear, SEO, and Paid media.

“Which one would you pick,” depends on several factors. However, say you’d want to make the pick based on the time it takes you to reach your goals.

If you are looking for quick goals-meeting, paid ads are the best-ever option. No second thoughts, no reconsiderations period.

But, your paid solutions are a *for now*, or *get results as long as you keep paying* fixes.

As for the SEO, it sure takes time. 

SEO is not a get-rich-quick strategy. It never would deliver results as quickly as the paid options would.

But, patience is bitter; everyone knows that. When you taste its fruit, however, it is sweeter. And that’s what SEO brings – sweet fruits.

And not just that.

If you are investing in SEO for your B2B SaaS business, say, your efforts won’t just bring seasonal results. They keep bringing you results for a long time down the road. 

See it this way.

You have optimized your web content for the best relevant keywords to your SaaS business. You have got genuine reviews on online directories or invested in high authority backlinks. You’d see how you keep driving results for as long as those actions are meaningful for your prospects or the content is out there.

And that could even mean YEARS for your SaaS business.


6- Because SEO gives your SaaS company more exposure

Do you know what they say about the second Search Engine Result Page?

The Best Place to Hide a Dead Body is Page Two of Google.

Why exactly, you may ask?

Because only 25% of your audience is likely to get to the second page of the search engine – quotes Tyler Horvath from Search Engine People.

That somewhat crosses out the option of the second, third, fourth-page appearances for you (paid and organic, both).

Now the struggle is to appear on the first page.

What are the odds for your paid vs. organic results?

The number of ads per Search Engine result page is, of course, small compared to organic results; therefore, organic results have more exposure, more visibility.

Also, more of the audience is already clicking on organic results. It is a 2:8 ratio if you remember reading that in the beginning. This, of course, ads to the exposure rate of organic results. 

However, now image people buying Software are more likely to turn to go past the first page to do a better job researching options. Applying the previously established exposure principles on other pages further creates more opportunities for organic results to be clicked more than the paid results.

Enough of the reason your SaaS company absolutely needs SEO.

7- Because SEO improves your target user’s overall experience

Now, imagine “Best B2C SaaS company in the USA” is the most searched for and precious keyword in your niche. You want to make the best out of it and optimize your website for the said keyword.  

As you begin to generate traffic through this keyword, you might notice a slight elevation in your SEO ranking. 

But don’t get too excited.

There is more to ranking than Keywords optimization that Google (and other search engines) take into account.

For most of them, the user’s experience has become an important ranking factor.

If your website fails to give the traffic what it is looking for, you’ll be doomed. Your audience would leave the website soon as they notice you are not who they need (the best SaaS company in the USA, in this case, in particular). The result would be a significant increase in your bounce rate.

Search Engine would not tolerate this deceptive behavior and spoiling of the user’s experience. 

The result? Your temporary surge of ranking is downhill from now on.

However, if you are following the white hat SEO, you know it is already all about giving your user exactly what he is looking for. That’s how you make his trip to your website pleasant. And that’s how he’s likely to stay on your site for longer. 

The result? Your ranking on the search engine improves – this time, not temporarily. 


Just another reason SEO is the top priority for your SaaS company, no matter you are B2B or B2C.

Your SaaS can’t survive long without SEO – Restatement

Now that you understand the importance of SEO for small businesses and know how SEO can improve the results for your SaaS business, what are you still waiting for, again?

If a quick wrap up is what you are looking for, it is your lucky day.

For any business, SEO is a must for business growth. The need for SEO, particularly for a SaaS business, exists because it helps you get what you are after. 

And what is that?

Here’s the whole story summed up:

  • The growth of a SaaS company would begin and very much depend on the (quality) traffic. Getting that is the primary reason SEO exists. 
  • Besides that, it helps you create a positive user experience.
  • SEO helps you build authority in your niche, and positions your brand name higher than your competitors – where it is slightly more noticeable.
  • The results through SEO are time-taking but totally worth it. It helps your SaaS business meet, even exceed, its marketing and business goals like engagement and conversions. 
  • The best part, you can keep reaping these benefits with consistent and done-right SEO efforts literally for years. 
  • Furthermore, it is relatively cheaper than your overall paid campaigns across all the channels.

Get Help OR Get Started Yourself

That said, we see no reason you don’t use SEO for your SaaS business if growth is what you are aiming for. 

Do let us know in the comments if you are convinced to try SEO for growing your SaaS business.

To begin with, read our guide on how to find the right SEO agency for your business.

Better yet, get a free check-up of your website NOW, see where you currently stand, and plan to take it off better prepared.



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