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Today, competition in online spaces is greater than it has ever been before.
And so needs to be the effort you put in to stand out amidst
an ocean of similar businesses.
With top-notch local SEO services, you can gain
visibility AND conversions.

Get Google on Your Side

Do you know that Google likes local businesses because the consumers they attract are near the end of the buyer’s journey? With a little local SEO effort from your end, Google ranks you highly.

Increase Visibility and Future Prospects

Once you start gaining visibility due to your SEO practices, other businesses and influencers will also start noticing you. This will lead to you building meaningful connections and partnerships.

Achieve Conversions More Easily

With San Jose local SEO services, the people you reach are those who need a product or service you sell. All that’s left is for them to see your brand, choose your product as the perfect one for them, and make the buying decision.

Enhance Your Brand Image

Local SEO helps you with your reputation management efforts online. It focuses on getting online reviews, putting you across as a credible and trustworthy brand.

Dominate Mobile Search

3 out of 4 people who carry out a local search on their mobile phones end up visiting a business within the next 24 hours. With local SEO, that business can be yours!

Become Easier to Find

With a Google My Business listing, you can manage your presence across the web and on Google Maps. That way, people who found your business online can easily find your brick and mortar store too.

Want to Know Where You Stand? Get Your Free SEO Audit Report!

Get Free SEO Audit Report Now

This report is a combination of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). It is your initial plan of action to kick start your promotion locally.

SEO Services for San Jose Local Businesses

Citation Audit and Cleanup

We carry out a thorough search of all the citations of your business on the web and fix any errors that could be causing harm to your business.

Citation Building

If you haven’t focused on citation-building in the past, not to fret – we use the latest tools and the best practices to make sure you get the visibility and rankings you deserve.

Local SEO Audit

Our highly experienced team provides on- and off-site local SEO audits, with a focus on local listings, links and authority, search rankings, reviews and ratings, and Google My Business.

Local Link-Building

We obtain backlinks for your business from authority websites so you can attract traffic and create credibility of your own. Rest assured, we only choose the best link-building websites for your firm.

On-Page SEO

Our teams take charge of all aspects of your on-page local SEO in San Jose. From keyword incorporation to header tags, image optimization, meta tags, and more, we work on it all.


Our copywriters don’t just spin new magical content for all aspects of your SEO strategy. We also work on enhancing the current content where possible so you miss nothing.

Google My Business

With Google My Business set up, optimized, and updated regularly, we help you manage your presence across the virtual world. The best part? We make it easy for consumers to find you!

Analytics and Reporting

At every stage of the strategy implementation process, we use the best tools to determine the effectiveness of the move. This facilitates us in shifting our focus to what is working and introducing improvements where needed.

Ready to Grow Your Business With San Jose Local SEO Optimization?

When it comes to local SEO in San Jose, you want advice from someone
who knows what they’re doing – that would be our experts.
Coincidentally, they can’t wait to hear from you!

Why Choose Canz Marketing As Your San Jose Local SEO Agency?

Professional Team

Whether it is our web developers or copywriters, graphic designers or team managers – each member of our team excels at what they do. The result? Top-notch outcomes for you!

Seamless Workflow

A team that communicates well works together well. And we are describing none other than our very own highly professional team that keeps everyone in the loop, every step of the way.

External Communication

We don’t make any major decisions without your input and feedback. This is why we make sure the communication between you and our team remains as seamless as our internal workflow.

Strategy Made Just for You

We don’t use the same local SEO strategy for every client – we take the unique factors affecting your business into consideration and draft a plan that works best for your needs.

Ethical Conduct Guaranteed

An SEO expert can take two paths – the right one and the wrong one. We only ever take the right, ethical approach and use white-hat SEO techniques that benefit your business for years to come.

Long-Term Results

Because we don’t use any sneaky tactics in an attempt to get you visibility and conversions, the results are promising and last for a very long time, even if they take a little while to become visible.

Easy on Your Pocket

Our aim is not to make a buck at the cost of your business – we devise the best plan that will help you grow, regardless of how small or large your operations. We have a solution for every budget, especially yours!

Ownership and Control

As part of our San Jose local SEO services, we will create some accounts and set up some profiles that will help your business gain visibility. At the end of the day, YOU own all these accounts and credentials.

Beat the Competition – Hire San Jose SEO Expert!

The going is tough and the competition is tougher. You cannot afford to be left behind
because of a lack of visibility and traffic.
With our San Jose Local SEO services, you can stand out from the crowd!
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