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Ever wondered at what point should you decide your business needs professional SEO services?

After all, who could run your business better than you? So, why would you want to hand over your site to someone else?

Here’s the thing:

If you have tried optimizing your business site for the searchers and the users, you’d know how often you mess up! The times – when you screw up big time – are not rare. The damage would be so big that you won’t be able to fix it yourself, no matter how hard you try.

You’d better seek help before that time comes. However, you don’t stand a chance to continue messing up and around after such an experience.

As to your apprehensions and doubts about the professionals, optimizing your sites and bringing real results for you are an SEO agency’s business. And, only getting that done ensures they stay in business for long. 

Moving to the next important question: When do you call them for help? 

Well, if you ever get to face one or more of the below-mentioned situations, read that as a red signal and run like hell to fetch some help!

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Sure-shot signs that your website is in dire need of Professional SEO Services

1- When your website dearly misses and awaits visitors

They say, taking THE RIGHT SEO measures is the best way to guarantee traffic.

What does that mean?

Simply put, SEO is not the only way to get traffic, but probably the best way in that:

  • It is relatively cheaper.
  • Yet, it gets to attract skid loads of traffic.
  • And, that is just the right kind as well!.

If you see no traffic on your website or not enough for you to be delighted, time to question!

Question your SEO practices!

Having done SEO yourself, to what do you owe losing traffic? If it’s you, where might have you gone wrong?

What could have gone wrong?

Among a couple of other reasons, you:

  • might not have been crawled and indexed well on the search engines. Some technicalities involved here. The result? The search engines might not have even found you.
  • Probably are not ranking well on the search engine to be discovered by the people. 
  • Might not have the unique, high-quality educational, inspirational, or entertaining, link-worthy content that draws attention. 

How do you expect visitors when search engines haven’t discovered you yet or haven’t ranked you high?

Yes, right! Search engines are not the only source of traffic. But your content isn’t that great yet to have won a few high-quality backlinks – hence the results!

Time to seek a professional’s help!

2- When your bounce rate is the only prominent graph in analytics

This one strikes hard.

On your mind and heart…

When the only booming graph that catches your attraction in analytics is your bounce rate.

What could have gone wrong?

Saying, “A hundred things” wouldn’t be an understatement.

  • For instance, you are targeting irrelevant audiences by teaming up with an irrelevant set of keywords.

However, let’s not rule out other possibilities.

  • You haven’t focused enough on user experience – that could be evident in one or more ways:
    • Your load speed is disgustingly low and intolerable.
    • Nasty pop-ups are placed strategically – that too in abundance – on your site.
    • Website Design aspects are unfitting, unprofessional, or unsuitable, such as:
      • An unattractive – worst, unpleasant – visually repulsive web design.
      • Incoherent colors – deep dark, flaming, loud, chintzy, dull, or showy colors or combinations have an instant repulsive impact. 
      • Long paragraphs, non-ending sentences, and unreadable fonts.
    • Challenging navigation system and incomprehensible website structure
    • The website is not mobile optimized and doesn’t have a responsive design.
    • Content redundancies or inaccuracies. For instance, your content is:
      • Dated
      • Incorrect
      • Malicious
      • Faulty
      • Offensive
      • Irrelevant or doesn’t resonate with the target audience 
      • Uses Incorrect or inappropriate language

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The sky’s the limit when it comes to pointing out the elements adding to your bounce rate.

But, do you have any of these FAULTY elements in your content?

It’s too soon to predict – not without skimming through your website!

Get a professional SEO Services Provider to figure it out (and probably fix it too) for you.

3- When your content is excellent, and analytics show peaks – just not for conversions.

Say, you have a stellar website with responsive web design and fantastic navigation. The content is excellent. You even earned yourself a high number of backlinks from reputable sites. The content strategy was terrific, but most importantly, your product was in demand, and content was on point.

What a blissful picture, right?

Sure it is, with traffic coming all over the place from search engines and other sites. Even social media and direct sources are playing a massive part in improving your traffic and dwell time graphs.

Oh, and those genuine reviews, testimonials, splendid product displays, and converting descriptions. What can hold you back from beating your competitors?

You are on cloud nine already! An advance celebration is in order!

Time goes by. 

You don’t see any conversions!

It’s just now that you realize that all these graphs do not matter at all. 

Only one of them does – the conversions – that’s been a straight line for you.

What could have gone wrong?

Logically, you question everything! What’s Wrong, really?


Even where there is a small bug, but when you don’t reach the projected number of conversions, EVERYTHING IS WRONG!

But here are a few things that have caused such results:

  • You are attracting a vast number of audiences. A slow clap for targeting the wrong ones. They are not interested in your product, but you have them landed on your website with an inaccurate selection of keywords. Soon as they realize this page is not what they are looking for, they bounce back.
  • You have been focused on targeting and improving the wrong metrics. For instance, you have optimized your site to get more traffic or engagement, not the conversions you are interested in tracking. Therefore, you don’t get the anticipated conversions rate.
  • Your content is excellent in every meaning of the word! Unfortunately, it lacks the call to the right actions. You have not placed or misplaced appropriate calls to action. You have the visitors wondering how they order your product/services? This mystery is far from exciting. They haven’t got a whole day, either! So, they ultimately leave without taking the desired action. NO conversions, again!

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Infinity gets its meaning when it comes to identifying the reasons for low to no conversions. But, nobody could guess which of these issues is declining your conversions – without having a look at your site.

4- When your traffic is gradually declining

You had some excellent stats coming from traffic figures previously. Conversions were consistently improving too. Life was all set on content-mode (for the first time in forever, we don’t mean the marketing jargon here) when you had optimized it for sales and revenue.

What is the cause of these nightmares now?

It’s the decline in the traffic graphs.

Oh, well!

What could have gone wrong?

  • Your slow speed is haunting your visitors, even in their dreams. So they run like hell, even hearing your name.
  • Your web re-structure has caused problems, navigation issues, or broken links. 
  • Or, your website’s repute is compromised.
  • Your search engine ranking is consistently dropping over time.
  • Your seasonal product or service is not useful or relevant anymore.

The list goes on and on…

So, what is the exact cause of dropping web traffic for you? 

It could be one or all of these issues, or another couple of reasons not stated here. Only having a thorough examination could suggest the real issue.

Who’d do that?

Probably some Professional SEO Service Providers!

5- When you just can’t attract the targeted audiences

The audiences in different regions have different requirements. If your business is local, here’s where your target audience lies. Local searches are whom you need to optimize your site for. 

In contrast, a business with national or international scope has a different set of requirements.

Now, imagine this:

You are trying to attract the right target audience, but all your attempts fail.


What could have gone wrong?

Since there are different scenarios, what could have gone wrong widely varies. Let’s outline a few possibilities here:

  • You are a local business, and your audience belongs to a specific area/region. That is who and where your targeting options should be focused on. Unfortunately:
    • You might have been targeting generalized keywords.
    • Your content speaks to a broader audience instead of targeting the needs of the specific audience.
    • Or, your website is not optimized for local searchers in general.

How do you assume they’ll find you?

Here’s another one:

  • Now, you are a global business, providing goods across the globe. But you have optimized the website accordingly. How so?
    Here’s how!
    • You might have based your web content on your local audience or audience from one region only. That also means you have optimized the site for the same audience (and the keywords).

Might we tell you, you couldn’t capture all of your audiences here despite all your sincere efforts and potentials?

  • You might have the same website for people from different regions around the world. Now how is that wrong?
    • Your language might be alien to many of those targets. How do you expect to get orders from those who need your product but don’t understand your language?
    • You do not have any currency conversion options for different regions and keep them wondering if your product is reasonably priced for them?
  • Probably. you do have a different website for people speaking different languages. You did a great job using Google translate to get your content translated into different languages.

Guess what, your content is still as alien to them as it was in another language.


That’s because Google translations do not convey the true meaning and the context of the text. No machine can add the human touch in a language as well as a human can. 

Now, we hate to break it to you, but here’s an ugly fact: 

Such websites (and their content) have everything wrong with them when it comes to SEO. 

Which of these bugs can you figure out and fix on your own?

6- When you are not on page 1 of search engines.

You might have heard us quoting the anonymous who is so on-point:

The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google.

That’s the thing with rankings.

The higher you rank, the more are your chances to be found. 

Need we mention, the more you are found, the more you’d get clicked and visited.

What more do you want?

But what if you are nowhere in this picture?

What if all your efforts are going down the drain, and you just can’t find the place on SERPs that promises high conversion and higher returns?

What could have gone wrong?

You are doing things wrong, probably at more than one point. Probably at up to 200 points!

Read Brian Dean’s guide about the 200 points that Google Algorithms take into account to rank you.

Good luck finding out on your own what is wrong with your content or search Google for a reputable SEO agency to get some help.

7- When your competition is still making it above you on SERPs. 

Now that you have done your best to optimize your website for the search engines and the searches, why is your competitor’s site still always ranking higher than yours?

Oh, this one is a little hard to answer. 

Harder than any of the above!

But you want to know.

What could have gone wrong?

Anything mentioned above and a lot more.  Only a professional SEO service provider can tell.

  • First, they need to carry out a thorough dissection of your site.
    This could reveal everything that’s keeping you from ranking above your competitors.
  • And to reveal exactly how are your competitors ranking above you, they’ll also thoroughly examine your competitor’s site. 

8- When the technicalities of DIY SEO drive you nuts

While doing DIY SEO is no rocket science, it certainly is no less than walking on a steep, rocky mountain.

Now, imagine climbing that mountain without any help. 

How do you feel?

Sometimes, incapable. Most of the time, exhausted. After a certain level, when the exhaustion kills your excitement, you are often ready to surrender. 

Bad news alert!

Surrendering, letting go, going back, or un-mounting are not always easy, often more difficult. Try getting back halfway from that same rocky mountain when you have lost all your energy, and patience and exertion have killed your excitement. 

Similarly, while you might not find SEO difficult at first, you might end up messing it up so much that your website can’t escape the implications. That’s when you have done more harm to your site’s reputation and ranking than good. And that’s precisely when you get enough of all the technicalities. 

What could have gone wrong?

You didn’t have bad intentions in the first place. But, you didn’t have the right amount of knowledge and skills to ace the process. And still, having done so much, now you are exhausted and have lost confidence in what you do.

That’s one of the instances when you need SEO recommendations or professional SEO help.

How can Professional SEO Services Experts help? 

There is more than one way professional SEO help can save and rescue you on that rocky mountain climb when you see no way back or forth.

  • For instance, a professional SEO service provider would dig into your website first and do an audit of how the things are going on. 
  • Based on the audit, and your SEO goals, they’d suggest a detailed SEO plan with corrective measures needed on your site.

Now, these measures could range in nature and magnitude, and the right SEO service provider would know the right kind of effort your site needs. Their plan would be a balance of Technical SEO and non-technical on and off-page factors, Local SEO (if your business needs that), Mobile SEOContent Optimization, and Link building



So what do you need to do?

 You have 3 options:

  1. Get a professional SEO service provider to audit your website and recommend a stellar strategy to do your SEO yourself.
  2. If you are too exhausted to do that yourself again, or your business’s busy-ness doesn’t allow for that, put a sign up there saying, *NEED FOR SEO*. Hire a professional SE optimizer and hit a home run.
  3. Alternatively, handover your website to a professional SEO agency and forget if SEO is a thing. If they know what they’re doing, they’ll take care of the whole process from A-Z, and you wouldn’t have to worry about anything anymore.

And if you want to go with the last option, we’ll happily volunteer ourselves. CANZ Marketing is a Digital Marketing Agency that provides professional SEO services. Our top-notch SEO experts have helped dozens of businesses get to the top of SERPs, improve the quality of their traffic, and ultimately increase sales and revenue. 

Book your free SEO Audit and consultation now, let us run a free audit to see where you stand right now, and find your maximum possible growth potential.

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