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The use of Artificial Intelligence is the building of a successful startup from the ground up into something phenomenal, isn’t easy.

At the best of times, a large portion of new startups fail due to lack of funding and other issues.

What’s more, as the marketplace becomes more crowded, entrepreneurs are beginning to struggle with finding new ideas for their customers.

The good news?

Artificial Intelligence is here to help from Facebook Chat Bots to IoT. AI is going to be everywhere.
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Every day, machine learning algorithms make our AI solutions more immersive, accurate and efficient and demand is growing. 83% of businesses say that AI is a strategic priority for their growth.

Here are some of the HOTTEST AI startups.

Please note: This is not a comprehensive list and neither is any startup placed in any ranking order.

1. Five AI

Funding: $37.7 million

What it does: This AI company Five AI is aiming to transform European cities for safer, driverless cars. It has collected data – for almost 10 months – about the behavior(s) of road users to help inform the development of its technology.

2. C3 IoT

Funding: $243 million

What it does: AI and IoT software provider for digital transformation delivering a platform as service (PaaS) for the rapid design, deployment and development of large-scale predictive analytics, big data, IoT applications and AI for any value chain. Apart from it C3 IoT is offering configurable and extensible SaaS products deployed with and operating on its PaaS, including fraud detection, predictive maintenance, sensor network health, energy management, supply chain optimization and customer engagement.

3. Highspot

Funding: $35 million

What it does: Highspot gives businesses a powerful advantage by bringing together content management, sales guidance and buyer engagement capabilities so they can win more deals.

4. Travis

Funding: $157K

What it does: AI bot that translates almost 80 languages for you


5. Tempus

Funding: $110 million

What it does: Leading technology company advancing precision medicine through the collection and analysis of molecular and clinical data is on a mission to redefine how genomic data is used in a clinical setting. The startup aims each patient to benefit from the treatment of previous patients by enabling physicians to deliver personalized cancer care through interactive analytical and machine learning platform.

6. Dandelion

Funding: $6.5 million

What it does: Earth powered heating and cooling systems for homes


7. DeepMap

Funding: $92 million

What it does: high-definition maps for self-driving cars, hence, helping them easily navigate around the city without any obstruction. You can easily integrate the maps with any fleet of self-driving cars, and grow as more data becomes available.

8. Footloose

Funding: $1.5 million

What it does: Automated litter box that can self-clean itself, monitors the health of critter including the amount of litter and the time it takes for a cat to do it. It then sends these as updates to an app that the cat owners can use to monitor the health of their pets.

9. Benson Hill Biosystems

Funding: $94.2 million

What it does: Benson Hill Biosystems leverages cloud biology, comprised of cloud computing, big data analytics and plant biology, to enable companies of all sizes to improve crop genetics. CropOS is a cognitive engine that uses machine learning to continuously advance, enabling researchers to predict which seeds will produce a desired trait. The platform outputs can be deployed in crop plants by using a spectrum of approaches and tools, from breeding to genome editing to transgenics.

10. Pymetrics

Funding: Additional $40 million funding to take the model to next level

What it does: It applies proven neuroscience games and cutting edge AI to reinvent the way companies attract, select and retain talent.

11. Skydio

Funding: Undisclosed

What it does: Combine the concepts of AI and drones and design autonomous drones which can show and interpret the world in real time and avoid unexpected obstacles and can be operated with your smartphone.

12. Defined Crowd

Funding: Undisclosed

What it does: Defined Crowd is an intelligent data platform for machine learning. It combines crowdsourcing and machine learning capabilities to accelerate enterprise data training and modeling. With expertise in speech and natural language technologies, the DefinedCrowd platform leverages machine learning, data science and modern crowdsourcing to enable enterprises easily manage their global data collection and enrichment programs

13. X.Ai

Funding: $40 million in venture capital

What it does: AI software that solves the hassle of scheduling meetings, appointments and to make most of your schedule and conversations without you going back and forth.

14. Dataminr

Funding: $392 million

What it does: AI platform that discovers critical breaking news and high impact events in advance of the existing information systems. Tools and solutions offered by the startup are increasingly in demand across corporate security, news, PR and communications, Finance and public sector.

15. CrowdStrike

Funding: $200 million adding the value to $3 billion

What it does: Endpoint security software, protecting laptops, computers, servers and other devices from hacker threats serving customers in more than 170 countries.

16. Tanium

Funding: $200 million adding the value to $6.5 billion

What it does: Endpoint security and system management company, that provide organizations a single point of control and visibility to manage and secure the technology powering businesses adapt to disruption in vogue.


17. Ui Path

Funding: $153 million

What it does: Software company offering a platform for Robotic Process Automation.

18. Cylance

Funding: $120 Million

What it does: Software startup in cybersecurity developing anti-virus programs and computer software that prevent viruses and malware.

19. Autolab AI

Funding: $113.4 million

What it does: Autonomous manufacturing covering the categories like robots and software services.

20. Pony.AI

Funding: $102 million

What it does: Pony AI works on building the most reliable and safest self-driving technologies in order to revolutionize the transportation commute. It works towards developing the infrastructure and algorithms which are fully in house and with its own operating platform.

21. Nuro

Funding: $92 million

What it does: Robotics self-driving delivery startup that powers autonomous vehicles on the road to deliver groceries in Scottsdale, Arizona priced at a flat delivery fee of $5.95.

22. Front

Funding: $66 million

What they do: Shared inbox for teams to handle incoming messages from different channels like emails, texts, Slack and social media

23. Botsify

Funding: $30K

What it does: Creating artificially intelligent bots without coding

24. Stem

Funding: $80 million

What it does: Automate energy cost savings by using AI to determine when to fill up energy storage systems, and when to draw them. This helps reduce the load on the electricity grid a peak-times.

25. Hivery

Funding: Undisclosed

What it does: Platform that uses data of store layout to harness retail growth and to make more sales. It shows where your customers are most likely to decide on a purchase.


26. Drive. AI

Funding: $77 million

What it does: The company is creating AI software (deep learning) for autonomous vehicles.

27. Mapillary

Funding: $24.6 million

What it does: It consists of a smartphone app, a website, and an API. With the app, users can take street-level photos of roads, bike paths, buildings, and other areas relevant to mapping. These photos are uploaded to Mapillarys servers where they are processed and then put on a map.

28. Momenta

Funding: $83 million

What it does: Momenta is a developer of autonomous driving technology for self-driving cars. Momenta’s deep-learning-derived software in perception, semantic HD mapping, and data-driven path planning enables the realization of full autonomy.

29. AEye

Funding: $61.6 million

What it does: AEye develops advanced vision hardware, software and algorithms that act as the eyes and visual cortex of autonomous vehicles.

30. H2O

Funding: $73.6 million

What it does: AI company that makes machine learning accessible to corporates and allows business users to extract insights from data, without needing expertise in deploying or tuning machine learning model, with key deployments in financial services, insurance, healthcare, among other industries.

31. Data Robot

Funding: $224.6 million

What it does: DataRobot offers an enterprise machine learning platform that empowers users of all skill levels to make better predictions faster. Incorporating a library of hundreds of open source machine learning algorithms, the Data Robot platform automates, trains and evaluates predictive models in parallel, delivering more accurate predictions at scale.

32. Dataiku

Funding: $146.6 million

What it does: Dataiku allows data scientists to quickly build analytics & apps using familiar open source solutions. Dataiku develops collaborative data science software.

33. Black AI

Funding: Undisclosed

What it does: have designed autonomous markets with distributed virtual cart for customers, reliably detecting and tracking all product interactions of patrons. They are working on automated industrial safety to give them a better overview of end-to-end operations.

34. BounceX

Funding: $79 million

What it does: BounceX provides a cloud-based behavioral marketing platform which identifies previously anonymous visitors, enabling organizations to conduct people-based marketing campaigns and to target previously unidentifiable opportunities both on and off site.

35. Unbabel

Funding: $31.1 million

What it does: Unbabel is an AI-powered language translation platform that builds multilingual understanding between companies and their customers.

36. Gong

Funding: $68 million

What it does: Gong helps B2B sales teams convert more of their pipeline into closed revenue by shining the light on their sales conversations. Gong records, transcribes and analyzes all sales calls, demos, and meetings so sales teams can scale the effectiveness of their sales conversations.

37. Gamalon

Funding: Undisclosed

What it does: Gamalon is a machine intelligence startup company. The company’s technology, called Bayesian program learning, learns faster and more accurately from less labeled training data. Gamalon provides text analytics, predictive modeling, and scalable Bayesian machine learning with both on-premises and cloud solutions. Its technology enables the company to rapidly develop models for widely varied domains and industries.

38. Fullstory

Funding: $25.2 million

What it does: Full Story develops software that records user interactions on a website or app, providing product and support teams insight into the interactions of visitors and customers. This greater visibility can translate into improved customer experience, increased sales, and reduced customer churn. By adding a script to any website, FullStory records user interactions during a visit, enabling session playback that can replay everything from navigation to mouse clicks exactly as each user experienced in the previous session.

39. Spark Cognition

Funding: $67.9 million

What it does: SparkCognition builds artificial intelligence solutions for applications in energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, finance, aerospace, defense, and security. The company turns data into actionable insights that help customers forecast the future and have confidence in their decisions.

40. One Concern

Funding: Undisclosed

What it does: One Concern combines machine learning, hazard modeling and artificial intelligence to protect communities before, during and after a natural disaster strikes like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and fires, along with chronic stresses such as poverty, food security, and climate change by delivering capability throughout the lifecycle of preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery. The company’s suite of platforms enable critical decisions during the first moments of a crisis.

41. AppZen

Funding: $52.6M

What it does: AppZen is an artificial intelligence powered SaaS tool for automating T&E expense report audit. The patented tool integrates with all existing expense reporting tools, such as Oracle, Concur, and NetSuite, to detect T&E fraud and compliance issues within minutes.

42. Nirami

Funding: Undisclosed

What it does: Niramai is developing a breast cancer screening solution that uses Thermalytix, i.e. machine intelligence over thermography images. The cloud-hosted analytics solution uses big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms for early and accurate breast cancer screening.

43. Butterfly Network

Funding: $350M

What it does: Butterfly Network is transforming diagnostic and therapeutic imaging with devices, deep learning, and the cloud. Butterfly Network operates at the intersection of engineering and medicine by bringing together world-class talent in computer science, physics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and medicine.

44. Medopad

Funding: Undisclosed

What it does: Medopad is a British Healthcare technology company based in London, UK. Medopad produces applications that integrate health data from existing hospital databases as well as patient wearables and other mobile devices and securely transmits it for use by doctors.

45. Textio

Funding: Undisclosed

What it does: Textio provides an artificial intelligence platform that analyzes business documents as they’re being written to forecast and improve their performance. The company’s first product, Textio Talent, optimizes job listings, recruiting email, and other talent content.

46. Onfido

Funding: $59.5 million

What it does: Onfido helps businesses work out who they can trust in a digital world. Specializing in identity verification, Onfido uses machine learning to validate a person’s identity document and compare it with their facial biometrics. The identity can then be checked against international credit bureaus and watchlists.

47. Signifyd

Funding: $206.2 million

What it does: Signifyd combines machine learning with human work to eliminate online payment fraud for e-commerce companies

48. Sift

Funding: $106.5 million

What it does: Sift Science provides real-time machine learning fraud prevention solutions for online businesses across the globe. Its machine learning software automatically learns and detects fraudulent behavioral patterns, alerting businesses before they or their customers are defrauded. Beyond this, the company has also launched a new set of products designed to detect and mitigate additional types of fraud and abuse, including Account abuse, Content abuse, and Promo abuse.

49. Mythic

Funding: $59.5 million

What it does: Patents Mythic develops a local AI platform, comprised of both hardware and software, that turns devices into secure intelligent assistants. Unlike cloud-based AI solutions, Mythic leverages local AI to enable consumer electronics, wearable and security, and monitoring manufacturers to deliver integration and privacy demanded by consumers. Initial targeted markets include smart home, action cameras, healthcare systems, security and monitoring for commercial and home use and drones for industrial applications.

50. Darktrace

Funding: Undisclosed

What it does: Secures company networks, cloud and virtualized systems, including IoT and industrial control systems. Detects Cyberthreats using AI.



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