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If you will go to Shopify site, you will see how their company has grown. Based on their record, they have 1,000,000+ active users and approximately 500,000 powered businesses.

Today, Shopify is really BIG considering the $46 billion-plus sales made through their site.

Do these figures excite you?

Let’s learn more:

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Let’s start with:


Wait .. check this out! 

BuiltWith site shows a continuous increasing use of the Shopify platform.

Shopify Usage Statistics

Look at the AMAZING adoption rate over the last couple of years.

Base on the popularity and potential are you also now interested in opening your own Shopify eCommerce Store?

Well, why not? There’s nothing wrong with exploring all the possible opportunities that can make you a millionaire. And, if Shopify is the way to do it, then lets do it. Give it a shot. Give up your best to achieve your business goals.

Before you go jumping for joy though, spend some time learning how to run a business on the Shopify Platform.

FIRST, you should search around online for Shopify experts to gain from their experiences and successes before you yourself venture online. Use this information to formulate a concrete plan and a strategy before launching your business. 

Canz Marketing has also been in the business for several years now, and our experts have made several eCommerce sites that are earning seven figures per month. Our clients are pleased with their progress, and our company is also glad to be part of their success.

To help you also to get started, we have compiled the top 12 Shopify tips that we want to share. These tips will provide a good overview of the things that you need to consider before launching your eCommerce Site.

digital marketing for small business

1. Know Your Options

Before exploring the new business, it is best to know what you need to do to make it happen.

Do you have a product in mind? Do you have suppliers?

Ask yourself and assess what is within your reach at the moment which could help you LAUNCH your business.

Do you already know the industry that you want to explore?

This is another question that you should be focusing on. You need to conduct market research to determine the most profitable industry for you. Find the industry where your products will be most patronized.

2. Create Business Plan

Once you have figured out the specific industry and the products you want to sell, you can start creating a business plan.

The business plan includes various considerations like your finances, contact with suppliers, marketing, and overall business operation.

This is the time to really list down everything that you need to get done before your website goes LIVE.

3. Website Layout and Design

What’s the importance of web design for your online e-commerce shop?

Since you will be conducting your business online, having a well-designed website is very important. It is your showroom of the products, and at the same time, the place to make the sale happen.

To help customers across the finish line you need to make sure that your website has proper layout and design that is appealing to your visitors,

If you are going to use Shopify, this will not be a problem. That’s because Shopify has lots of great themes that you can pick from. They have proven a success and are generally very easy to work with. The Drag and drop functions make this like a walk in the park.

And, if you encounter any difficulties, you can always seek help from Shopify theme support. Your issues usually will be quickly resolved!

4. Learn Mission Control

One of the things that Shopify boasts about is the ease of use of their platform with their “mission control” dashboard.

This gives you the ability to efficiently manage every single aspect of your business.

It allows you to customize the eCommerce shop quickly, establish an inventory system, setup apps, track them, and much much more.

Shopify help forum is also available for any other support that you might need.

If you need Shopify app support, you can also contact the support team, and you will be guided accordingly.

5. Website Made Easy Through Shopify

If you want to have your own domain name for your website, you can do it through Shopify.

You only need to pay them a small fee for this feature.

For help with this, you can use Shopify website help or you can contact free live chat Shopify agent to get answers to any questions immediately.

6. Let Shopify Find Your Product

If you wanted to launch an eCommerce site, but you don’t know how to start because you do not have products to market, just ask Shopify help.

Not to panic ..

The site itself can guide you so that you can find your supplier.  

That’s how convenient it is to use the site.

7. Shopify POS for Your Shop

Are you a brick and mortar store owner?

To maximize your Shopify eCommerce business along with your offline store, take advantage of the Shopify POS.

Use this option and develop a convenient and trackable payment system.

It is good to have this enabled because it has an expanded payment method for your customers and issuing of refund can be done with ease.

Consider this option, because this can totally help you grow your sales just because of its multi-payment options available.

8. Connect Facebook Messenger

Shopify can be linked to Facebook Messenger so that your customers can continuously browse your products from their messenger application.

This strategy is called conversational commerce.

With this option, you can converse with your customers and persuade them to buy from you.

Aside from that, once you convince your customers, you can immediately pursue the sale through the messenger.

This option is indeed very advantageous for the customer as well as for the seller. Make sure to check out this option. 

Keep up to date by reading the Shopify newsletter which will provide you with valuable information on how you can run your eCommerce business better.

9. Connect to Facebook Shop

Do you have a lot of Facebook group and friends that you can turn into paying customers?

If you do, then what are you waiting for?

It is time for you to create a Facebook Shop and get more prospects and potential buyers.

When you have a shop, you can quickly market your Shopify site.

Just make sure that it is properly connected so that everything will function according to your expectation.  

10. Don’t Forget About SEO

SEO is a must at all cost.

Running an online site means developing your Shopify store and using good content and SEO strategies.

Keywords should be identified appropriately and utilized on your site.

Proper SEO must be done not just in your Shopify site, but also in your marketing efforts related to it.

If you are utilizing Facebook and other websites to interlink with your Shopify store, make sure to consider proper optimization to rank your sites.

11. Email Marketing

Do you keep your customers in the loop?

Always remember to keep them updated with your new stocks, arrivals, sales, etc.

Your existing customers are the first ones that you need to retarget to make more sales.

They have made transactions with you already, so there’s a high possibility that they will buy from you again.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the email marketing strategy for your eCommerce store. Do it regularly and you will see a bump in your profits.

12. Seek Professional Help

If the information provided overwhelms you, don’t worry.

We are also experts in this field because our company, Canz Marketing, have been running several Shopify Sites for your clients.

We have implemented and tested various features, and we can implement it in your project too.

You don’t need to deal with Tip #1 to #12 and read lots of Shopify eCommerce Store guide because we will do it for you.

We know how to grow and scale your business and increase the bottom line.

Shopify can help and lead you to success especially if you have the experts by your side.

Don’t get left behind in the modern eCommerce digital trend.



To keep it short and easy for you to remember, here’s the summarized list of the top helpful tips.

Know Your Options: It is a must that you check what resources you currently have to get started with the business. Explore the options that you currently have like suppliers list, inventory, stocks and other related things to start your business.

Start Your eCommerce Business Plan: Plan and do not just jump in. Make sure to have a reliable and proven business plan to ensure profitability.

Work on the Website Layout and Design: Develop a well-designed layout that will be convenient for you and your customers.

Learn the Mission Control: Maximize the use of the mission control system and automate everything in your eCommerce business.

Let Shopify Find Your Product: If you do not have a reliable supplier, contact Shopify for help. They can lead the way for you to find the right partner that can provide your supplies.

Use Facebook Messenger to Pursue Sales: Use Facebook Messenger to continue marketing and closing deals with your customers.

Connect Your Shopify Account to a New Facebook Shop: Create a Facebook Shop and connect it with your Shopify Store to gain more customers or prospects.

Create Your Own eCommerce Site Made Easy Through Shopify: You can own a domain for your site through the use of Shopify.

Get Shopify POS for Your Shop: This is a good option for business with offline shops. The various payment option through the use of POS is a great advantage for maximizing profit.

Don’t Forget About SEO: Always keep in mind that SEO is important in any business online. Consider good keywords, proper posting, linking, and great strategies.

Email Marketing Is Helpful: Keep your customers updated and provide them offers through newsletters.

Seek Professional Help: Get the experts if you want to unload the burden of developing and maintaining a Shopify Store.

Shopify got your business covered. All you need to do is to strategize and make wise decisions based on the tips that you can get from Shopify Professionals. Contact us if you need more Shopify help!

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