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Video Marketing for lawyers is a miraculous phenomenon.

Let’s see what we mean by that:

People consider lawyers to be intimidating. Unlike other professionals, for most of the people, lawyers are not-so-easy-to-reach. 

Why is that so? 

For the most apparent reasons! Nobody goes to a lawyer in usual circumstances. 

There’s always a legal dilemma involved in such meetups, which makes the decision-making process difficult.

In a market where the customer doesn’t want to reach them, what are the options for lawyers?

That’s pretty obvious. 

They can use video marketing for lawyers as a trust-building tool. 

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Why Should Lawyers Opt For Video Marketing?

That’s because a video gives the customer physical proof that their targeted professional is not as daunting as they see him.

A smartly crafted video marketing campaign can nurture the leads fast. 

Is it a far-fetched assumption? 

No! We have data to back up our claim. 

According to a survey, 80% of video marketers say video has directly helped increase sales. 

For a profession run by persuasive individuals, should it be a challenge to persuade their customers to avail their services?
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The answer is yes! 

It is difficult for a lawyer to make an actionable video that clears the customer’s mind. They can persuade but in person. But they are no video marketing experts. And, unless they create persuasive videos, nobody comes to them to be convinced and win.

In case you still have doubts, have a look at the graph below: 


YouTube Net Advertising Stats from Statista via HootSuite.

Source: HootSuite


Even though video marketing is a relatively new marketing trend in the digital world, its popularity is sky-rocketing. For the year 2019, YouTube garnered more than 250 million hours of viewership per day.

These stats are baffling. They truly are!

They set the priorities for every big or small business right! 

No matter what your product/service offers, video marketing has achieved the status of a necessary evil. Whether it’s B2B video marketing or B2C video solutions, the importance of video in lead generation and nurturing is undeniable.

As we have the facts straightened in front of us, we will see how attorney video marketing can give the best results.

Let’s take a deep dive into the step by step actions you need to take to generate and nurture your leads:

7 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Video Marketing For Law Firms:

1. Run Keyword Research For Your Area Of Expertise To Get A Good Start

Keyword research must be a new acquaintance if you’re a lawyer seeking video marketing tips. There’s a lot to know about keywords, but we will focus on a few simple keyword research techniques to design your video content.

Before starting, it is good to understand what your audience search requires. 

Imagine this:

You’re a family lawyer, while a friend of yours is in employment laws.

Would you two rely on the same keyword research? 

No! Your keyword research will be different from your friend based on the different audiences you are targeting.

So, how do you do your keyword research?

Here’s how:?

Despite being the top video marketing platform, YouTube can help you find keywords with a simple search. 

Type the search term connected to your area. As soon as you type, YouTube will suggest other words. The dropdown bar will show you the top related video searches. 


YouTube search dropdown for the search query ‘Video marketing for lawyers.’


You can also get more ideas from Google search suggestions in the dropdown. 

Below are a few great tools which lawyers can use to generate video content ideas and keywords:

  •  TubeBuddy Tags – It’s a free Google Chrome extension that allows you to check the tags used by your competitors for their videos.
  •  YT Cockpit – the moment you enter a keyword, this tool will throw up many other keyword suggestions, with key metrics (like the number of views on YouTube).

Once you identify the primary keywords, you have two basic options:

  •  Optimize the existing video to get the untapped traffic – If you have been in the business for a while but didn’t know about keywords, no worries. You can optimize your previous work now.
  •   Create a new video to entice new viewers – Make a new video with the optimization points we are going to list below.

How To Optimize YouTube Videos For Keywords?

Keywords work pretty much the same way for video marketing as for other web content. It is best if you use the focus keyword in:

  • Title of the video
  • Use it in the description of the video.
  • Rename the video file according to the focus keywords.

For an in-depth understanding of the optimization techniques, watch this fantastic video guide by HubSpot:

Now that we have established the idea of keywords, let’s see how to craft a promising script.

Read more on Keywords Research:

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How to select the right keywords for your business?

2. Script Your Videos So That The Message Gets Across Clearly


I know what you’re thinking!

Why script a YouTube Video?

Doesn’t it kill the excitement?

Yeah! The idea of unscripted videos is very enticing. 

You can speak your heart out in their production. 

People may enjoy them more, 

BUT they are better suited for social media platforms. 

If you’re a lawyer who wants to use YouTube (the second biggest search engine with 30 million searches per day) as a marketing channel, scripted videos will suit you best.

So, how can you script them? Free template scripts are one of the options.

There are free online templates available to script your YouTube videos. According to Hubspot blog, your video scripting workflow should be something like this:

  1. Kick-start with a brief.
  2. Make an outline of what you’re going to do.
  3. Begin your script with the introduction of the topic/yourself.
  4. Break the scriptwriting into sections.
  5. Keep it short.
  6. Use an available video script template.
  7. Check your script for how does it sound off-camera

Workflow of Video Scripting inspired by HubSpot

For further reading, see this blog post:

Got a fair idea of scripting? Let’s move on to the tools which can aid this journey.

3. Shoot The Videos With The Best Tools Available

 According to an Oberlo blog post, A staggering 87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool. 

Now that you have crafted a stellar script, time to turn that script in action.

And the action part requires some shooting.

You might not have resources to outsource your shoot to advertisers and video editors. However, even that should not stop you from producing high-quality video content for your practice.

Creating compelling video content is no longer an art that is reserved only for video marketing professionals. The Search engine journal has listed a few great tools. Here’s a feature recap of two of them.

  •  Viewbix

 It is a video marketing tool that can make an interactive video in just three steps. Creating videos through Viewbix hardly takes about five minutes. All it takes you is to adding a link and branding your video.

Here’s the best part:

These videos are good enough even to be posted on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Also read:

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  • Filmora

 Wondershare Video Editor, Filmora gives you the chance to perform necessary edits, such as: 

  • trim, 
  • rotate, 
  • brightness, 
  • contrast, 
  • speed, 
  • audio edits, 
  • and advanced effects, such as 
    • Picture in Picture and 
    • Scene Detection.

Filmora also includes a music library, filters, and texts that make your video stand out. As there are many video editors, Filmora’s spontaneous interface makes it one of the easiest and useful correspondents marketers can use.

4. Identify The Target Market And Reach Out To Them With A Story

Let’s just be loud and clear: Every lawyer has a specific target audience. 

A medico-legal adviser would be practicing at a hospital, unlike a criminal lawyer dealing with people having criminal charges against them. 

Both these types of lawyers have an entirely different population as their target market. Both of them need a marketing campaign, but their dynamics will differ so much that they never overlap.

Do you think it is justified to relay the same marketing message for both these lawyers? 

No, it is not!

A template script is another thing, but as a lawyer, you must know who he is dealing with.

Once done with the dynamics of the target market, the next step is to formulate a story with which the client can relate.

Take a look at this video by a law firm:

Were you able to see how the lawyer smartly articulates his life with how he is passionate about working for his clients?

There’s an emotional appeal in the video ad and relevance for someone in need.

Not only that, but the lawyer has also coupled a little drama and a story with the details of his services.

Three cheers for this production for absolutely nailing it!

The question, however, is, why should a lawyer use a story?

That’s because stories create an emotional impression in the viewer’s mind. They say, facts tell; stories sell!

In his book, Emotionomics, Dan Hill points out that emotional memory works more quickly than conscious memory. The story which connects the target audience with the lawyer will help the viewers recall the ad.

This recollection would help them get in touch with the same lawyer when they are in need and finally decide to seek help.

Until this point, we are done with keyword research, script, tools to shoot, and a story’s creation.

Now Let’s see how to create a great thumbnail.

5. Create The Hook In The Thumbnail To Get Those Clicks

YouTube shows thumbnails in previews of the videos. A thumbnail is a smaller sized (size of a human thumbnail) image of the video you’re going to watch. 

Here’s the critical question: How can lawyers make use of a thumbnail? 

The lawyers can make the thumbnail appealing by following some of the listed rules: 

Use the appropriate image size so that the thumbnail doesn’t get invisible.

Although there are size options available for creating a thumbnail, the image’s optimum size is 1280 by 720 pixels. It is better to go for a larger image against a smaller image because the already small thumbnail makes the small image almost invisible. 

Use the best image from the video which recaps the content.

This part is tricky, especially when it comes to video marketing solutions for lawyers. It is challenging to pick a great image from a professional video. It is not entertainment where you can easily create a hook through a punch line. 

For lawyers, the safest way to go is to use their own image in the thumbnail in professional attire.

Do not use fine fonts so that the viewer doesn’t struggle.

You may have a great video to showcase, but the thumbnail is loaded with hard-to-read fine fonts. 

What will be the outcome? 

The video will be lost somewhere under the huge piles of other videos. Very few, if at all, would be interested in viewing this video.

Use the title in thumbnail to give the viewer context.

When incorporated in the thumbnail, the video title gives an idea of what the viewer should expect. It provides a sneak-peek into what the video is about.

See the below thumbnail image of a law firm’s client testimonial YouTube video to analyze the above-listed elements.


Thumbnail image of a lawyer’s client testimonial YouTube video.


It is a small image where you can see a man dressed as a lawyer. The text on the video tells precisely what it is about. The fonts are clear enough. The image is not cluttered. All of the points covered, Right? 

I hope many things have started making sense now. Just discover a few more elements to work over.

6. Add A CTA In The Video To Convert The Viewers Into Customers:

If you are a YouTube viewer, you must be familiar with the famous ‘Like and subscribe to my channel’ statement.

This simple statement or the likes it gets are examples of call to action words. These words create a sense of action in the viewer’s mind. 

However, using complex CTA such as ‘follow this step-by-step process’ may have an adverse effect.

Nobody wants to go into a complex process while using their phones. 

Makes sense.? Doesn’t it?  

Who would want to follow a lengthy step-by-step CTA in the comfort of their couches? 

The answer is NOBODY! 

So, the CTA must be simple, concise, and actionable.

Being a lawyer, you can add a ‘make an appointment’ text as your CTA. You can simply put your phone number in the video to make the viewers connect to you.

Other CTA’s suitable for a law firm include ‘Have a chat with our representative’ or ‘check out our e-guide in the description box.’ 

In this video ad, you see a number on the lower end of your screen. It is an example of a CTA. While the lawyer explains his services, you can quickly note those digits down to give him a call if needed.

Moving to the last tip, we will see how to incorporate FAQs in the video ads for lawyers.

7. Answer Frequently Asked Questions Of The Field Of Law You Practice To Connect To The Viewers:

Let’s just think about it for a moment: 

How would we react to an ad which correctly addresses what we have in our minds? 

We will be unconsciously attracted to watch it. 

 FAQs work the same way. Each field of law has its own set of problems. You can run research on what people are looking for in a law-niche and then answer those needs in your video ad.

Here are some examples of FAQs for the field of personal injury law: 

  1. What do I do after an accident?
  2. How do I know if I have a case?
  3. Do I have a claim if I do not feel hurt?
  4. How long do I have to file a personal injury case?
  5. What do I do if an insurance adjuster calls me?
  6. What damages are available in a personal injury case?
  7. How much is my personal injury case worth?

There are countless questions for a sensitive field, such as law. You cannot answer all, but you can answer some in your video ad. These answers will create a sense of education in your viewer’s mind and increase the relevance with advertisements.

Before We End:

There’s a quick recap of what we have covered in this blog post.

  • Why is video marketing the need of the hour for a lawyer?
  • Tips for making excellent attorney video marketing campaigns which include:
  • Running a successful keyword research
  • Scripting the video before shooting it
  • Tools to use for video production
  • Creating connections through story-telling techniques
  • Formulating great thumbnails
  • Using CTA to create urgency
  • Smart usage of FAQs to educate the audience.

If you are looking for Video Marketing Ideas, give this interesting WordStream Video Marketing blog a read by Margot Whitney. 




With the advancements in digital channels, marketing is becoming more and more challenging each passing day. It requires meticulous detail orientation to craft marketing strategies that work. With a field as sensitive as law, the correct usage of current video marketing trends can make a difference. 

Video marketing for lawyers will be evolving with the same velocity as other brands/ businesses. The only principle to follow is Consistent adaptability to these shifting gears. 

Being a lawyer or a law firm, either you DIY your video ads or hire a video marketing company for the task, the core remains the same, and it is to be in the limelight.

If you are looking for video marketing services for your law business, or need to get an expert opinion on your video marketing campaigns, get in touch with Canz marketing. Canz Marketing is a Digital Marketing Agency in the U.S.A, and we take pride in our video marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses.

Need more information on video marketing packages? Send a message right away.

So, are you ready for your next video ad production?

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