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Client Intro: A Crypto Event Digital marketing Case Study.

The Challenges

☝️  This client had no prior experience of organizing events and didn’t have enough information for us to use in our marketing campaigns

☝️ Facebook & Google had banned Crypto advertising right after onboarding this client making it a challenge to still run the ads and get the results

☝️  The major speakers for the conference were not confirmed and we couldn’t use their names in the marketing campaigns

☝️  The client wasn’t accepting Crypto payments to buy a ticket for a crypto conference

The Strategy

☝️ One positive was the ‘Crypto Craze’ which had everyone scrambling to find more information about cryptocurrency and blockchain

☝️ We exploited this craze and focused on giving away valuable information via Facebook traffic campaigns at the top of the funnel, still generating leads on these traffic campaigns

☝️ At the middle of the funnel, we had people signup for the newsletter to get the exclusive, insider information. The CPL was less than $3

☝️ At the bottom of the funnel, we would use Facebook event ads as well as conversion ads to push people to buy tickets and come to the conference for even more exclusive information

☝️ We also partnered up with the industry’s big names to push out our content. We ran a huge affiliate marketing campaign to gain maximum visibility and it also helped sell more VIP, high value, exclusive tickets. Our affiliate network consisted of more than 100 of the top crypto and blockchain sites

The Results

✔️ Against all the odds we were able to sell out the conference 42 days before the actual date using email marketing and retargeting via display ads, YouTube, and Facebook. We sold close to 850 tickets

✔️ The conference was successfully held in Dallas, Texas during the month of February 2018

✔️ As a Marketing Partner, our goal was to get as many butts into seats as possible. With Facebook ads alone, we generated 19,000 leads

✔️ Because of the overwhelming response we received, the organizers arranged another venue and expanded the conference to 1,500+ attendees from the initial 800.

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