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Although, People create content. Some dare to post it on Social media platforms. And, some are daring enough to call it Social Media Marketing. If they charge you for such services, you need to reanalyze your knowledge on Social Media. It’s high time you reconsider your Social media marketing contract and preferences.

For us, Social media marketing and management services are the type of online marketing where we focus on achieving your brand’s marketing goals. Our tool in achieving that is our expertise in paid and organic reach on social platforms. Yes, we create content, and we post it online too. But, we do that strategically and keep an eye on the results to keep tweaking the strategy accordingly. And that’s what gets us results – an exceptionally high number of social media conversions!

We Provide Top-notch Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management Services in San Diego And Other US Cities.

Our brand advertising services for your brand consist of separate organic vs. paid social media advertising strategies. Each strategy we present is unique and customized for each brand.

We Grow Your Business Using Social Media Marketing

Social media has revolutionized the way brands interact with their organic and paid audiences. Social media marketing has become an integral part of any business’s digital strategy. Our team of top-notch social media specialists has an in-depth knowledge of how to use it to meet your business goals. They know how to integrate social with other marketing channels.

Whether your objective is to build brand awareness or to send quality traffic to your site, our custom plan for your brand works. Whether you are looking to generate more qualified leads or get more sales, we customize our process to meet your exact needs through our SMM services in New York and other cities across the United States.

Here’s How our Social Media Marketing Service Works:

Social Media Audit & Target Analysis

Without analyzing your previous efforts and the exact point you currently stand, starting new efforts only reveals your plans to shatter the business. In order to determine your social landscape and assess your current social strength/s, we run a comprehensive 13 point audit.

We look at your competition, see what’s working for them, and where the real opportunities lie for you. Although we do analyze what has been working successfully for you, our actual emphasis is on the improvements part. We also look at your audiences and their behavior, which is the key that helps us build a strategy that closely aligns with your brand and the audiences.

In a nutshell, our Social media audit of your currently active online media summarises where you are vs. where you could go based on:

  • our research on your brand,
  • your target audiences and their behavior,
  • your target market,
  • and your competitors.

You get a complete map of your current social landscape here.

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Want more organic traffic and sales but do not know where to start?

Our Social Media Plan For You

Your Social media marketer/agency might have started his efforts without a solid plan that might have worked at some point as well. But, when you don’t have a document to track your progress, you might actually get lost with no results. What if the marketer leaves you in the middle of nowhere? Or, what if you have to say goodbye to that agency? What is your plan of action from there?

Therefore, in the next phase of social media strategy, our best heads brainstorm together to draft a trackable way forward on the map we created earlier. We determine the best possible ways to reach out to your audience. It includes what messaging to use to best connect with them, what advertisement images to use to make the point, and which social platform to use to reach and respond to the potentials. You won’t only find a simple strategy in our social media marketing plan pdf but also a few routes to follow in case of behavioral deviations of the audiences or change of the situations.

This only shows the extent of research on you and your advertising landscape to make our strategy work for you. Additionally, that doesn’t leave you in a desert with no way to follow if you plan to terminate your social media marketing contract with us at any point. Knowing you could lead your way yourself with this social media marketing plan pdf, we still happily share this secret recipe of your success with you. That’s because we’re confident of how only our experts could drive you to the destination successfully.

The Execution Of Our Plan

Once we determine the above, we start creating the content for you. We create and manage content calendars as well as creative campaigns to maximize the effectiveness of the content. The execution phase begins only after a careful critical analysis of our advertising strategy or marketing plan by our team’s analysts.

You might not understand how social media marketing and advertising work, and we know that. But our execution process doesn’t start until after your approval. So that you understand the process we’d undergo to boost your business, we create our audit and strategy documents in an easy to understand manner, even for a layman.

Monitoring And Optimization

We don’t believe in the “set it and forget it” approach to doing social media marketing! That is why we are the #1 social media agency in New York. Not only have we outlined our alternative strategies for you in case of change of the situation for your brand, but we continue to look out for more threats and opportunities for you. That gives us the pride to keep improving the results in a way that no other agency can.

We constantly monitor and analyze the response and spot any opportunity right away using our proven data-driven approach. By monitoring ad campaign performance, an advertiser may obtain the information needed to:

  • Determine if the advertisement picture is painted as per the plan.
  • Point out the areas that need improvements.
  • Suggest changes to tweak campaigns to attain advertising objectives.
  • Evaluate the impact of your efforts based not only on the social media conversions but on the engagement.

We have an arsenal of social listening tools that help us gauge the response and adjust accordingly to maximize the performance. With the help of these tools and our eye for the detail, not a single mention of your online brand goes unnoticed. And that’s what helps us in better reputation management of your brand.


We don’t try to impress you with big figures of the useless metrics or big speeches of our capabilities in your niche. And, we avoid the fluff and nice-to-have metrics and only focus on showing you what really matters in achieving your business goals. We are result-oriented, and we persuade you by letting the results speak for us.

All you get to see is a comprehensive and fully customized social media advertising report that shows you the results, key metrics, and campaign performance along with actionable items and recommendations going forward.

What Targets Do We Aim To Reach With Our Advertising Strategies And Services?

We offer a complete range of social media advertising services to our clients in the USA. These include social media management and organic vs. paid social media advertising services. If you’re looking for the best social media management services in NYC, your hunt is over when you contact us HERE. Or, learn more about our services in our Social media articles.

What we plan to achieve for you or your business depends mainly on your business, goals, and budget to achieve those goals. However, some of the most common goals we shoot at with our advertising services include:


  • Ranking you higher than your competitors, so you get noticed at an increased rate compared to them.
  • Boosting the quality and quantity of your web traffic simultaneously.
  • Building your brand name, recognition, and reputation.
  • Building a positive, interactive bond between your brand and the target audience
  • Increasing your lead count and nurturing them strategically.
  • Converting most of the leads into your customers and clients.
  • Turning most of your customers into your repeat customers
  • Decreasing the costs associated with driving the extraordinary results that we get from brand advertising while increasing the returns.

What’s Included in our Social Media Creative Marketing Services in New York?

We provide a complete range of Social media services in New York, including Facebook Ads, Facebook Page Management, Messenger Bot Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Twitter Paid Marketing, Twitter Organic Marketing, and LinkedIn Paid, & Organic Marketing.

Our organic marketing strategies and paid media plan for your brand advertising for each online media vary for each business. That’s what guarantees a high success rate of our efforts for all the clients. You can learn more about each service on our social media creative agency service pages below.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to start social media marketing for your brand, there are two practical ways you can take:

I- DIY Social Media marketing and brand advertising.

Run a thorough online media analysis of your current social landscape. See what’s working for you, and what’s not? Look at how your competitors are doing better and how you could top that. Analyze your audiences and their behavior to speak to them directly through your strategy.
Make a comprehensive action plan based on your marketing objectives and goals and your understanding of the business and the situation (refer to the previous point).
Start executing your plan of action.
Monitor and Optimize. Analyze how the strategy is working for you and adjust where you could do better than that.

II- Let a professional Social media marketer or agency do that for you in a better, productive way.

The list of reasons that make Social Media marketing highly productive for businesses is long. There’re a few noticeable ones, however:

Social media is where your prospects hang out, probably the most. Therefore it is the best place to convert them.
Knowing they’d be targeted on social media, they go social with the state of mind to be converted. That’s the best time they could be converted.
Apart from the prospect’s state of mind, different social media platforms provide varying features for better targeting, retargeting prospects, and even finding your ideal consumers.
Various social media advertising and marketing tools make the process relatively painless, significantly fast, and even more productive.

There’s a massive variety of online social media with varying benefits. However, each business can’t possibly leverage all the media types, let alone all the platforms. These are the most famous and productive social media types:

Social networking media
Photo sharing media
Professional networking media
Google +
Video sharing media
Facebook live
Microblogging media
Discussion forums
Social review sites

Detailed targeting in the *Audience section* of Facebook business manager allows you to target people based on many factors. With the laser targeting option on Facebook, if you want to target ads to only people who speak Spanish, you can.

Here are the factors you can dig in to in your detailed targeting on Facebook:

Traveling preferences
And other demographic factors.
Facebook activity (pages they follow or brands they interact with)
Devices they use

While the two platforms are different in many ways, they re both used as social media marketing channels to promote your brand. However, both can not be useful for all types of businesses equally. For instance, the brands focusing on visual content rely on Instagram, while those needing networking or interaction with consumers depend on twitter.

Based on the kind of platform each one is, the target audience on each varies widely, despite the fact that you can get paid the audiences on both the platforms. Therefore, there is no question of Instagram vs. Twitter, since there is no comparison of the two platforms.

Getting into advertising is not a piece of cake, but it is no rocket science either. If you are passionate about advertising, have a pinch of creativity in your veins, and are ready to invest your best time, nothing can stop you from taking the front seat. Here are the exact steps to get into advertising:

Get yourself enrolled in an advertising degree/course.
Build the required skill set instead of confusing yourself with merely earning the degree.
Develop a strong portfolio by working for it.
Network more.
Showcase your portfolio and boost your skills.
Start your own freelance project or apply for an open advertising position.

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The Customer’s Journey Has Evolved And Is No Longer Linear - It Has Gone Beyond The “Sale”. Our Social Media Practice Is A Marketing Practice, Focused On Advocacy And Engagement.

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Social Media Marketing Case Study

This nationally recognized clothing brand initially came to us
with a negative Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). We did a complete
ad account audit and had a long strategy session call with the client
to understand the problems that they were facing. Within 3 weeks
of launching, we were achieving 2.5x ROAS