What Is The SEO AUDIT?

Our Website SEO Audit Service analyzes your website against the factors that help you rank for organic queries. Based on these observations, analysis, and actionable recommendations you can optimize your site to rank better.

The SEO AUDIT maps and grades all aspects of your SEO including, technical SEO, On-Page SEO, Off-page SEO, and Mobile SEO, to find and grab the opportunities to rank higher.

Once we have dug into the tiniest details of your website, we have a clear picture of the issues & the areas that still have room for improvement.


Different websites require a different amount of time for their SEO audit, based on their size, structure, competition, and the SEO situation.

However, on average, we ask our clients for at least 3 weeks’ time to conduct their audit. We utilize this time to ensure that every aspect gets due attention, and we leave no loophole.

This is the time needed for the core services and steps. Some of the tasks, like building PR and backlinks, are continuous processes.

For such processes, either we recommend you the strategy you need to follow to get it done, or we jump to action with the required time (which is way over 3 weeks) to get it done ourselves.


We carry out an audit for different aspects of a website both manually and using different high authority paid tools.

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The Features We Test

Here are all the areas of your website that we analyze, test, and present actionable insights during our audit process:

  1. Check the browse-able version of your website. If there is more than one active version, we recommend to bring it down to one only with other URLs redirecting to this version.
  2. Next, we see if you are ranking for your brand name. If you are ranking low, we have a number of steps to take to upgrade your ranking for your own brand name. Some of the recommendations include:
    1. Creating your Google Listing or enhance your knowledge graph.
    2. Submitting your name to online, high authority directories.
    3. Promoting your website on every possible online channel and building links for it (especially for high authority names)
  3. We check your site’s indexing status to make sure that all the pages have been indexed. Indexing is a crucial step because your site can’t rank on Google unless your pages are properly indexed. Not ranking on Google means your prospects can’t find you even if you have the content they are looking for.
    Therefore if your pages are not indexed, our next important recommendation is to get all of your pages indexed and remove the broken links or unwanted pages that are indexed.
  4. Next, we check your website for the possible *thin-content* pages i.e., the page with little to no content that Google considers them useless. If the page is actually useless or low quality, we recommend updating or removing it. If it has low-value content, we recommend fixing it, so Search engines do not mistake it as a thin-content page. Typically, Google flags content pages under 200 words as thin-content pages (however it doesn’t limit the list of criteria to the length).
  5. We mimic the actions of Google as it crawls through a website to check the current structure of the site and all the aspects of SEO. The high-level paid-tools ensure the highest level of accuracy possible. We check:
    1. All the external links for their HTTP status
    2. Image resources
    3. CSS resources
    4. Java Script resources
    5. Follow, no-follow links
    6. Canonical and non-canonical pages and links on them.
      Based on the results, we decide whether everything’s good or needs further improvement? We base our recommendations on these results.
  6. Then, we check each page of your website for any possible duplicate content across the web. If there is any duplicated content that you have the copyright for, other sources displaying it are communicated either to remove it or link it back to your page. If you are the one using someone’s content, you are recommended to do the same.
  7. We check the status of your organic keywords by means of analyzing them. If there is a decline in ranking, we recommend changes to improve it. This process is very in-depth and we go through the whole keywords universe to find out the best possible recommendations going forward.
  8. We make suggestions in case you are ranking but not high enough i.e., to upgrade your position any higher from the last result of the first SERP. In that case, we suggest immediate measures including:
    1. working on PR to get high authority backlinks
    2. refreshing and updating on-page content
    3. building a network of internal links to increase site authority and thus rank
  9. Checking on-page SEO is amongst the most crucial steps that we run. While checking your source code for On-page SEO elements for each page, we make sure that:
    1. The title tag is intact, active and has the right pixel length & keywords. We ensure the correct optimization of the Title tag and see if the titles are not too long or short.
    2. The headers (H1, H2, H3) are optimized & are used in the correct sequence.
    3. Meta-descriptions are present with tags, are not too long or too short and follow the rules for maximum CTR.
  10. The site load speed is another important ranking factor, backed with stats. Your site loses the chances to rank higher if it loads slow. Our audit comprises of sorting out the slow pages. We also take in to account any factor that might slow your website down in an attempt to fix your site speed. We recommend actionable steps for your developer to complete in order to optimize for the best speed.
  11. Another important aspect is analyzing the organic traffic your site is receiving from the search engine. Based on the organic traffic results over time, we determine the health of individual pages leading to fixing the issues (that might be hindering traffic to certain pages).
  12. One major area that has our dedicated efforts focused on is building backlinks, preferably from high authority, high DR sites. This might include frequent guest blogging, content round-ups, and participating in Reddit, Quora, and other forum discussions.
  13. Another crucial opportunity we find is looking for the keywords that your competitors are ranking for, but you are not.
  14. Our audit also checks the webpages for any possible structural errors, broken links, Meta-tags analysis, or other problem areas in an attempt to fix them.

Here’s What You Get (Results)

A detailed breakdown of your website analysis containing
    • Overall website situation.
    • Website areas that we have fixed or made recommendations during the audit.
    • The areas that have further improvement potential with actionable steps forward.
    • The areas that are going good but could yield high results if further tweaked, backed with stats.
    • List of detailed recommendations for fixing all major issues.
    List of opportunities with details of how to leverage them.

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