Technical Search Engine Optimization

Smoother Website Function, Better Results.

When it comes to your site, technical SEO is like oil to a constantly running machine – it helps your website function smoothly.

Our Technical SEO Agency provides top-notch services, taking care of all the on-site factors that may be hurting your chances of ranking on the 1st page of Google.

But how do you get on top of the technical aspects of your site?

Well, you don’t – WE DO!

And we start off with a technical SEO auditThis audit is a stand-alone service we offer to every client that comes on board – that’s right, that includes you too! This is the first step towards better search engine optimization for your site.

Once we have a clear picture of where you stand, our technical SEO company in San Diego creates a plan that tackles all on-site factors that harm your site’s organic visibility on major search engines. We draft and implement a sound technical search engine optimization strategy that encourages search engines to rank your site well and consumers to have an incredible user experience.

Why Is Technical Search Engine Optimization Important For You?

Building an uber attractive-looking website that’s interactive and functional is excellent for UI (user experience). But as with most things, there is a flip side – it can pose severe threats to the SEO performance of your site.

Google and other major search engines see your site quite differently from your audience – your website must cater to the requirements of BOTH at the same time.

The ranking algorithms of search engines are very complex. They evaluate hundreds or even thousands of site factors before making a decision on which keywords should rank for a search query. The team at Canz Marketing identifies the on-site issues that make the crawling process of search engine robots difficult and resolves them through a systematic process.

What Do We Cover In Our Technical SEO Services?

For the unmatched functionality of your site, technical SEO is a must – we have established that much.

But how exactly do we turn things around for you?

We take charge of numerous technical aspects that influence the SEO performance of the website.

Here is what our technical search engine optimization workflow will look like for your business.

Holistic Crawl Error Resolution

Crawl issues are like a curse to a website – they result in poor search engine ranking. Our developers put their expertise to good use and discover all the webpages with crawl errors, prioritizing their elimination for timely results.

Optimization of Site’s Crawlability

We don’t just fix crawl issues and leave it at that. We take an all-round approach and make sure the ability of your website to get crawled sees an improvement for ALL website pages. This improves the overall rank of your site.

Server Configuration Handling

If your server configuration is not in line with the latest standards, your website can suffer a blow you weren’t ready for. Our engineers make sure your website and your website’s server are on the same page.

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Improvement in User Experience

User experience is the king that dictates the success of a website. After all, the user doesn’t care about the technical aspects at the backend – they only care about the experience they have on your site. And if it isn’t a good one, they’re never coming back. But don’t worry, our user experience experts have that covered.

Website Speed Optimization

47% of the users who land on your site expect it to load in 2 seconds. You don’t want to disappoint them – or the other 53% for that matter. The speed with which the web pages load can be the difference between a lost consumer and a recurring one. Our programmers make significant changes to your site’s code to ensure your customers aren’t left waiting.

Copied Content Removal/Rewriting

Duplicate content is a menace that lets your website down. How? The search engines of today are smart – they can tell when your content has been copied from somewhere else. But our copywriters fix this in a jiffy – they create unique content that convinces Google’s bots that you are just that – unique and incomparable.

Why Choose Canz Marketing For Technical Search Engine Optimization

Communication at Every Step

Not only does our team have coherent communication with each other, but we also keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Experienced Professionals

We know what we’re doing because we have been doing it for years. Like the hundreds of clients we have served already, we’ll take care of all the technical aspects of your site too.

Up-to-Date Processes

The world of SEO changes every day. Being experts at what they do, our team is up to speed with all these updates so your site remains up to speed.

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