Rapid Fire Testing

Facebook Ads Rapid-fire Testing Method

Facebook Ads Rapid-fire Testing Method

A Facebook Ads Rapid-fire Test is the most effective and the fastest way to validate your creative assets and the audiences – the two most important aspects of Facebook Ads. This facebook split testing will help scale your Facebook ad account, reduce Facebook CAC and achieve the highest ROAS.

The whole process takes 3 weeks time from scratch to the final report. The first week goes into the research and development of the rapid-fire test, facebook split testing strategy and then 2 weeks for the execution – launch and continuous tweaks.

The recommended budget for rapid-fire testing is no less than $1,500 for 2 weeks.

We test out at least 14 different audiences including Lookalikes and Interest-based. However, if you do not have ANY previous data to create Lookalike Audiences, we stick with 8 audiences max.

When it comes to the actual Facebook Ads – the ad copy and image/video – we recommend using multiple ads under each adset or using Dynamic Creative to test out multiple creative assets in a single ad.

* The ad creative asset testing method varies for different industries and niches.

Main Parts Of A Facebook Ad That We Test Out:

The Facebook split testing makes use of the best practices and lessons learned from the field. The cores areas covered in these tests include the following.

The Image Or Video

The most attention-grabbing thing in the news feed is the “Creative”. We test out at least 3 images per ad to test out at the same time to all the audiences. We also keep 3-4 images handy to replace the non-performing images.

The Headline

Some people look at the Headline first before even looking at the creative which makes headline the most important element to test.

We will be testing at least 2 to 3 different headlines and will keep 2-3 headlines ready for further testing.

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The Ad Copy

It is also called the Top Text or the Main Text. We test out short, medium, and the long-form ad copy to get people to take the required action.

The length of the copy varies depending upon the nature of the product/service and industry. We structure the copy in a way so it is easily digestible and easy to go understand.


Call to Action refers to the “action button” on the ad. There are multiple options for CTA and we use the most relevant option for the ads. Sometimes we test out more than one CTA but that depends upon the nature of the product/service. For some ads, we leave the CTA altogether.

The Offer(S)

Finally the last testing piece of rapid-fire is the main offer. Again it varies from product to product and from industry to industry. We always go with a single offer initially (like Free Delivery, 10% Off, Free Video Course, etc.) and move on to the next offer when and if the first offer fails to produce results.

Here’s what you get:

First of all, you get great results… AND

  • A complete, comprehensive, and actionable RFT report
  • A detailed breakdown of your top-performing audiences
  • A detailed breakdown of your top-performing ad creative assets
  • A detail of audience insights – how they engaged with the ads
  • A complete Funnel Blueprint
  • Plus a detailed strategy session with our experts for future campaigns.

The rapid-fire test has been the most successful tactic for our clients in 2019. We have achieved 39X+ ROAS for one of our clients. Our total average ROAS for ALL RAPID-FIRE TESTS that we have run in 2019 is no less than 6X.

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