Content Optimization

Content Optimization

Why is Content Marketing important? Because it sells without being salesy. But does your content depict the qualities that earn it the king’s crown? You’ll know in 3 diagnostic sentences:

  • Has your content been laying low on SERPs for ages now?
  • Or probably it doesn’t rank at all!
  • Don’t your prospects ever see your content no matter how relevant the keywords are that they use?

Here’s our diagnostic analysis of your situation and the conclusion:

You have content that the creator called (and you believed to be) great. But isn’t the cat out of the bag already with the mentioned results?

Producing un-imaginative content only for the sake of content creation and content marketing makes it anything BUT the king of marketing. Content Marketing is much more than producing content. Even if your content was performing well a while back, lo and behold that the trends keep changing.

By all means, your content can be weaved to bag the benefits it was created for – and that’s exactly why content marketing is important. However, in order to gain the right kind of traction by the right people, your site needs Content optimization.

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So moving on, yes, while marketing gurus may reel off the importance of plentiful content creation, stuffed throughout with keywords so the content gets optimized by every search engine under the sun…this will NOT increase your organic visibility.

How And Why Content Marketing And Optimization Work?

The idea of Content Marketing is to create valuable content that solves a pain point of your prospects or tells them how to do that. That’s what brings those prospects to your site, engages them, positions you as an authority, and converts them.

How do most content marketing agencies suggest you do that?

Using a whole lot of keywords from everywhere on the internet.

So moving on, yes, while marketing gurus may reel off the importance of plentiful content creation, stuffed throughout with keywords, so the content gets optimized by every search engine under the sun…this will NOT increase your organic visibility.

Here’s the truth an average Content Marketing firm would never tell you to get noticed – and noticed to never be forgotten – you would need a little bit more than just any content.

You’d need GREAT content that engages your target audience, makes the noise, and speaks your online presence out loud.

If your content has already been created but it is not rewarding you well, you need Website Content Optimization services.

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Let’s tell you another secret here too…not everyone can produce content that bumps up your online presence. CANZ is the content Marketing company though, where you’d bump into one too many content wizards who really know how to create great content that gets optimized organically.

You never need to worry about your content optimization one more time now. Yeah, our content marketing agency services include content optimization services as well.

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Want more organic traffic and sales but do not know where to start

But, what exactly does Optimizing your Content mean?

The process of Content Optimization includes every step and measure you take to ensure that your content is value-overloaded for your prospects and that they have access to it (especially when they need it).

You know what optimization means but do you know how to optimize content?

Our Content Marketing optimization specialists know that.

What does Content Optimization include?

If you are thinking about how to optimize your page content or any other content for that matter, here’s a brief list of the most important WHATs:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Link building
  • Fixing copy for grammatical.factual, and other sorts of inaccuracies
  • Ultimately, with the main objective of giving users the best, unique and pleasant experience on your site.

During this optimization process, you frequently have to do your keywords research, add them appropriately in your text (no one tolerates stuffing anymore), and add the right multimedia at the right place in your content. Our process is more of an SEO content optimization – that’s how closely associated with SEO each of our steps is. Optimized Content Marketing offers you the benefits that sound good to ears but appear great to sight. 

Our Optimization Process At A Glance

Content optimization is the key process of our Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing services. Unlike many other content marketing firms, you’d come across, we don’t focus on quantity but quality. Therefore the best marketing services we provide you with, ensure better visibility and higher returns.

Here’s how we conduct the whole process:

1. Keywords Research

Our keywords research enables us to target your target market in a way they can’t escape you. We don’t impose you on your potentials but look for the way they talk when they need what you have. Using the same language and words that they use creates a resonating effect, grabs their attention, and gives your site a chance to be seen by who matters.

While in-depth keywords research is an important part of our optimization process, that’s not all we have to the process.

2. Keywords Placement

Your content was already there but it failed to get the required traction. What could change now that we are not even creating content from scratch?

We are optimizing your content for the researched keywords. And while doing it, we are not concerned about how many times a keyword needs to appear in the content to be noticed by the search engines and the visitors. We know that a strategic placement ensuring natural usage of the keywords would draw the same attention even without keywords stuffing.

3. Internal Network s

Internally connecting the web pages has a number of benefits. We ensure you get the best of all that internal linking offers:

  • It gives your site a structure that is easier for the search engine to understand, crawl, and index.
  • It gives your users additional information they might be interested in.
  • This is how the prospects would stay on your site for longer.

Therefore, optimizing the content improves it, giving both the search engines and the visitors a better experience.

4. Videos and Images

Remember, we optimize your content to attract those it is meant for. And nothing does it better than multimedia ever could.

Our optimization process includes creating easier to understand and visually appealing infographics and images. We create videos that are short, precise yet convey the whole idea and complement your text.

5. Meta tags

Part of our process of optimization is to ensure that the search engine and its users are told about your website and pages in an appealing and engaging way that they can’t escape.

Optimizing your title tags and meta-descriptions does exactly that and delivers exactly what it promises.

6. Content Review

In the next step, we review the content for any sort of a mistake there is in the world that could put off a visitor. We fix your content for grammatical, punctuation, spelling, structural, factual, style, tone, clarity, delivery, and every other sort of error known to linguistics.

Now that your content is optimized and we have aimed for the top ranks, time to sit back and see your content sit there in peace.

Take Your Content From Being Good To Great

We are that one Digital Content Marketing agency that makes sure no useless content ever turns off a potential client when they visit your site. This also means that we optimize your content to boost its organic search without using any sneaky tactics your competitors might be using.

When our team produces you ample quantity of quality content, you begin to notice your content marketing game is getting traction and you see the below-mentioned results:

  • An increase in organic search visibility
  • Optimized content structure and internal linking
  • A boost in organic traffic to your product pages
  • A boost in organic visibility of key pages both by users and search engines.
  • An increase in time spent on your website and conversions because your audiences finally see what they came for
  • An increase in trust for your brand with a better user experience

That’s how we up your content game from good to great.


Are you looking for Content Marketing services providers? 

Are the content marketing agencies you come across more focused on winning spiders than winning humans? 

Is your content marketing firm still stuffing keywords in your content? 

Or, the content marketing services that you get lack the best practices to optimize your content for the above-mentioned benefits? 

Now that you know why content marketing is important and what can well-optimized content do to your business, beware of the scams. Look for content marketing services with Optimization at their core.

Here, at CANZ marketing, we live by the mantra of optimization for every process. That’s how the number of our satisfied clients is increasing each day. And, that’s how we do not have to run ads to market our services. Our services and clients speak for us loud and clear.

Despite all that has gone wrong already, don’t let anything else hold you back from great visibility, more conversions, and increased profitability anymore. Let our SEO content optimization specialists do their magic while you deal with the increased incoming orders.

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