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In a lay man’s language, a conversion for you is when a prospect takes a desirable step in relation to your business. As a business having targets, each one of us is concerned about Conversions. During the business life cycle, we do not stick to only one conversion at a given time. However, a purchase conversion is usually the most valuable one for every kind of sales business.

What is CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization – also called CRO – is a process to push your site visitors to take the required action at an increased rate than usual. For instance, you might want to increase the rate of submission of a form or the rate of making purchases at a given time from the given resources. The increase in sales is the most valuable target. However, there are many other useful CRO targets. For example:

Examples of Conversion rate Optimization

When you try to increase the conversion rates of any of these conversions, you are working to optimize those conversions:

  • Email subscription sign-up
  • Account creation on your website
  • Landing a prospect on a specific product page
  • Adding a product to the cart
  • Auto-subscription for a service 
  • Re-subscription for the renewal of a service
  • Requesting consultation
  • Scheduling a call

Our CRO process focuses on your site visitors and puts them at the center of the attention. By understanding your user experience and removing hurdles in the sales process, we clear the path to conversions.

Our process of optimization is all about understanding and fulfilling the needs of your customers to push the conversion rates higher.

Why Is Conversion Rate Optimization Important? The Benefits Of CRO!

Our conversion rate optimization process achieve three main goals for you:

  1. It boosts the number of conversions from the same online resource you have (after the improvements we make).
  2. It lowers the costs associated with each conversion.
  3. Ultimately, we work to increase your take-home income for you through our CRO program.

But how does the magic of our conversion specialists work? Our conversion rate optimization consultants take your practical optimization problems into account. Based on your site’s analysis and understanding of those problems, they prioritize what is going good but could go great with their efforts. Based on this optimization analysis, they often have small targets, especially in terms of SEO of your site, like:

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Trust Building

A better conversion rate is the result of a prospect’s bonding with a business to the point where they are comfortable sharing their personal details with you. Our CRO listings and efforts work to attain that trust for your business site. 

Fulfilling User experience

Along with the trust, a user’s experience on your site determines if he’ll continue the conversion process. Our conversion rate optimizers draw user’s genuine conversion paths on your landing pages and work to attain the ultimate engaging user’s experience through them on top of their efforts for the rest of the website.

Acquiring Useful Customer analytics

Our CRO program’s ultimate benefit is that with our research on ways to make your customers and prospects happier, we dig deeper into them and attain more insights into who they are and what they want. This jackpot of data only helps us increase your conversion rates even more.

Strategic Scalability

We do not scale your business by turning every other person on earth into your target. Our targets are those who are or would be interested in your business. We only boost their cravings for your products/services and present you as the right option they’d ever need. And, that’s how we ensure you scale at a rate faster than ever before.

Boosted ROI

And whatever efforts we make to get you the right browsers that are sure to convert or to turn your customers into repeat customers ultimately lower your investment costs and increase the conversion rates. A manifolds increase in return on your investments is the essence of our conversion rate optimization agency.

Conversion Funnel Optimization – An Overview of our Process And Its Elements

Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

We start off with the discovery process and identify the customers’ needs and potential hurdles. Paid tools especially help us analyze your data and do customer research. These efforts help us understand on-site user experience and potential problems better. 

Conversion Discovery And Conversion Analysis

After identifying the roadblocks, we highlight the opportunities to assist visitors in taking the desired action.

Conversion Strategy And Testing

After the discovery process that helps us define a conversion path (or as many as possible), we create a detailed “test plan.” Our plan outlines the hypotheses to test out and maps out the possibilities with execution plans for each case. 

To fix your non-performing pages, we will create multiple designs and copy variations. We will test all variations regularly to get to the winner.

Most importantly, we do not merely put a test live and watch the conversions come in. We understand the importance of running and measuring CRO tests correctly.

Therefore, our development and design teams work together throughout the process. They make sure the tests are closely aligned with your brand, & its goals, and that they are tracked accurately.

We believe in playing the long-term SEO game! We will get you results, but most importantly, our long term SEO approach will get you consistent results in the future.

The On and Offsite Factors Our Conversion Optimization Strategy Takes Into Account

Our conversion specialists do not apply a templated conversion process prevalent in marketing. They don’t even apply the same method to all the businesses in one niche.

When you come to us with a business to be optimized, your business is as unique to us, as are you. Our unique optimization solution for each business stems from the same philosophy. And each of the tests renders our conversion paths defined for you further valuable and productive for your optimization.

However, these are the key elements we base our conversion strategy for each business on:

Website Home Page

The Homepage is the entry gate of the prospects to your business. How far behind this point they’ll go to learn more about your business depends on a number of things. How welcoming you are to them at this point and how pleasant their experience is at this first impression are two critical factors we focus on. Therefore, we start our conversion process in any business right from this point of interaction.

Based on where your browser might want to go from this point or the information they might be looking for vs. everything else they should learn about that would push them closer to your conversion goal are the factors that help us decide how to design this page for a better conversion rate.

Product Landing Pages

Your product page is the most critical information standee your prospects need. However, information under or over-dose could both be dangerous to the conversion cycle of a prospect into a customer.

Therefore, our conversion optimization consultants hold these landing pages very dear. That’s what helps them guide home page creation at the best convertible standards. They give just the right amount of the right kind of information to prospects to be interested enough in the product to proceed to checkout. Their three key ingredients that work the magic on these pages more than anywhere else on the website are a stellar strategy, a persuasive copy, and an appealing design.

Contact Pages/forms

While the contact page needs to stand out for someone looking for quick contact, can it replace the importance of the home page in any way? But, does that imply that the prospects should opt-out of contacting you even when they have to? Certainly not! 

Therefore, we strategically place site-wide contact and other conversion forms and CTAs for the ease of prospects to put their queries, book consultations, schedule a meeting, apply for a quote, or other desired actions. What form or CTA they see depends on what they have done or want to do on your website. And Gosh! Has that worked with the conversion rates! We have seen our optimization efforts on these strategic hooks double the conversion rates almost instantly for some of our clients.


While blogs these days are genuinely meant to provide value, this generosity is useless if it doesn’t payback in terms of nurturing leads and bringing them down the conversion funnel (irrespective of how slow or fast!). So we turn our client’s blogs into lead machines that nurture and convert faster than the speed of a supersonic jet. Lightning-fast would have been an exaggeration we do not believe in.


And when all the on and off-site SEO factors are on-point, we give them a boost with our advertising efforts to optimize the conversion rates. 

And that has been the most successful strategy in the history of our conversion rate optimization this far. Our advertising is to our conversion optimization practices in the long run, as the love potion is to its users in the first 24 hours.

How Does it Work?

No, we are not an easy CRO solution, but we definitely are a simple one. Our process begins in three simple steps:

  1. Schedule a virtual meeting with our Conversion rate optimization agency. Pick a date and a time that suits your schedule.
  2. Our Conversion optimization consultants and strategists would get back to you at your convenience and discuss your current business presence and future goals.
  3. Based on this value-determining session with you, they’d come up with a uniquely valuable conversion optimization plan for your business.

As soon as we are both on the same page, and you approve of the plan, they get the process going with high returns that blow your mind.

The Hard Truth – Not Everyone Can Be Our Client

Our CRO service is not for everyone. We take pride in the exceptionally high conversion rates of our conversion optimization process. And we are able to retain our pride only with our passion and determination to continue to do so for all the clients. Therefore, we minimize our clientele to maximize our returns. 

Here’s who we are and who we are not a good fit for:

  • We agree to optimize your conversion rate only if your site is getting enough traffic already. CRO is an improvement process, not a creation stage from scratch. However, if you are generating traffic, our conversion optimizers can increase your qualified leads and returns from them, manifolds.
  • We can’t be much help if you are looking for quick and easy CRO. As a matter of fact, there is no such thing as an easy CRO. If you understand the process and everything that goes into it, you’d know anyone making such claims is an imposter you shouldn’t fall for.
  • You can seek our Conversion optimization services only if you are committed for long. As it is a need-based corrective process that varies from business to business, the discovery, analysis, and test for determination phases need time and commitment both from us and the client.
  • You and we are a good fit for each other only if you are as quality conscious (small, medium, or big business) as we are. When the objective is mutual, the process is easy, and the results are exceptional.

So, could you be the chosen one by our Conversion rate optimization professionals – who gets the perks of exceptionally high conversion rates and ROI at an unbelievingly low cost?

Let our Optimization Consultants find out.

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