Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing campaigns are a must when it comes to effectively reaching your target audience. And a Twitter marketing agency with hands-on experience should be your go-to.

So, how do we at Canz Marketing do it?

Our Process

We start with research and develop your initial Twitter marketing strategy. Our process includes doing a competitive analysis, finding potential opportunities, and creating a content strategy. We will present you with a complete roadmap for success with Twitter marketing.

Twitter is more of a content-based platform where content is truly king! So, we develop your content and tweets based on your brand and the audience. As part of our quality assurance process, these tweets are prepared in advance for the next month. So you will always have an option to review and approve the content calendar.

Twitter management includes activities to grow your followers, as well as your reach. Our Twitter marketing specialists will use hashtags, contests, and other organic tactics to keep growing your follower base.

Twitter advertising includes running promoted tweets in order to engage your audience, as well as grow your followers. We also make sure that you get high-quality traffic from your promoted tweets. We also provide Lead Generation via twitter ads.

Offering all-around Twitter marketing services, we monitor your accounts daily and keep track of the activities such as comments, reviews, and messages. We generally respond to all queries within a 24-hour window.

At the end of every month, you will receive a custom report for your account with all the details.

5X+ ROAS in 3 months is IMPRESSIVE!
How about 36X+ ROAS in

Using our proprietary RAPID FIRE
 we successfully
achieved 36X+ ROAS for our clients

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We helped a SaaS company gain more visibility in the searches
against the top 8 keywords. After 8 months of working with them,
we were able to increase their free trial from organic traffic to 37%
from just 9% in the past. Not just that, they were also able to
convert at a better rate as compared to the past.