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Creating your first Facebook Ad account is haunting you in dreams? 

We’ve been there. And trust us! It is no brainer!

So, let’s start with the basics.

Facebook is an excellent place for you, whether you are looking for fun and entertainment, shopping, or growing your business. 

As a regular user who feeds on Facebook for his life, all you need is a Facebook application in your handset (with the messenger installed if you are a fan of chatting). 

For a business owner leveraging the power of Facebook Marketing (or dreaming of that), Business Sophists stand up for FACEBOOK BUSINESS MANAGER.

So, in the first part of the series, we introduced you to and showed you exactly how to set up a Facebook business manager account. Your next point of concern and endeavor should be wondering how to create a Facebook ad account.

In case you are wondering (you should be though if you are not), read this:

Ad account is the place where you run all your marketing and the billings for your business. All the ad accounts are in your Facebook ads manager, which is in Business Manager.

So, this time let’s give it up for an Ad account and get into its dynamics.

Creating an ad account

In the business manager, there are several ways you can take to create an Ad Account. Let us go through them one by one:

Accessing Ad Account Creating – First Method

Having created the Business manager account, this is what you’d find yourself looking at.


Looking at the image, you’d see some options:

  • Add more security to your account. Highly recommended!
  • Add a page to view its performance directly.
  • Add an (existing) ad account or create a new one to run advertisements from.

Now, for the scope of today’s blog post, we are concerned about creating an ad account and getting it to work.

Staring at the page above, your next step is obvious – to create an Ad Account. 

Accessing Ad Account Creating – Second Method

You might actually be staring at another page instead before you have worked on the settings:

In this case, too, your path is crystal clear. 

Click (on the add ad account), add (the required information), and enjoy (yuhooo!).


Accessing Ad Account Creating – Third Method

Yet another way to create an ad account is clicking on the *Business Settings* button on the Right side, right below the settings and notification symbols.

Let us walk you through this whole process:

1- Click on the *Business Settings*.

2- For the next couple of settings, you’d be lost in a line of clickable and explorable options. For us, however, the goal is clear. 

We’d head right to the *Ad Accounts* section on the left (shown in the red rectangle in the image below).

3- Clicking on the ad account calls for creating one since we do not have one yet. In case you have one (or multiples of one), you’d be able to land on them clicking on Ad Accounts.

4- Politely request the page to create an ad account for you to be able to view many options to choose from. Pick the one that suits you. In this case, we’ll start from scratch with a new ad account.

Adding important Details

5- Give your Ad account a proper name, preferably your business name, or a relevant person’s name, if you don’t want to waste time thinking, which is the one you need when you have a long list. 

Pick the correct time zone (if it is not auto-selected) to save yourself the trouble of changing the timezone for a client 2 days ahead or behind your time. 

Hit Next.

6- You’ll be fed some important information about choosing whom you are creating the ad account for – your business or your client/another business?

Pick the appropriate information. We’d go with *My Business* this once. You’ll go with what is appropriate in your case.

Not sure if you want to know it (but we want to share it), the last option (the business ad account belongs to) is totally editable in later stages. 

7- At this stage, you are asked to manage settings/permissions for the ad account. You can pick either *Manage Campaign* or *View Performance*. 

Alternatively, give your self *Admin access* to have all the rights. From the left list of names, pick the names you want to grant the permissions.

Hit *Assign*.


You own your Ad account now, which, however, can’t get to work until you add a payment method to it.

Now, hit close and feel the change.

Does something feel good? Great.

How does “a heck lot of responsibility” sound? Well, that’s what it is!

Let’s see how you learn to handle it. Meanwhile, let’s begin by adding payment information.



Adding billing information to an ad account

For running ads, you need a Facebook ads billing point. Here’s is one of the two ways you can take to get it done:

Adding payment method to ad account- First method

To add a new payment method or view existing, click on the *Payments* option in the list on the left.

1- Click on the *View payment methods*. You’d land on the page calling for creating a payment method. 

Hit *Add*.

2- Add all the information and hail your way to stress-free Marketing on Facebook Business Manager.

You’d be asked a few payment related questions in about 3 steps. In the end, you’d also be given the option to make the added payment method your primary payment method for this ad account. 

Adding payment method to ad account- Second method

Alternatively, click on the scroll bar on the right top – *Open in Ads Manager* – and click *View Payment Methods*. 

1- You’ll find yourself on this screen with many options you want to use. Click *Add payment methods*. Follow the instruction to add the payment mode discussed in the other method).  

2- Click on *Set your Account spending limit* to give Fb Business Manager a currency limit that you don’t want to cross before your ads are turned off.

Irrespective of the results, Facebook would turn your ads off when the adds reach their spending limit. However, you can always go back and change your spending limit.

Thinking what we are thinking?

Yes, Facebook has a tremendous accident-prevention policy!

In our case, since we just created an ad account, Facebook doesn’t have any receipts to share with us right now. 

All set?

Let’s keep moving!

Adding pages to an ad account

Now, you have added an ad account for a reason. 

What is that?

You want to run advertisements for a business.

How do you connect that business to the ads manager?

By adding that business’s Facebook page to that account.

Here’s how you do that:

1- On that Business Settings page, click on *pages* under the accounts dropdown. 

2- Click on *Add* to add a new page.

3- Pick an appropriate option from the dropdown menu. In our case, we have just created an ad account that has no page. That does not mean that the page we are trying to add hasn’t been created yet. So, we’ll go we *Add a page*.

In case you do not have access to the page you want to add here, you know you want to pick *Request access to a page*.

4- Write the page name you want to add to this ad account.

Congratulations! You have just added the page to this ad account.

However, if you do not have admin access to the page, you’d have to wait till the admin agrees to have you add his page to your ad account.

That’s right. 

You can’t add just any random page. They’d only give you access once they have already agreed for you to have that access. Good luck with that!

Giving An ad account’s access to partner/agency/freelancer

Say, you are hiring a digital marketing agency. You’ll already have a business manager account where they’ll create an ad account for your business. 

In case you already have an ads account and you want to give it’s access to a digital marketing firm, or an individual here’s what you need to do:

Again back to the business settings page, pick *people* to view or add people to your ad account.

Here’s what you can do:

1- Click on *Add* button right in front of *People*.

2- Use the email Id of the person you want to give access to the ad account and choose the access type. The protocol for adding anyone – any freelancer, an agency representative, or partner – is the same.

3- Pick the permission for the chosen person for the chosen page in your ad account.

4- The system has generated and sent an invitation to the person. Soon as the person accepts the invitation, he’d have access to the page in the given role.

At this stage, you can directly add more people from here.



All Set! What Next?

You have seen how simple the process is.

Trust us; it’s no brainer.

You wouldn’t believe that on big freelancing platforms like Upwork, freelancer, Fiverr, etc., people offer online jobs or offer to help with simple tasks like creating business manager, creating ad accounts, or even adding pages to them, etc.

But you can do it all yourself now that you have read it here.

What next?

Get on your toes. Do what you just read. And let us know when you’re done!

Done that?

Now, on a scale of 1-10, how difficult have you found the process?

We have set out on the venture to make the Facebook Business Manager a cinch for you.

Read more from the series here:

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Leveraging facebook Audience Insights in 2020 and beyond

There’s more to come. Keep your fingers crossed.

Happy learning business manager 🙂


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