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What Did We Achieve?

Below $4


Below $200




Client Intro: A real-estate agency based in the United States needed help with Facebook Ads and overall marketing.

The Challenges

? The client had a booming real estate business for 15+ years.

? They were using traditional marketing methods and had very strong referral systems in place.

? But in the last 6 months, before joining CANZ Marketing, they had experienced a sudden drop in leads, customers and overall business.

? They still had a good name in the industry but they did not have a strong digital presence.

? The website looked dated.

? There was no lead generation funnel in place on the site.

? They had very little to no content on the website.

? The site structure wasn’t SEO friendly at all.

? Their daily traffic was below 50

? They had been burnt by a so-called digital marketing consultant who basically did not do anything except for getting his paycheque.

? Getting them to invest in Facebook advertising was also a huge challenge

Our Strategy

☝️ From the initial audit insights, we realized that the digital presence and brand awareness are going to be the starting points for this client.

☝️ We started off with helping the client create tons of video content for social media

☝️ Then we ran the Golden Ads Strategy to start the brand awareness and engagement campaigns

☝️ The plan was to pair that with the Lead gen campaign at a later point
We wanted to give the client some quick-wins so he feels more confident working with us

☝️ Successfully helped the client to come up with 4 different Lead Magnets

☝️ With our help, the client created a whole Lead-flow and the funnel

☝️ Using their BIG offline name, we started running the Leadgen campaigns in the third week

☝️ We started off the Leadgen Campaigns with the Rapid Fire Testing Method

The Results

✔️ Within the next 3 weeks, we had garnered 349 new leads,

✔️ 7 new paid deals

✔️ 5 Winning ad creative assets and a winning audience formula

✔️ The CPL was less than $4

✔️ CPA was below $200

✔️ The client had 340+ leads in the funnel

✔️ All this happened within the first 8 weeks.

✔️ The Golden Ads Strategy produced huge engagement and retargeting audience on the side

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