Small Businesses No longer Stand a chance Without LOCAL SEO in Jacksonville

Search engines are the heart of the Internet.
Advancements in Digital and Mobile technology
and the reliance on the review platforms have made
Local SEO all the more important.

Google salivates over local SEO

The location specificity of small businesses with highly targeted customers makes Google drool over them. Therefore, Google is all for local SEO.

Local SEO builds & Strengthens Links

Growing your local visibility opens new avenues for expansion. Not only does it build clientele but also valuable partnerships.

Laser-targets briskly

Local SEO is crowned for profitable prospecting while finding new audiences. It does an equally-effective job re-converting the existing customers and creating a loyal customer line.

Your Reputation Management Division

Local SEO boosts your online reputation and credibility in the eyes of searchers and Search Engines with reviews.

Local SEO & Mobile Traffic ~ A Match Made in Heaven

Location-specific searches form one-third of the total searches. Most of these searchers land on your site from a mobile device.

Mobile is the new Yellow Pages

Here is the most-inspiring part:
Since 2015, mobile searches for the search query “where to buy” have increased by 85%
Use of Mobile for evaluating potential shopping stores has surged to 82%
A local search of consumers landed 72% of them on a within-5-miles radius store.
28% of the total local (near-me) searches have resulted in a purchase.

Understanding the importance of local SEO and having worked in a variety of settings, our team is undoubtedly the best local SEO option in Jacksonville.

Get A Custom Local SEO Audit Report To Know Your Needs

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This report is a combination of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). It is your initial plan of action to kick start your promotion locally.

Strategic Local SEO Services and Consultation in Jacksonville

Citation analysis and Reforms

Local SEO rankings are delicate. Take one step wrong, and there goes your ranking. With their continuous top-notch citation examination and manual corrective actions - such as removing inaccurate citations - our experts keep your trustworthiness and rankings high.

Strengthening Citation Profiles

Our experts have dextrous manual citation building skills. Combining their proficiency with powerful citation building tools, they latch on to the top rankings. What’s more? Our triple-check system leaves room for no inaccuracies.

SEO Health Checkup

Both on-site and off-site audits in real-time are what our local SEO services are known for in Jacksonville. The most critical technical SEO factors - high-quality local listings, search engine rankings, link & authority building, highly converting Google my business profile, and genuinely converting reviews - are our strong suits.

Location-Specific Link-Building

Local link building is not profitable unless it fetches authentic backlinks from reliable resources. These potentially converting quality organic backlinks come from niche-specific directories, social and citation platforms, and guest-posts.

On-Page Optimization

With Google updating its quality-assurance algorithms with the blink of an eye, the need for On-Page SEO has never been greater. Our team of experts ensures your content, design, and other valuable website factors are on-point and beat the competition.

Local-terms optimization of Website copy

Our team of copy whizzes consists of part-time marketing ninjas. That’s where they pick the tricks of fast yet lasting rankings through content optimization. Playing with the locally optimized terms and phrases is what they do the best.

Google My Business

Setting up a quality Google My Business profile is an art. Optimizing to rank with it is a science. Our local SEO geniuses in Jacksonville have mastered both the art and the science.

Recording & Reporting Local SEO Progress

While many Local SEO services in Jacksonville might have promised you tracking and reporting, our professionals have gone to the next level with a unique take on it. Simple, effective, and timely communication is the right of stake-holders and positively leads to better performance.

Want Expert Consultation?

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But Why choose Canz Marketing for local SEO services in Jacksonville?

We are Detail-Oriented

At Canz Marketing, our strategy for each client is as unique as their business. We focus on quality, customizability, and delivery that complement your niche, location, and business requirements.

We Deliver What We Commit

Our SEO is thorough and transparent, while our communication is open-ended. All the more reason our SEO reports are a source of genuine pleasure every.single.time.

We Are Local SEO Experts

We take ownership of the process, and we are answerable for the results. But nowhere in the process do we solely own your resources, properties, and platforms. We just access your social media, login, and settings to speed up the process.

We are Result-Oriented

Local SEO in Jacksonville is highly dependent on citations. Therefore, so we share a thorough audit report to pinpoint the erroneous and potential citation areas.

We Offer Affordable Services

Local SEO is our passion; building strong citations is our pride. When our passion meets pride within legal boundaries, Google accepts your name as an authentic, trustworthy business.

We Deliver Long-Term Results

Just as we do not believe in black hat SEO, we do not believe in solutions suitable only for a given time. Our robust SEO strategies ensure your current and future rankings.

We Optimize Your Progress

The customizability doesn’t create an imbalance. Our link building strategy and local SEO strategy complement each other.

We Know Houston Market Well

We are a distinctive local SEO services provider in Jacksonville that over-deliver at the most affordable costs for the local businesses.

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