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You might be losing thousands of local prospects in River City
because you’re not optimized for Local SEO.
Capture that sweet neglected local traffic now through our
powerful local SEO strategy!

Your Local Company Deserves Google's Love:

Local businesses tend to get a lot more love from Google because of their highly specific nature. They are better at fulfilling the needs of their customers, which makes Google happy!

You're Losing Potential Local Partnerships:

People trust locals more than outsiders. You can easily make highly beneficial partnerships with other local businesses. Local SEO takes your business to new heights by securing such alliances and opportunities for your business!

Tapping Into Those San Antonio Searches:

People living near your business are more likely to buy from you. Local SEO brings most of the local searches your way hence boosting your conversions!

Boost Online Credibility:

Local search engine marketing boosts your credibility in the eyes of the search engine by bringing in local organic traffic.

Convert More Mobile Traffic:

Over 80% of local mobile searches end in purchases. 28% of local mobile searches contribute to same-day in-store purchases. You can leverage the power of local SEO to increase conversions.

Mobile Is The New Yellow Pages

30% of all mobile queries are location-based.
51% of mobile users look for local information while on the go.
90% of people search for a local business on their phone at least once a week.
With mobile optimization, YOUR business is the one that appears to consumers as a result of these searches.

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Strategic SEO Consulting For Local Businesses

Citation Audit and Cleanup

An old address or a wrong number can hurt your local SEO rankings. Our comprehensive and cutting-edge citation audit identifies any inaccurate citations and replaces them with correct ones.

Citation Building

Our in-house experts are well versed in the art of manual citation building. We use state-of-the-art citation tools to give a boost to your local search rankings. Also, our triple check policy ensures maximum accuracy.

Local SEO Audit

We offer both off-site and on-site local SEO audits. Our technical inspection covers five critical areas: links and authority, local listings, reviews and ratings, search rankings, and Google My Business.

Local Link Building

We create quality backlinks from trusted local sources such as social properties, guest-posting websites, citation websites, etc. These quality backlinks boost your domain authority and bring organic traffic to your site.

On Page SEO

We will optimize your on-page SEO elements like title tags, meta tags, URL, and page content to the highest standards.

Website Copywriting With Locally-Optimized Terms:

Our SEO experts research essential local SEO keywords for your business. These locally-optimized keywords are then naturally curated into your website's content.

GMB Optimization

GMB is one of the most potent ways to improve the local visibility of a business. From setting up your GMB from the ground up to optimizing listings and adding quality content, we do it all!

Local SEO Tracking And Reporting

All the local SEO factors like GMB, citations, on-page elements, etc., are tracked and reported in-depth by our SEO experts.

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Why Choose Canz Marketing As Your San Antonio Local SEO Agency?

We ensure long-lasting local rankings for the future. This way, your business stays in the game longer.

We build and optimize for you. Everything is under your control from the start and will remain so till the end.

You can leverage our comprehensive citation audit to show up as a result of top local search queries.

We understand that what works for one business doesn't always work for everyone else. That's why our campaigns are customized, non-templated, and tailored to your business.

We offer robust and quality citations! Our sole mission is to make Google your long-lasting friend!

Our cost-effective local SEO services fit perfectly with any organic link building strategy.

Our SEO reporting is easy-to-understand, thorough, streamlined, and transparent.

We provide local strategic SEO consulting for local businesses at reasonable rates.

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