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Win Google Over

Local SEO brings in a lot of highly specific traffic. These individuals are focused and know just what they want, which means they’re much closer to taking action. Google likes this kind of traffic and, thus, ranks your business well.

Connect. Collaborate. Grow

Growth doesn’t come as a result of standalone efforts – you need to get out there and build connections with people from the industry. Kick it off with local SEO and create partnerships for mutual future benefit.

Cut to the Chase

You can study what customers want, create products, and try to sell them. OR you can look for customers who already want your products! With local SEO in San Francisco, choose the latter, skip the extra steps, and achieve conversions.

Build Trust and Credibility

The modern-day customer’s journey relies heavily on reviews. Local SEO in San Francisco can help you attain online reviews so you can gain the trust of potential consumers.

Reach the Mobile Audience

Handheld devices aren’t the future – they’re the NOW. And that is exactly when you need to spring into action and leverage the power of mobile. Reach your mobile consumers and give them an experience they won’t forget.

Be on the Map

People saw you online but how do they find your store? Through your Google My Business listing. With the GMB listing optimized correctly, manage your online presence with ease.

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Streamlined San Francisco Local SEO Services For Your Needs

Citation Audit and Clean-up

With our services, you can rest assured that information about your business across the web is accurate and updated. No more old email addresses and incorrect phone numbers that throw your customers off.


Mentions of your business in the local directories can give you a lot of visibility. We make sure we pick the best citation-building websites in your niche so you get maximum visibility and relevant traffic.

Local SEO Audit

We get you backlinks from popular, trustworthy, and credible sources so you too can establish your authority in the field. Not only this, we also focus on building internal links so your website visitors stick around for longer.


We don’t let you rely on the traffic that you get from search engines alone – we also redirect people to your site from other parts of the web such as local directories, guest posting sites, and citation sites.


Our content gurus take the time to understand your business, the audience, and the product of service before they start drafting the copy. The end product? Creative, relevant, and engaging content that keeps your clients hooked.

On-Page SEO

We provide an all-round strategy that takes care of all elements of on-page SEO for your business. This includes keyword incorporation, the smart use of header tags and meta tags, image optimization, and much more.

Google My Business

We set up and optimize a Google My Business (GMB) listing so that you can manage your presence online, and your consumers can find you easily. This way, you get traffic to your site AND your store.

Analytics and Reporting

At regular points during the implementation of the strategy, we objectively analyze the SEO efforts and the progress that has been made. We then take corrective measures where the strategy falls short.

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Why Choose Canz Marketing As Your Los Angeles Local SEO Agency?

White-Hat SEO Techniques

We don’t promise you instant results because that is only possible with unethical SEO tactics. But we can guarantee that the results you do see will blow you away.

One Size Fits…One

We don’t believe in taking a shortcut and implementing a pre-crafted SEO plan for all our clients – it just doesn’t work that way. We create a unique plan based on your specific business needs.

Experts Assemble

We only pick the finest professionals to include in our team of experts and the reason for that is simple: we cannot compromise on the quality of the San Francisco local SEO services we provide you with.

Streamlined Efforts

Each member of every one of our teams works in sync with the other to ensure a smooth workflow that benefits your business at the end of the day.

Long-Term Approach

Because we only use white-hat SEO best practices, the results may take a few months to start becoming apparent. However, once they do, they will last for years to come.

Communication is Key

The first rule of getting the best work done is effective communication every step of the way. We keep you in the loop at all times to avoid unnecessary back and forth action once a strategy has already been put into action.

Complete Control

Whether we set up 1 account or profile for your business or 100, you have complete ownership of all the credentials. This is guaranteed from the get-go.


We work with small and large businesses alike and the extensiveness of the local SEO strategy we implement varies. We keep your budget in mind to pitch you an offer you can easily afford!

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