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If you have been into online business in Australia, you probably are searching for the best SEO agencies in Australia to benefit from. There’s no chance you do not know the struggles to get what you call a high ranking website. You probably consider it next to impossible to master the SEO business using only DIY tools (and you won’t be wrong!).

According to stats, Google uses 200 different factors to rank a website. How do you expect yourself to master them all?

So, we thought to make your hunt a cinch by researching on your behalf. To cut the hassle of the working day in and day out to have a sky-rocketing SEO game, here we are with a list of the top best SEO agencies in Australia.

Working in different parts of the country (or the world; digital marketing services do not know geographical boundaries) and with varied budgets, each SEO company has proven to be game-changers in search engine optimization.

Here’s the index of all the chosen websites:

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Let’s have a look at each one of them, individually:

1.   WME Australia

best seo agency sydney

WME is a digital agency that we can safely regard as the best SEO company Melbourne has seen to date. They are big, and they definitely know how to grow you big. Other than their Melbourne office, they have one in Sydney too. They have international clientele in regions such as HongKong, Singapore, and Dubai, etc.

How did they go international?

That was easy!

All they did was doing quality work that brought results. Following next was their work speaking for them.
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Call WME a one-stop solution to all the digital marketing problems of a business. From web designing to SEO, they are a multi-faceted web solution provider. The services they provide include:

  • Search engine optimization for a high ranking website, including all three types of SEO:
    • On-page SEO
    • Off-page SEO
    • Technical SEO
    • Web designing
  • Web designing
  • PPC
  • Google and Bing ads management, and
  • Content – that drives conversions

But they won’t be the first ones to have offered these services. Then, why pick them?

Here’s why:

Why Is WME Australia Your Go-To Option?

  • They claim to garner results in 90 days period with a team that believes in using technology in the best possible ways.
  • Their claim is backed up by a money-back guarantee in case of not meeting the demands of their clients.
  • They work on a CRM that helps them track all the campaigns through rank reports, managing customer services on the same software.

Unique Selling proposition of WME, one of the best SEO agencies of Australia.

The Downside

Here comes the big “BUT” you’d want to know before heading to them for signing a contract:

The only problem with this digital marketing giant is that it doesn’t target small businesses.

A small business might make arrangements to afford them. Still, there’s a chance that they couldn’t manage timely campaigns for a small company due to their existing clients – which are business giants such as 3M.

However, if you do not fall in a small business category, you have our thumbs up already!

Way to go!


2. Canz Marketing

best seo company melbourne

Canz Marketing is a growing digital marketing agency providing services to clients in Australia, Canada, the U.S, and the rest of the world.

With the popularity in e-Commerce, our experts are known for their customizable solutions for businesses that reap lasting results i.e., leads, sales, high ROI, and fast growth.


Here are the services most popular among our valued clients:

Despite being nascent in the field, they compete with the industry’s giants because of several features. Here are a few things that set them apart from the rest of the competitors:

Why Is Canz Marketing Your Go-To Option?

  • Whether or not you sign a contract, our team is dedicated to providing you with the best analysis of your current situation. This analysis includes, but is not limited to:
    • A detailed 32-point SEO audit.
    • Your website audit suggests where you currently stand vs. where you should – based on your goals and objectives.
    • A detailed audit of your Facebook, Google or other paid ads
  • Based on the audit of your current situation, your market and competitor’s research, and customer journey mapping, our marketing gurus draft a comprehensive Digital marketing strategy for you.
  • Canz team never makes enormous claims. They show what they have delivered for other clients. However, they also make realistic claims based on your goals, strategy, and budget.
  • Here’s the best part: Irrespective of what they have claimed for you, they focus on your results consistently and closely to be able to over-deliver. That’s how they make significant achievements in their Conversion rate Optimization strategy.
  • Our team values the customers and focuses on our and your customer experience equally. That means all our strategies are customer-centric, so you get what you want (and better). We tend to provide matchless user experience to your potentials, so they stick around. That’s how we are simultaneously growing your business with ours.
  • Our Facebook rapid-fire testing is what sets us above all our competitors – old and new. This strategy has exceeded the expectations of all of our clients in terms of their goals and returns.

Contact the team today to get your free consultation, customized strategy, or a price quote on SEO (Australia).

Unique selling proposition of Canz Marketing, a digital marketing agency.

3.   SEO Shark  

Home page of SEO shark – a Digital Marketing Agency

Having spent 16 years in the business, this SEO firm knows its work inside and out. No wonder they called themselves SEO Shark.

The point to be noted here is that if they were a real shark, they would have been one of the biggest.

So, if you’re searching for an SEO agency, SEO shark is probably the best SEO agency in Sydney to partner with.


Just like WME is considered the best SEO company in Melbourne, we regard SEO Shark as the best SEO company in Sydney.

Here’s why:

They are proficient in:

  • Web designing
  • Australian SEO
  • Designing ad campaigns for Google ads
  • Securing a better ranking through pay per click
  • Integrating marketing efforts on social media platforms and of course,
  • The crafting of keyword-centered content that grabs traffic.

But again, are they the only ones offering these services?

Yes, not yet!

So what makes them your top choice?

Well, let’s look at that too, now!

 Why Is SEO Shark Your Go-To Option?

  • This SEO firm designs and manages the SEO aspects of their clients and works on the technical aspects of the website optimization. This is what helps them, and you maintain the web speed and web page hierarchy.
  • They run competitor research to determine the gaps between their client’s and competitor’s ranks and situations.
  • Thorough website auditing is another task they perform for their clients. Finding out the loopholes in the SEO approach and fixing them is the specialty of SEO shark.
  • SEO shark believes in B2B interaction; hence, they are open for white hat SEO partnerships with small businesses. They have two ways to do it.
    • The small business can directly use SEO shark’s name as a referral to their clients, or,
    • They can hire SEO shark under their brand name to provide SEO solutions to their existing clients.

Unique Selling Proposition of SEO Shark - one of the best SEO agencies in Australia

4.  One Egg

seo costs australia

One Egg is a digital marketing agency that can help you tailor a complete SEO strategy for your business. Unlike many other agencies offering services in the region, they have results to show and tactics to deliver results.


The services they provide include:

  • Web designing and development
  • Content crafting
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • SEO
  • PPC

Why Is One Egg Your Go-To Option?

  • One Egg is a data-centered firm that uses data for crafting their clients’ campaigns.
  • They have integrated analytics tools to master what they do.
  • It is one of the best SEO companies for small businesses since they work closely with their clients.
  • Here’s the best part: They deliver high-quality work while keeping it cost-effective, despite having experienced staff.
  • They believe in creating tailored strategies for their clients through attention to detail and involving their clients every step of the way.
  • Apart from all the above points, creativity is one thing that differentiates them from the other SEO agencies in Australia. Clients who want to have an innovative approach towards marketing their products should contact this SEO agency.

UNique selling proposition of one egg - a digital marketing agency.

5.   Engine Scout

seo australia price

Engine Scout is a digital marketing agency that focuses on creating a Facebook presence of their clients. They are a Boutique Digital Marketing agency that would work as an extension to your business – that’s how personalized they could get.


Here’s what to expect from

Engine Scout:

  • They specialize in creating Facebook ads for their clients that sell more than they tell
  • They also offer:
    • E-Commerce SEO
    • Web designing

But, you see many other agencies providing these and many other services. So, why pick them?

Here’s why:

Why Is Engine Scout Your Go-To Option?

  • Besides the general SEO services, they provide a unique tool to their customers known as Facebook ad interest hunter.
  • They are specialized in designing SEO based content for e-commerce websites that are medium enterprises in terms of customer base and budgets.
  • Their key point of difference from other agencies is their approach to e-Commerce SEO.

Unique selling proposition of Engine Scout - a digital marketing agency.

6.   Webomaze

best digital agencies australia

Aiming at being the best search engine optimization company Melbourne, Webomaze provides a one-stop Digital Marketing solution to its clients.


Dealing in the same niches as the above, Webomaze has an edge of providing development services to its clients as the best SEO agency in Australia.

  • Their primary focus is on web design that involves:
    • landing pages creation
    • redesigning of websites for better organic web traffic, and
    • responsive web design for mobile, desktop, and other devices.
  • Other than their focus on the development, they provide services such as SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing.

Why Is Webomaze Your Go-To Option?

  • Their e-commerce developmental side gives solutions to online businesses through Shopify, Woocommerce, WordPress, and Magento.
  • They are experts in developing e-commerce websites that are well optimized to drive sales.
  • They offer two types of services:
    • You either get a whole team of developers who work for engineering a WordPress website, or
    • You are offered a single dedicated engineer who partners with you to create a quality WordPress website that works for your business.

Unique selling proposition of one of the best SEO agencies of Australia - WeboMaze

7.   Joel House

Home page of Joel House – one of the best SEO agencies in Australia.

Joel House is an Australian SEO agency that catches your attention with one punch line: If they can’t rank their own business above us, how can they rank yours? Kick-started 4-years ago, Joel House is determined to make its clients rank higher on Google.


Joel House deals in garnering organic traffic as well as paid traffic to business websites. Here’s how they attain these goals for you:

  • To get their clients’ organic traffic, SEO is the solution that should come to your mind too.
  • For the paid traffic, their source platform is Google Ads.

But that doesn’t prove anything about getting services from them, not from their competitors. But here’s something that does:

Why Is Joel House Your Go-To Option?

  • As a testimony of their work, they say that if you find us for the keyword ‘SEO,’ it is evident that we know our work (because they are visible on the first page of your web search).
  • One thing that makes them stand out is their CEO reaching out to their customers himself.
  • They are honest with their pricing with no fake promises of sky-rocketing ROI by investing less. They promise better sales with a better investment, which is right in the digital marketing landscape.

Jowl House’s unique selling proposition.

8.   Safari Digital

One of the best SEO agencies in Australia - Safari Digital (website home page)

Safari digital is an SEO agency focusing on ranking its clients on Google’s first page in their respective niches. It is an organic SEO company that integrates technological advancements for lead generation.


Safari Digital provides full-stack SEO services to their clients.

Why Is Safari Digital Your Go-To Option?

  • They have no concept of bombarding their client with a team of experts; instead, they focus on providing one-to-one consultation to their clients for re-engineering the underperforming websites.
  • It deals with small and medium-sized enterprises and doesn’t go behind the big guns to maintain quality according to their capacity.
  • They are solely dealing with providing SEO solutions to their clients without false promises.
  • They make use of market research data.

Unique selling proposition of Safari Digital

The Downside

The downside may be their lack of expertise in the social media integrated solution, but it becomes a benefit if a company only focuses on ranking high on Google.

9.   SEO Advantage

Home page of SEO Advantage – One of the Best SEO Agencies in Australia

SEO advantage is an Australian SEO company that deals with digital solutions for businesses.


Here are the top services that SEO advantage provides:

  • Search engine optimization
  • User experience management
  • Website audit and
  • Reseller services

However, unlike many other competitor agencies, here’s what sets SEO advantage apart from the other service providers:

Why Is SEO Advantage Your Go-To Option?

  • Optimizing the web content as per the keyword requirements is one aspect of SEO that is surpassed by SEO advantage with its UX management tools.
  • They manage their client’s sites’ landing pages and web speed by providing a thorough site audit to their clients.
  • Reselling is one aspect that makes this agency stand out. They integrate with other businesses to provide white label services to their clients by not using their identity.
  • Rigorous monthly testing for performance management is their key feature that leaves a mark on their client’s mind.

SEO Advantage - one of the best SEO agencies in Australia - with its unique selling propositions

10.   SEO Services

SEO Services – Amongst the best SEO Agencies in Australia

SEO Services is a digital marketing services provider at cost-effective rates.


Specializing in SEO services, here’s what they offer their clients:

  • Search engine optimization
  • E-store development and
  • PPC

The list of features for you to give them preference over other agencies is long. Let’s take a look at them:

Why Is SEO Services Your Go-To Option?

  • Their free SEO audit is a feature that not many competitor digital agencies provide.
    • They provide a free analytical assessment of a website’s presence, user-friendliness regarding desktop and mobile screen, and Google analytics.
    • The free audit comes with an insight into website speed optimization.
    • Other than that, this free SEO audit encompasses factors such as tags (HTML tags) optimization of the on-site content.
  • The e-Commerce store development includes packages for developing and e-stores on Shopify, Woocommerce, and WordPress platforms.
  • Other than these services, SEO services provide a detailed Google ad management approach that also includes Google remarketing.
    • Not only do they run Google ads, but also they run remarketing ads to the same audience to grab the attention of the potentials with high conversion probability.
  • Another approach they use to capture their customers’ target audience is to buy Google display ads (part of PPC).
    • They target specific audiences through these ads with specialized messages that directly hit sales.

SEO Services - the top SEO agency in AUstralia with it’s unique selling features.

11. King Kong

King Kong home page

Relatively new in the business (started five years ago), King Kong is growing fast. According to the Australian financial review, this Australian SEO company is the fastest growing digital agency in Australia.


SEO services this company provides are almost the same as the above list. They are focused on garnering traffic on their clients’ websites through paid and unpaid SEO techniques. The most important services they provide include:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Web development
  • CRO

Why Is King kong Your Go-To Option?

  • Their CRO is an extraordinary popular technique amongst their clients. CRO or conversion rate optimization is a service to enhance lead generation and drive sales. King Kong helps its clients achieve higher ROI by working on the customers’ behaviors who visit their websites.
  • They claim to at least double the sales of their clients by joining hands with their agency.

King Kong Unique selling propositions.




Now that we have created the list of best digital agencies (Australia), take it from here and roc your business. Having gone through this comprehensive list of 11 best SEO companies in Australia, your path and mind should be very clear.

The time to wait for a miracle is over – when only 3% of the online traffic buys after visiting a website.

If you believe your website or e-store needs re-engineering, thorough working on web traffic, or content specialists who can help you lead the traffic to your business, it’s high time to make a wise move.

Each name on our list is working as the best SEO company and know what they are doing. So, give them a try if you’re facing a tough time managing your online presence.

Here’s an interesting wrap up for those who would land on the conclusion to decide if they should read the rest of the post:

Our list comprises of all types of SEO agencies:

  • The ones that deal only with big fish.
  • Those who partner in business with small and medium enterprises.
  • The one who would charge you a fortune but would far exceed your goals.
  • Or, the ones that would come up with a reasonable, cost-effective solution for your business, without hurting your bank account.

Take a thorough look at their unique selling points, see what they offer vs. what they charge, vs. what they deliver, and make your move. One of them is sure to suit your marketing goals. Your comparison would also reveal SEO costs (Australia-wide) for businesses of different sizes and niches.

Should you have better options to share with other struggling businesses, share with them in the comments.

Happy hunting an SEO agency in Australia that delivers as it promises 🙂


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