What Did We Achieve?

CPL $2.15

Facebook Ads

Two Weeks

Time Period


Conversion Ratio

Client Intro: A Chiropractor Marketing Case Study. Our Chiropractor client in Boston, MA needed Facebook & Email Marketing services to get more clients. See below how we helped them land more clients.

The Challenges for Chiropractor Marketing

? This chiropractor was looking for customers

? He didn’t have a pipeline to generate leads to keep patients coming in and his revenue was showing it

? This client needed customers and did not have a lifetime budget or time to test different strategies

The Strategy

With a clear path in mind, it becomes easy to focus on producing the results.

The strategy for this client was straight forward: no complex funnels, no cross targeting, no display campaigns, nothing big! We focused on Facebook ads and email follow-up which created a simple funnel that would convert visitors into leads and leads into customers.

Here’s a look at our process:

☝️ An initial audit and discovery

☝️ Top of funnel campaign launch using lead generation

☝️ Used a lead magnet to entice visitors to become leads

☝️ Five-part email sequence to nurture and close leads

☝️ Follow up emails were paired with Facebook retargeting ads

☝️ Using dynamic email subject lines, we quickly optimized for the best performers

☝️ Optimized the sequences for best variations in the copy

The Results

✔️ Working under the pressure sometimes gets the best out of you. This is exactly what happened in this case. Our account manager and the team had put in extra time with this client

✔️ This chiropractor received 130+ leads within the first 2 weeks using Facebook ads alone. The cost per lead was below $3 and the client was able to convert 47% of the leads into paying customers

✔️ The satisfaction from the client resulted in an agreement extension of 6+ months

✔️ Optimized the sequences for best variations in the copy

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