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No business or industry alone is entitled to growth with Digital Marketing. It’s the strategy they chose that you, too, can.

Imagine waking up to this, one beautiful morning.

What is it?

Just an email by Ramit Sethi as a part of the Email Marketing Campaign for his program *Zero to launch*.

What does it make you feel?

Unproductive, Emotional, and Embarrassed. Now, that’s way beyond what your words could express (Well, that’s a little too much for someone not even completely out of bed, yet. HONESTLY!).

So, what good are those emotions? 

They make you take the pledge to get to work. Or they get you to work without even taking the pledge. 

And that is the power of email marketing when done right. It gets you on your toes, ready to take action in no time. 

Quite frankly, it appears that much of Ramit’s success in selling his courses is attributed to his Email Marketing campaigns.

A screenshot of Ramit Sethi’s Twitter profile. The profile shows that he is the author of bestseller courses and an avid and popular social media user.

Now that you got an idea of the wonders of Email Marketing, follow through this post to find out:

  • more benefits of Email Marketing
  • top industries and companies making the best out of it
  • practices to make your Email Marketing campaigns successful

Let’s dive in. Shall we?

Benefits of email marketing

1- Fast & easy

Getting started with an Email Marketing campaign could be fast (as fast as your computer device and internet allow you. In case you are now checking their speed, please DON’T!). 

As long as you have a strategy in place,  not much to do is left. Write your email sequence copy, set up the template, and began your campaign with just one click. 

Several automation tools and trigger types require you to set up a campaign and leave it on auto-pilot (and practically forget if results are satisfactory). 

The best part? Results are fast too. 

With the increase in the use of smart devices, the email opening rate is increasing fast. Many people would open an email soon as they see the notification on their device. 

For you, it is a *good news* if you are considering email marketing as a growth option.

2- High results rate

Your email marketing campaign can pick from a variety of goals. The results percentage, however, would be exceptionally high in each case. This feels specially good if you take into account the input efforts. 

You bet it does!

Whether your goal is to promote your services, generate brand awareness or calls, improve the relationship with prospects, increase website traffic, or sales – you name it. E-mail marketing has got a knack for meeting your goals with high results percentage. 

3- Cost-effective

Email marketing has made it to the list of the most cost-effective marketing solutions. The associated operational costs are negligible compared to other marketing channels.

What’s more? The ROI is pretty high. 

As per a WebFX report, you earn $44 for every $1 spent on email marketing.

4- Measurable results

The Email Marketing tool you use proves the best value for your money when it tracks results for you. 

You can somewhat predict the success rate of your campaign by the click-through rate, open rate, and reading & sharing rate, etc. 

5- Testing leads to optimization of results

As mentioned above, the optimization of a campaign is the most significant gift a tool offers you. 

For the campaigns with low results, you always have the option to make adjustments. A/B test all your creatives, copy, offers, subject titles. 

Put it another way, tracking different metrics actually guides you where to go for better results.

6- Builds personalized communication

With the lists-feature in email automation tools, sending a highly relevant message to organized segments is plain sailing.

The cherry on top is the use of an individual’s name, irrespective of the number of recipients. Using name makes an email more personalized, with increased chances of opening up.

And the list goes on.

It is these benefits that have enticed many industries to use email marketing. The following are however the top ones who got the hang of it. 


Top Industries To Benefit From Email Marketing

MailChimp has shared an interesting read on stats related to Email marketing (based on their users’ results). Here’s what the stats say:

Now, these stats show exciting discoveries about different industries. Won’t you say?

However, you need not give up on email marketing if you are in the beauty (or any other low results showing) industry. And that because the stats only show the average of MailChimp users in each industry. The results of other tools might not be the same for your industry.

Above all, you can score big no matter what industry you belong. All you need is a stellar email marketing strategy. So do not let a bunch of ugly stats stop you from making great out of email marketing. 

GIVE IT A TRY. You’ll cherish us as your best friend a few years down the road.

Based on our experience and research, we have found the potential of growth in these 3 industries is exceptionally high with email marketing.

Luxury brands

The success of email marketing in your industry or business depends on the creativity you leverage in bringing value. Luxury brands stand at a unique position to attract, engage, and convert their users right within their inboxes.

Here’s an example of Tommy Hilfiger hitting you with a 20% discount right in the welcome email.

Previously we have talked about how luxury fashion brands can utilize the power of Google Ads to meet their goals. Let’s now see the ways these brands can make use of Email Marketing.

  1. Give your prospects compelling and actionable styling tips.
  2. Send them special promotional Emails, specially on events like Christmas, Black Friday, or seasonal promotions or at the launch of new products.

A special offer email sent out to subscribers by ASOS for 30% off the purchases before Christmas.

Source: Personalization

        3. Remarket to customers for the products in which they have previously shown interest.

        4. Based on the previous purchases, send personal recommendations to prospects, specially with high Lifetime Customer Value. 

         5. Send them coupon codes, referral codes, Feedback/reviews requests or surveys, and brand awareness content. 


The hospitality industry is one of the tops to make the best out of Email Marketing. 

Remember that one trip you had months back? 

Remember how the reservations you made started your new relationships with the company? The emails to confirm reservations or keep you updated. The emails, boasting the neighborhood, weather, amenities, and whatnot? 

And soon as your trip was over, you received the emails requesting review and feedback. The new series of emails that started after that is unignorable. You got new promotions, offers, and what not to entice you to plan another trip.

That’s the magic hospitality industry plays with Email Marketing. And not all of their efforts go wasted. It works; it really works and converts.

Here is how the industry has been getting results that you can follow too.

  1. Entice your prospects and customers equally with exceptional images. Boast your services or strong selling points.
  2. The industry is making big by sending loud calls to action on upcoming events. Promote your services and products right when prospects are highly likely to need them.

Source: Pinterest

      3. Use Email marketing for promotions and offers. You could use a little inspiration to personalize a promotion offer.

Source: Reallygoodemails   

      4. Following up brings undebatable results. Your customers are very likely to try you the second time they are in your area needing your services if:

          a- they had a pleasant first experience and

          b- you kept yourself fresh in their minds after their first experience.

Retail Industry

The retail industry can have vast prospects of spreading with digital marketing. In fact, Email Marketing is among the best avenues to meet your goals in this industry.

Here are a few examples of how industry members are using this avenue and setting an example for you:

  1. The emails you receive from eBay are more like a little eBay website. This layout consistency they follow helps them in branding, making themselves a memorable.

An email received to the eBay subscribers giving heads up of the upcoming discounts. The eBay email is like a mini eBay site.

       2. Harry and David send the order confirmation emails with a promotional email for the next purchase.

       3. The retailers make a high number of dollars with promotional emails that notify subscribers about the sales. These emails entice readers to purchase.

       4. Top retail brands send newsletters once or twice a month to give a taste of what to find on their website.

       5. Win-back emails work best for retailers to re-engage former customers with offers. Here’s how “Home Brew it” did it with a great offer.

To summarize, different industries – big and small – are effectively using the power of Email Marketing to grow further.

Does that mean Email Marketing chances for your industry are ruined?

Short answer: Are you kidding?

Here’s the kicker:

The stats and potentials of top industries are not discouraging for your industry. Call them rather motivational. 

Here are some examples of companies and individuals from other industries having significant results.

Companies growing stronger with Email Marketing

Copy Blogger

CopyBlogger, known as a great learning platform in the Marketing world and endorsed by industry leaders, sends regular newsletters to subscribers.

The success of the platform somewhat depends on the reach of their content. Interestingly, they maximize their reach with the power of Email marketing.

A weekly email by the editor-in-chief of CopyBlogger. The email begins with an engaging message by the editor-in-chief, followed by some of the published blog posts from the week.

Their weekly emails contain a message by a team member, with some articles featured in the same email. They also send detailed email notifications for upcoming events like webinars, workshops, etc.


Uber promotes its services and sends promotions with email marketing. The Email marketing campaigns of the service are, however, simple and to the point. Uber frequently makes use of a compelling call to action.

Have a look at how they nail it with Email marketing at Uber.


BuzzFeed is known for producing great entertaining and educating content. They derive results majorly with email marketing. 

And what makes Email Marketing such a success for them?

The power of their content. 

It is the same dynamic, winning content that they use to attract users.

Here’s how their Email Marketing Campaigns keep you glued:

Best email marketing techniques

Do not EVER underestimate the power of tips, techniques, and hacks. 

This tip becomes more relevant and useful if you are a marketer (or to-be).

So, here is a list you can follow to let your Email Marketing results fly sky high.

  1. Personalize Emails, sure, you should. But using the reader’s name might not always be the best choice. Avoiding names is particularly important when you are dealing with a cold audience who doesn’t know you.

       2. Make your audience segment clear and send highly relevant emails. If you do not, you’ll end up confusing different segments of your target audience. You probably don’t want a decline in the results, do you? The preferable opposite demands well-defined segmentation.

       3. Optimize Emails, specially for mobile users.

       4. The results of Email marketing campaigns with free giveaways and special offers are the most attractive.

       5. Keep your headlines shorter than 60 characters or longer than 70. Make emotional connections, add numbers – preferably odd, ask a relevant question, or make it humorous. Either way, you stand an excellent chance to stand out in those 19 emails awaiting your reader’s attention at a given time.

       6. Make your emails short and concise. Follow a storyline if you prefer them long.

       7. Do not build word-walls or over-stuff your email. Stuffing of facts, images, or text is highly repulsive. If you must, use all the elements strategically. Best yet, use an email sequence instead of just one email. Your message in those email-bits would be better digestible.

       8. Edit, optimize, and test. Do this with every element of your Email. Repeat as long as your results are not satisfactory.

       9. Make a consistent schedule. Pro-tip is to follow the schedule.

     10. Follow the great 7-rule Email Marketing Strategy.

Big Bonus tip: Make your Emails highly valuable. Inform, inspire, entertain, or educate to build value.

Some Email marketing tools to grow big

We have already discussed some Email Marketing tools. Time for some variety now.


HubSpot offers an easy to use Email Automation solution for business. The coding-illiterate users create neat emails with the drag and drop interphase or templates-library. 

The tool makes email personalization, auto mobile-optimization of emails, tracking of captured leads possible. Landing page & lead form builder and in-depth analytics are the robust features of HubSpot. 

What’s more?

All these fantastic features are available at an unbelievable price, starting from $50 per month. The starting price increases to $800 for professional use and to $3200 for enterprises.


MailChimp easily makes it to the list of most used and famous email marketing tools. The platform offers Email templates, landing page builder, integration with a variety of apps, advanced segmentation, and useful analytics to track your success rate or optimize it. 

Additionally, time zone flexibility and Social media ads features make it a huge success.

You can choose between a regular (1 email only), a plain text, an A/B Test (1 email with multiple variations), and an automated (email that fires at a particular trigger) option.

Mailchimp offers a free basic plan for startups or small businesses. The paid plans start from $9.99/month essential package, $14.99/month standard package, and $299/month premium package.


Marketing automation and app integrations make drip a reliable Email automation tool. 

Advance reporting and tracking system, auto resend of unopened emails, ease of segmentation, setting emails, and putting triggers make it an excellent user-friendly choice.

A/B testing and a valuable form building option make it further useful.

The starting price for using drip is $49/month that you pay for an account with 2500 people.


Active campaign is a user-friendly email automation tool that offers ease of list management. Other useful features include lead forms generation, flexibility with languages and templates, and detailed reporting options.

Additionally, the platform provides bounce management, the access feature for different team roles, and newsletter formation options.

The pricing plans start from $9/month for primary usage, $49/month for advanced usage, $129/month for professional, and $299/month for enterprises. 


Being top of the list in the most favorite of email automation tools, we expect ConvertKit to be user-friendly. 

Besides, it offers flexibility in design with its built-in sequences and works well with personalizations, reporting, and tracking. The ease of automation and landing page designing and A/B testing of headlines make it a highly desirable option. 

The pricing starts from $29/month for you if your account holds anywhere between 0-1000 subscribers. The plan changes to $49/month for 1000-3000 subscribers and $79/month for 3000-5000 subscribers. The pricing above this subscriber-limit is customizable, based on your specific number.



Would you still call top industries “The Sole Proprietors Of Email Marketing”?

They did not seek your appreciation, approval, or consent before getting started with Email Marketing. Therefore, you don’t just need to wait for theirs! 

Don’t let anything hold you back. You deserve better stats and more dollars, no matter what your industry is. Who cares if it comes from Advertising on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or through Email Marketing. 

It is easier than you think. And rewards are countless.

Just bag them and go big.

And here starts the countdown.

Share with us your progress in the comments or ask us for help in growing through Email Marketing. Either way, you are welcome 🙂

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