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You certainly have heard of US Drop shipping suppliers, or those from the rest of the world – say China! 

If you think drop-shipping is a modern concept, you’d certainly want to revisit history, pal!

Business brains were seasoned enough to have planned the drop-shipping businesses in the ’60s as well. Yes, they had the advantage of not having to compete for the rankings like the post-internet US drop-shipping suppliers. 

But trust us, marketing wasn’t as sophisticated either back then, as it is today.

With the influx of technology, drop-shipping has metamorphosed over time.  Dropshipping on Amazon has changed the whole drop-shipping landscape. You can now dropship on amazon in a variety of product niches. Some of the most well-known dropshipping categories these days include those of apparel dropshippers, furniture dropshippers, Home decor dropshippers, beauty and cosmetics dropshippers, and electronics dropshippers, etc.


However, the basic model remained intact. Or at least, this is what you’d learn from the US Drop shipping suppliers we have featured in today’s post.

Before we jump right into the discussion, let’s quickly see what we are going to cover in today’s post, first:

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And now’s the time for a fundamental question:

So what is the basic drop-shipping model?

Drop-shipping – The Basic Model

Here’s a pictorial representation of what the basic model is:

Drop-shipping model explained where e-commerce business earns only to display a supplier's inventory and get orders.

It is a handy and straightforward model that explains the concept clearly.

  • The manufacturer (drop-shipping supplier) wants to wholesale a product at a specific price.
  • An intermediary e-store (that could previously have been a brick and mortar store) displays the product to its customers at a higher price and takes customer orders.
  • The e-store forwards the order to the supplier who directly drops-ship the product to the customer.
  • The E-store doesn’t even own the products. It doesn’t need to maintain the inventory. It only needs to work on the showcasing of the manufacturer’s products.

At this point now, I could guess what you’re thinking.

Why would a customer opt for a higher price when he can get it directly from the manufacturer for a lower price?

Reasons, as explained by Tommy Walker from Oberlo, are:

  • Reason 1: A customer may not have direct access to the manufacturer in the giant online marketplace.
  • Reason 2: The customer needs a product, and the marketing tools used to deliver him value.

Now that we have seen what dropshipping is all about let’s look at a few critical questions about drop-shipping. This section would help you understand the concept better, looking at it from different angles.

This basket asks you to put all your eggs in here!

All the baskets do so, but before moving to the already acing US drop-shipping suppliers for inspiration, let’s answer the fears first:

The three main questions that aptly arise here are:
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Drop-shipping Explained With Questions

Is Dropshipping Worth It?

The shortest satisfactory answer, “Yes.”

Yes! It is for sure. 

On what grounds are we making such big claims? 

On the grounds of the stats, we have discovered:

With an online B2C marketplace growing at a rate of 11.7% per year, why shouldn’t we put our faith into a drop-shipping business?

The internet is exploding with products. The digital buyers were growing steadily and projected to touch the figure of 2.14 billion by 2021.

Here’s a growth chart of the digital buyers from 2014-2021.


The total number of digital buyers from 2014-2021.


Here we stand face-to-face with the next question.

Is Dropshipping Dead?

No, it is not dead yet. It has become challenging, though, with the number of existing successful drop-shipping businesses and the new ones on the rise.

So, how do we cope with the increasing competition and the fast-changing scenario?

An updated supply chain with trusted drop-shipping suppliers is the key to success. Other than that, it is essential to put effort into market research to identify your customers’ needs over time.

Let’s head straight to the next important question:

Is Dropshipping Legal?

Yes, it is legal by any definition of the word. 

It seems to be a far-fetched idea not to own any inventory yet grab profits. Still, it is a legalized model and entirely operative in the US market.

There may be countries that do not support such startups. Legal hitches such as unfavorable taxation policy can cause you to hold back from jumping into the business.

But that doesn’t change the fact that drop-shipping is entirely legal.

Before finally switching to the top drop-shipping suppliers’ list, let us head to the answers to some more questions that confuse people about the drop-shipping.

Now that we have answered the basic, frequently asked questions, let’s move on to the post’s main section.

Top US Drop Shipping Suppliers

Yes, the local dropshipping suppliers who usually sell made in USA wholesale products.

Why are we only focusing on US dropshipping suppliers?

There are many reasons for our choice:

  •  Although China is the key player on this side of the business world, people do not pay for sub-standard products.
    • Although it is not entirely true, they deem Chinese products as low quality.
  • People tend to be interested in what locals are offering, and there’s a mass purchase inclination towards local products.

And now that we know the reasons for purchasing local, let’s get to the main topic. Shall we?

Here’s the dropshippers list of 23 handpicked US dropshipping suppliers who can be phenomenal to partner with or learn from.

Let’s begin the hunt today with a dropshippers dealing in miscellaneous accessories:

Accessories drop-shippers

We could have fetched a long list of dropshippers dealing with their respective accessory categories. But, we chose a one-stop solution for you. Let’s learn the details together:

Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise wholesale deals in a vast array of products from a plethora of product categories. Here are the categories of the accessories you can find on the website

  • garden accessories
  • automobile accessories
  • personal care products
  • and many more 

The good news? A drop shipping program! 

It is a Business Bureau listed company operative since 1999. The dropshipping program offers 15000 plus products and a customer who stays informed through follow-up emails.

You can find and contact them here.

Next in line, we have Apparel dropshippers from the USA:

Apparel dropshippers, USA

The fashion industry sees no bounds when it comes to growth and progress. This same industry has given rise to various categories of the dropshipping business, thanks to the infinite growth. Apparel drop shipping is one such category.

Let’s take a look at our top picks from the Apparel dropshippers from the USA today:

a. Nordstrom

An apparel and shoe supplier, Nordstrom has many other products related to the personal accessories category. Nordstrom believes in a satisfied customer no matter whom he comes through. 

They ensure the best dropshipping services to their customers who come to their US-based store or via another online store that showcases their product. 

They are one of the best shoe drop shippers in the US.

Here’s their website.

b. Printful

In the apparel dropshippers category, printful is our pick. 


Because they are big on integrations! 

They are the suppliers to almost all the mega e-stores. Why not give them a try to partner in the apparel section of your website? They are great at customized apparel production. But that’s not all they offer. Here’s the best part that stands them of the crowd:

Their unique quality is their fulfillment program that encourages businesses to use their warehouse for storing products.

Locate them at printful.

Now that we are already in the beauty industry, let’s take a look at the cosmetics dropshippers:

US Drop shipping Suppliers in Cosmetics

You don’t think *make-up dropshippers* is a lame term. Do you?

Of course not!

Dropship cosmetics suppliers are making big with their supplies. 

The name we chose in this category comes under the category of fragrance dropshippers and makeup dropshippers. All the more reason they are the model beauty supply dropshippers. That gives us all more reasons to learn from them if beauty is our niche. 


Frangncenet, an eBay supplier of cosmetics and perfumes, is a part of this list due to the wide variety of personal care products. It is US-based and on top of cosmetic dropshippers, which may be hard to access. But why not give it a shot? 

After all, they provide a drop shipping service on their website, which lets your e-store access all their wholesale categories of skincare, haircare, aromatherapy, and candles. 

You can find them here.

That’s all from the cosmetics category. Let’s go over to the electronics dropshippers in the USA now:

Electronics dropshippers

Electronics dropshippers are the most popular need and providers of the 21st century. It is basically the demand for wholesale electronics drop-shipping that makes this niche successful and profitable. 

Say, you need a name for wholesale electronics drop-ship. Do you have anyone in mind? Here is a list of the famous wholesale electronics dropshippers for you:

a. MegaGoods

Are you interested in contacting a local electronics drop shipper that owns a warehouse? 

Well, if you do, this seller is your find!

MegaGoods is the electronic dropshippers brand offering easy dropship electronics services to your customers through a well-managed inventory management system in place. The store offers electronics, video games, and other product categories. The wide product range they offer with competitive brands is another plus.

Need more perks for drop shipping electronics?

MegaGoods electronic dropshippers provide free shipping to nearby locations. 

How convenient. You wouldn’t find a better offer today. 

Contact them to dropship electronics at

b. iFunCity

This US-based wholesale electronics dropshippers supplier is open for dropshipping goods such as electronics, cameras, and video games. They’d definitely be our suggestion if you need one wholesale electronic drop shipper.

You can connect to them at

c. Eternity Wireless

For over 20 years, Eternity wireless has been dealing in phone accessories. 

This name in the drop shipping electronics niche has a defined product line, and they are working as distributors of mobile phone accessories. 

To contact this name in the electronic dropshippers niche, or learn about their dropshipping program, reach out to them on their website or the Facebook page.

d. Novatech Wholesale

Novatech wholesale deals in designer watches. 

They do not have a website, but they run a Facebook page to be contacted for their wholesale electronics dropshippers program. 

Other than that, they can be traced in their office based in California.

So, folks, that’s all about the wholesale electronics dropshippers for now. The next category we have for you here is for furniture dropship:

Furniture dropshippers

You’d understand the importance of furniture dropshipping, only once you’re looking to change your house furniture. The moment your old furniture is out, you’d start looking for a home decor dropship company or wholesale furniture dropshippers. 

So, you see, as a furniture drop shipping company or home decor drop shipper, your business is in demand. 

Let’s have a look at the top furniture dropshippers (USA) to observe and follow:

Fast Furnishings

If you’re looking to dropship furniture, Fast furnishings is one of the best options.

Based in the US, they have a store comprising more than 3000 products and work as furniture drop shippers. The easy entry to their dropshipping furniture service makes them stand out. 

They are well known for dropshipping furniture within a 24 hours window. 

No, wouldn’t you call it cool?

Click here to visit their dropshipping furniture service site.

That’s all about furniture dropshippers (USA), for now. Let’s take a look at the home decor drop shipping now.

Home decor dropshippers

As already established, your business as home decor suppliers or as home decor wholesale drop shippers, you have a huge market. Here are a few sites that offer home decor drop shipping services:

a. Sagebrook Home

You got caught by the glitz and glam of home décor products. Meanwhile, a friend suggested you start a dropshipping business. 

Not a bad idea indeed!

You know what an even better idea?

Why not combine both and specialize as a home decor dropshipper?

Here’s a supplier’s suggestion for you: 

Sagebrook home, a US-based wholesaler of home-related items such as modern planters and lamps, is ready to provide you home décor dropshipping. Register with them to see the packages they offer.

Find them here.

b. B & F System Inc.

Based in the US, B&F systems inc. deals in many items, from beddings to apparel. 

The best part is that they are open to dropship home decor items.

Go, find them at

So if you are or plan to be in the business of drop shipping home decor items, you know whom to look up to. 

Let’s now get over to the wholesale jewelry dropshipping. Drop shipping jewelry can be risky, but do you think it is not worth a try? 

Well, the answer depends on your passion and readiness for a unique adventure that not many would be ready for.

Jewelry dropshippers, USA

Women-jewelry-mania is a well-known fact around the world. Jewelry dropshippers, USA, these days are not aliens anymore. All the more reason, selecting only one name was hard. But we have finally shortlisted the following jewelry drop shipper for you:


Gold N Diamonds Inc

Precious metals and gems may be risky for dropshipping, but they still have a demand. So, they still stand a good chance with drop-shipping.

One of the best jewelry dropshipping companies is a part of this list. The only barrier in this category to start a dropshipping business is their subscription cost (which is pretty high, to be honest). 

Since the precious jewelry business does not have many dropship jewelry USA competitors, this can be an opportunity to earn a high-profit margin by displaying the products on your online store.

The company offers to dropshipping jewelry against a registration that enables you to showcase its products on your website.

You can find them at

After the jewelry dropshipper’s category (USA), let’s jump to the kitchenware dropshippers in the USA.

US drop shipping Suppliers in Kitchenware

If you live on planet earth (the odds of that are quite high if you are reading this post) and own a house (the odds are not as high as above but not negligible either), you must own a kitchen too (we haven’t seen one house without one, this far).

Based on the needs of kitchen owners (that you all are, whether or not you are a house owner), you must get in need of Kitchenware dropshippers at one time or the other. This is what makes the kitchenware dropshipping business idea a uniquely profitable one.


Founded in 2004, Brybelly deals in several varied products, from toys to kitchen items. 

They are careful in handling product packaging and offer a drop-shipping program for startups. 

The best part of their dropshipping program is that you can avail their private label drop shipping service. Your customer can select one of their products on your website, and you can get it packaged with your brand name.

Contact them at brybelly here.

And now’s the part where we get back to thanking the fashion industry for its growth. Because that has what has also triggered the boost of Men’s apparel dropshipping.

Let’s learn from our top pick from the men’s apparel dropshippers from the USA:

Men’s apparel dropshippers

Here are the basics of what makes our pick worthy of your attention in the category of the Men’s apparel dropshippers:

Brands Distribution

Dealing in luxury clothing and accessories, BrandsDistribution is a giant supplier with almost 500,000 packages sent since 2006. 

You can opt for their dropshipping program by simply entering your business details at their website –

Talk of men’s apparel droshippers and ignore the dropshipping in women apparel would be gender discrimination outright. We won’t do that because we don’t stand by such practices.

Women’s apparel dropshippers

Let us take you to what Google assorts as the top pick for the wonder women’s apparel dropshipper:

Tasha Apparel Wholesale

Tasha apparel wholesale deals in all kinds of women apparel and is open for a dropshipping program.

You can reach out to them here.

Let’s jump from the Women’s clothing dropshippers to US clothing dropshippers right away:

Women’s clothing dropshippers

As the fashion industry is flourishing, the need for more and more learned clothing dropshippers is sky-rocketing likewise. Dropship clothing suppliers in the USA have seen mushroom growth recently. But the question here is: Are all the wholesale clothing dropshippers worth taking lessons from?

If we were you, we would have nodded negatively here.

Not all the clothing dropshipers know what they are doing. As a general rule of thumb, trying to follow everyone gets you nowhere. Now, apply the same old rule on the clothing dropshippers.

You now have your question answered.

This brings us to the second question for the topic: if you decide to follow in the footsteps on not too many wholesale clothing dropshippers, who should you look up to?

Here’s our response:  

Brands Distribution

If you are in the clothing business in the US, one good name in US clothing dropshippers is Brands Distribution to observe and learn from. Dealing in luxury clothing and accessories, BrandsDistribution is a giant supplier with almost 500,000 packages sent since 2006. 

You can opt for their dropshipping program by simply entering your business details at their website –

After the category of clothing dropshippers, let’s take a look at the miscellaneous dropshippers in the USA belonging to different categories now:

Miscellaneous Dropshippers in The USA

a. AZimporter

With a wide range of products, AZimporter is a US-based supplier of gadgets and toys

Here’s the best part that you’d be interested in:

They run a dropship program. 

They have been in business since 2001, dropshipping around 300,000 items. 

Woah! Now, that’s huge.

They can prove to be a lucrative partner to dropship toys to your customers.

You can conveniently locate them here.

b. Sparkle in Pink

Sparkle in pink is a US-based supplier of trendy kids wear and kid accessories. 

So, if you’re looking to add up the kid’s gear section of your e-store, you can opt for their dropshipping program at sparkleinpink.

c. Midpoint trade books

Despite the declining reading trend, some bibliophiles still keep looking for books in every nook and cranny of the world. 

Why not integrate a books section in your e-store to capture this market as well? 

To headstart this section, you can partner with this New York-based publisher that also believes in forward integration.

Catch them here to proceed.

d. Healiohealth

Healiohealth is a health and medical accessories supplier. 

Based in the US, they can be contacted for their affiliate program at healiohealth.

e. GreenDropShip

Based in Texas, Green DropShip deals in organic products related to body care and health. 

You can reach them at

f. U.Nice

U.Nice is one of its kind suppliers/wholesalers for drop shipping hair products. They deal in virgin human hair and other products related to hair. 

If you’re looking for starting a specialized store that deals in hair exclusively, you can reach out to them here.


That’s because drop shipping hair products is not something you get to frequently come across. Therefore, this niche has some market that would have big clientele.

g. Fineworks

Fineworks is a US-based supplier of art-related products. Additionally, they offer to print photographs on different materials. 

They are open for dropshipping at

h. Inventory Source

Inventory source is a dropshipping service provider for school and office supplies. They offer supplies in the said niche directly from US-based wholesalers. 

You can find them at their website, here.

Let’s take a look at the most frequently asked questions about the dropshipping:

FAQ’s: What Do People Usually Ask About Dropshipping?

Do You Need A Tax Id To Dropship?

Like any other business, you need to have an employer identification number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service to submit tax returns or handle any other financial/ business transactions. The EIN works as a tax ID in case of dropshipping.

How Do I Find A US Dropship Supplier?

Finding a dropship supplier in the US market can get tedious. But, won’t you do it anyway for the perks it offers? You can:

  • Do market research in the local markets of your targeted product category.
  • Run extensive Google searches for wholesalers of your selected niches.
  • Pay some amount to online dropshipping directories to get access to the information.

How To Dropship On eBay For Free?

While the internet seems very concerned about this query, there’s no way to do it.

eBay only allows reselling products after purchasing in bulk from wholesalers. As a dropshipper, you don’t have to own the product but the permission to sell it.

The platform has altered its policies of drop shipping from retailers. The downside here is that you have to buy the wholesale supplies upfront to sell them on eBay.

Would you call that a practical idea? Nah! We wouldn’t either!

Can I Dropship From Aliexpress To Amazon?

Yes, you can dropship on amazon!

To dropship Amazon, all you need to do is take images and delivery details from the AliExpress website and upload them with your store’s name on Amazon to drop-shipping directly from the Chinese suppliers. Sites like Alibaba and Aliexpress (the B2C subsidiary of Alibaba) have lowered the business barriers to achieve better reach.

How To Perform Dropshipping From Amazon To Shopify?

Amazon allows dropshipping its products on Shopify. Shopify has specialized apps to order Amazon products, but the products’ listings can be very tiresome.

A Quick Recap

What have we seen in this post today? Let’s quickly recap:

  • The dropshipping model
  • Dropshipping stats
  • What people usually ask about dropshipping
  • The list of 23 best US drop shipping suppliers who deal in product categories such as:
    • Accessories dropshippers
    • Apparel dropshippers
    • Cosmetics drop shipper
    • Electronics dropshippers
    • Furniture dropshippers
    • Men’s and women’s apparel or clothing dropshippers
    • Other Miscellaneous categories of dropshippers. 


The Dropshipping business has a lot to offer due to its low entry investment barrier. It is a phenomenon that has incredibly and massively evolved in the past decade. 

Other than the investment benefits, it doesn’t require inventory management or physical space to operate, which automatically saves costs and time. 

A make-shift influx of sellers worldwide has definitely produced giants such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Woocommerce, etc. There’s an excellent opportunity for local businesses to showcase their products on these sites by becoming part of Amazon suppliers, Aliexpress dropshipping center, or to earn profits by becoming a dropship supplier such as CJ Dropshipping.

There are countless options to enter the dropshipping business. All it needs is to research the market carefully for popular dropshipping items such as shoes, jewelry, or to drop ship luxury brands.

Some product categories can be very niche specific in the dropshipping business, such as CBD dropshipping. Due to the sensitivity of the product (organic relaxants that have the potential to be used as drugs), they are not legal to dropship across all borders. Still, Americans can earn profit by entering into this niche as well (no legal barriers).

Niche-specific products such as school supplies can also prove lucrative if you’re operating with the auction giant as one of the suppliers of school supplies on eBay.

In view of this analysis, you might find countless opportunities to grab. If you have a keen interest in details, you are heading straight to the profits. 

So, are you ready to pick some of the best US dropshipping suppliers as your business partners?

Share your favorite from the dropshippers list in the comments 🙂

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